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dhp41 13th Jun 2015 08:33


ZH543 from Wattisham on exercise with an RNLI lifeboat in the Thames Estuary January 2007

circle kay 13th Jun 2015 09:39


XP299 according to this:


Guernsey Girl II 14th Jun 2015 07:07

IWM (C 3691) Available to share and reuse non commercially.

An airborne lifeboat is parachuted by a Lockheed Hudson of No. 279 Squadron RAF to the crew of a USAAF Boeing B-17 which ditched in the North Sea, 25 July 1943.

P6 Driver 19th Jun 2015 19:42

Image removed

pr00ne 19th Jun 2015 19:50

circle kay

That RAFM record sheet really makes one question their accuracy and validity!
Transferred in 1971 to 22 Sqn at RAF Finningley??
I really don't think so...

If they can have that so wrong, what price the rest of the info?

CoffmanStarter 19th Jun 2015 20:10

Bristow Helicopters RAF Manston in the 70's, prior to the return of 22 Squadron RAF.

Rescue 41


Image Credit : Unknown

Also found some cracking colour film (silent) footage of Rescue 41 ...


If memory serves me correctly one of the pilots was Captain Tim Carbis (ex RAF).

FantomZorbin 20th Jun 2015 07:42

Transferred in 1971 to 22 Sqn at RAF Finningley??
I seem to remember 22 Sqn coming to Finningley, just as I was posted, in about 1971, the why's and wherefore's I've no idea.

According to Wikipedia the SAR wing was formed in 1976; maybe the a/c I saw was a vanguard element.

Oldlae 20th Jun 2015 07:59

XP299 didn't ring any bells with me, I now see why, I left 22 and RAF in 1969.

dhp41 20th Jun 2015 10:52


dhp41 20th Jun 2015 10:57


A Wattisham cab again, mid 2000s at a guess.

Shackman 20th Jun 2015 13:16

A bit earlier (and just to show yellow birds didn't do it all!):

https://c1.staticflickr.com/1/559/18..." height="563"

https://c1.staticflickr.com/1/489/18..." height="565"

https://c4.staticflickr.com/4/3718/1..." height="566"

Incident was rescue of approx 80 pax from the Kyrenia - Turkish mainland ferry that had had an engine fire. Initially UN assistance requested but Akrotiri cabs called in as well.

P6 Driver 21st Jun 2015 08:58

Nice to see the photos of Whirlwinds in action!

dhp41 21st Jun 2015 22:16

In that case, here's a couple more



They seemed to winch from a much lower height in those days.

And no bone domes on the lifeboat crew either :ooh:

Oldlae 22nd Jun 2015 08:05

IIRC the winch cable was only 60 feet long.

P6 Driver 22nd Jun 2015 08:09

Something rings a bell with me that the Whirlwind could be fitted with one of two winch types - one of them called the "Packet Winch".

If correct - and I'm not sure if it is - could each winch type have had a different cable length, so affecting winching heights?

Shackman 22nd Jun 2015 09:22

Normal wet winching height for the Whirlwind was 15ft (interesting in a heavy swell!), whilst for the Wessex 25ft, although that crept up a bit in later years, whilst for the Sea King I think they needed oxygen. Fot the Chinook we started at 50ft, but even then the downwash on the water was quite horrendous so we ended up higher still.

In FEAF they developed a type of double cable (I can't remember the name but I'm sure someone else will) to extend the usable cable length so as to get survivors out from under the jungle canopy. If you can find the original (c 1970) RAF Jungle Survival film it can be seen in use with yours truly being 'rescued' - which I believe was one of the very few times it was used for live winching.

dhp41 26th Jun 2015 23:08


P6 Driver 27th Jun 2015 05:47

202 Sqn - Long gone, but not forgotten in the South East.

P6 Driver 4th Jul 2015 06:56

Image removed

dhp41 4th Jul 2015 23:01


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