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red zebra 11th Feb 2014 12:07

Voyager Plummets (Merged)

cessnapete They wouldn't ground Voyager it's a mature civil airframe??
They have now after the incident yesterday, fleet is grounded as I understand it. A lot of folks having an unscheduled holiday in Turkey :uhoh:

Wander00 11th Feb 2014 14:13

So do we take it Voyager has a "problem"?

cessnapete 11th Feb 2014 14:49

Presumably,as AirTanker a civil company and some Voyagers operating on UK civil registration, it has to promptly report serious incidents to UK CAA for the info of civil operators of similar types. So there should be a prompt interim report soon?
Similar civil types do not appear to have been grounded.

red zebra 11th Feb 2014 14:53

So do we take it Voyager has a "problem"?
8000ft decent in 30 secs, pax injuries, counsellors on scene, yep I think there was a problem

lj101 11th Feb 2014 15:36

Similar civil types do not appear to have been grounded.
They've not been modified though.

Wander00 11th Feb 2014 15:49

That does not sound good- hope quick recovery for those hurt

tubby linton 11th Feb 2014 16:40

"8000ft decent in 30 secs"- 16000ft/min, that is more than AF447 achieved when fully stalled..
The story is now out in cyberspace.
Voyager Aircraft Grounded after plane plummets | British Forces News

WE992 11th Feb 2014 17:29

I'm led to believe that the civy registered one that goes to the Falklands is still flying and that its the ones with mil regs that are grounded. Either way it's another case of all your eggs in one basket and when it goes wrong your left with nothing.

Just This Once... 11th Feb 2014 18:38

8000ft or 2000ft?

rockape2k7 11th Feb 2014 21:01

The latter.

BEagle 12th Feb 2014 08:50

...an in-flight issue...
Such masterly understated prose from the MoD!

According to the statement, several passengers received 'minor injuries' and all military Voyager flying has been 'temporarily suspended' whilst this incident is 'fully investigated'.

Something serious enough to have caused passenger injuries and subsequently for the fleet to be grounded sounds to me to have been rather more than 'an in-flight issue'................

Perhaps we'll be seeing the TriShaw around for a while longer yet?

Blue Bottle 12th Feb 2014 10:12

This issue seems to have not made the news as far as Air Tanker are concerned..

Archive | AirTanker

pma 32dd 12th Feb 2014 10:47

The 330 does have previous if it's this kind of event..

Qantas Flight 72 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

red zebra 12th Feb 2014 11:15

From someone who was onboard, they were told 8000ft at the time, so severe was the sudden descent her ipad was ripped from her grasp and the screen smashed on the overheads. Told it was an autopilot issue at the time

TheWizard 12th Feb 2014 11:22

Originally Posted by red zebra (Post 8314647)
, so severe was the sudden descent her ipad was ripped from her grasp and the screen smashed on the overheads.

Along with numerous laptops, expensive camera equipment, designer watches..... :}

BEagle 12th Feb 2014 13:51

red zebra, perhaps it was a rate of descent of 8000 ft/min? Which would have meant an event of around 15s, before the aircraft could be recovered from the descent.

Blue Bottle, see: Incident 9/2/14: Flight between RAF Brize Norton and Camp Bastion although it doesn't say very much. But so far, only MoD has stated that the military Voyager fleet is grounded....

TheWizard, I doubt whether those injured and scared witless in this air incident would find your 'humour' particuarly welcome.

No doubt this news won't be terribly welcome at the Singapore Air Show SINGAPORE: Airbus defence unit targets new sales, then airlift rival - 2/12/2014 - Flight Global :uhoh:

Blue Bottle 12th Feb 2014 14:04

BEagle - Thanks that was added quick then, maybe they do read this site..:ok:

airsound 12th Feb 2014 14:41

Voyager plummets
BBC News - RAF plane 'grounded' due to 'in-flight issue'

Only those Voyagers fitted with military Defensive Aid Suites or air-to-air refuelling have been affected.

airsound 12th Feb 2014 15:12

Thanks Beags - I hadn't realised (obviously). Perhaps the mentions of this event are a bit, shall we say, oblique in the Trimotor thread?

Was going to close this, but perhaps I'll wait and see....

Wholigan 12th Feb 2014 15:57

Best I can do I think.

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