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Yozzer 21st Nov 2014 16:36

A fair few medals for a few weeks at Lympstone:

Wander00 21st Nov 2014 16:39

Please DO NOT start on HRH The Princess Royal. She is probably the hardest working of the Royals, and is Patron or whatever of about 650 organisations, Royal Colonel of a number of regiments, and a "good egg" to boot. Visited an organisation of which I was effectively Ch Exec a number of times and impressive every time, as was the Admiral, her husband. Rant over!

Simplythebeast 21st Nov 2014 16:40

Lymp what?

Wander00 21st Nov 2014 16:45

Wot is his cap badge - does not look like RN?

leopold bloom 21st Nov 2014 16:54

Wot is his cap badge - does not look like RN?
Women's Auxiliary Baloon Corps?

ShyTorque 21st Nov 2014 17:21

A fair few medals for a few weeks at Lympstone:

Wot is his cap badge - does not look like RN?
I'll ask him next time I pop in to see him.

MPN11 21st Nov 2014 17:36

Commodore in Chief, Royal Fleet Auxiliary, I suggest.

Letters R F A visible in the circlet, if you zoom in.

CoffmanStarter 21st Nov 2014 17:36

I believe the uniform above is that of Commodore-in-Chief of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary.

You beat me to it MPN11 :ok:

HRH is also Honorary Air Commodore Royal Air Force Waddington

Shack37 21st Nov 2014 17:40

Back to CV. I doubt very much if she asked for either uniform or rank. Someone with clout must have made the suggestion and she probably felt it would be churlish to refuse.

A vowel please mam.

TEEEJ 21st Nov 2014 17:44

Wander00 wrote

Wot is his cap badge - does not look like RN?
Commodore-in-Chief of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary. See following for Orders, Decorations and Medals.

Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tankertrashnav 21st Nov 2014 18:07

A fair few medals for a few weeks at Lympstone:
None of Prince Edward's medals are specifically military awards, although they can all be worn by military, as well as civilian recipients

His medal haul for his short period of military service was zero (as I'm sure you knew).

My only moan at Princess Anne is she will insist on those bloody awful uniform trousers. I stopped a female RN officer in Tesco's recently and complemented her on her very smart appearance, including skirt. She agreed that the skirt looks a lot smarter than the strides. Got a bollocking from Mrs TTN later, but it was worth it ;)

Wander00 21st Nov 2014 19:06

TEEJ - thanks, can see it now

Tankertrashnav 21st Nov 2014 23:08

Unlikely if she was based at Culdrose - nearest Waitrose is at Saltash which is 65 miles away. Waitrose knows we're all too skint in Cornwall to be bothered opening down here!

But I take your point!

Could be the last? 22nd Nov 2014 09:02

There doesn't seem to have been the same issues when Gp Capt Sir Chris Hoy was given the same role in 2013.......:confused:

dallas 22nd Nov 2014 10:13

They should give them all honorary wings too; if they're going to do it they might as well give them a few more badges.

Chat, recontrer les pigeons :}

Martin the Martian 22nd Nov 2014 12:11

I seem to recall a certain prime minister who held the appointment between 1940 and 1945 who was fond of wearing light blue, dark blue or green uniform as he felt necessary.

MAINJAFAD 22nd Nov 2014 12:45

Martin the Martian

He had actually done time in the front line as a commissioned officer (highest rank was Lt Col) though and was an honorary Air Commodore of one of the Aux AF Squadrons (plus no doubt was involved with honorary positions in other services).

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