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P6 Driver 11th Jul 2015 08:23

Image removed

Engineerboy07 27th Mar 2016 23:27

mk3 airborne lifeboat
I've just come across the thread on the mk3 airborne lifeboat and to all those posting I actually have a mk3 and it's sat on my front garden. It was converted into a small cruiser back in the 60s after it was decommissioned with the addition of a cabin but the hull is intact. I found it in a local scrapyard where it had been sat for 30yrs. My hope is to put it back on the water either late summer or early next year although it will only be inland waterways.

Although I have done a lot of research on the Mk3s I would always welcome more information any member could give me.

Thank you

Guernsey Girl II 28th Mar 2016 08:15

I assume you've seen the book P6 Driver recommended earlier on in the thread; I got mine from a famous South American River for about 5 I think (one on at the moment for a tad under 7).
In Appendix III it says Saunders Roe only built 35 (numbered between 803 and 836) ? and lists all the delivery stations.

AnglianAV8R 28th Mar 2016 09:29

Zambezi.com ?

Guernsey Girl II 28th Mar 2016 10:23

Sorry AnglianAV8R

Trying to multi task will leave it to better half. :-(

P.S. Eddie Calvert' s second hand book site is rubbish!

Cornish Jack 28th Mar 2016 14:05

Eric Smith's exploits were current topics when I did my conversion course. He was being looked after by one of the best WinchOps I ever worked with - Jack Canham. Taking care of the cable and 'pattering' to hold position, under those conditions, was quite something! Jack was tragically killed while serving in Borneo -fondly remembered. The photo below was in happier times.
Demo for H M at Thorney

http://www.pprune.org/<a href=http:/...psalz42hgg.jpgttp://s647.photobucket.com/user/CornishJack/media/DemoHM_zpsalz42hgg.jpg.html]http://i647.photobucket.com/albums/u...psalz42hgg.jpg

http://www.pprune.org/<a href=http:/...psalz42hgg.jpghttp://www.pprune.org/<a href=http:/...psalz42hgg.jpg

Self, 'Sandy' Sanders and Jack at Thorney - waiting for the next errant grockle!!


Great Days!!

Guernsey Girl II 29th Mar 2016 08:16


It may be my set up, but I can't see the pics in your last post.



Rigga 29th Mar 2016 18:49

The Whirlwind "Winch Pack" was a self-contained hydraulic winch assy that could be fitted or removed in a short time - perhaps 2 hrs with functional checks.
Obviously several mods were required to install a new hyd pump, some pipes and wiring and structural changes.
The pack was mounted in the same place as the standard winch but connected to two (Avery) Hyd couplings and two electrical sockets (one for the Squib) above the cabin door and in front of the top platform/step
There were no internal wire runs or pulleys and no winch in the baggage compartment in the back.
I never worked on the standard packs - Training Command didn't have them!

Cornish Jack 3rd Apr 2016 12:19

GGII - apologies!!! Didn't check that all was well, having used the same technique as previously successful piccy inserts:( Have just battled with the software for 20 minutes and it now seems to work - the inexplicable joys of noughts and ones!!

Dan Gerous 3rd Apr 2016 14:22

A couple of the Prestwick cab last year, at Dunbar and South Queensferry, before they were withdrawn from service.



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