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endplay 8th Jul 2008 19:14

Heli crash 1975
An 84 sqn puma crashed in the Troodos mountains on 27 Jan 75. I was a member of the MRT that responded to the incident. Time dims the memory and I would appreciate any reinforcement of same that is out there. Any details welcome.

ShyTorque 8th Jul 2008 19:36


Don't recall it but it would certainly have been a Wessex, not a Puma (84 Sqn never operated Pumas).

mystic_meg 8th Jul 2008 19:40

Hmm.. Whirlwind, methinks:

On 17 January 1972 the Squadron reformed at Akrotiri with Whirlwind Mk 10 helicopters, and was split into two flights - 'A' at Akrotiri and 'B' at Nicosia. 'A' Flight is a multi-role unit, primarily responsible for' SAR duties in Cyprus but also has a commitment to troop support and communication flying; 'B' Flight operated in the support role with the United Nation Forces in Cyprus.

In March 1981, the Whirlwinds were retired from service and replaced with the Westland Wessex. Then, in January 2003, 84 Squadron finally ended Wessex operations with the retirement of the last four of the type in RAF service. From 1 April 2003, the Wessex was replaced by Griffin HAR 2 helicopters.


Lynxman 8th Jul 2008 21:27

According to British Military Aircraft Accidents: The Last 25 Years by Daviver, the only aircraft lost on that date was a RN Whirlwind HAR9 of the Lee-on-Solent SAR flight that came down on Peel Common, Hants. It would appear that the only aircraft lost by 84 Sqn since operating helicopters was a Wessex HU5, XS518, that went in to Limassol Bay on 4th Nov 86. No Puma has ever been lost in Cyprus. Where now the story??

Tallsar 9th Jul 2008 12:09

I was on vacation with my MoD parents in Cyprus at the time - do not specifically recall a Puma crash.

I do know that a Puma det came to Akrotiri (along with other ac dets (incl F4s) to boost capability from June 74 onwards after the Turkish invasion. Unfortunately I cannot recall when the Pumas went home. ie. if they were still there in Jan 75. I seem to recall an 84 sqn Whirly helped Makarios escape from the Greek backed coup that caused the Invasion. Remember too that Akrotiri was still then the biggest airbase in the RAF with Vulcans, Lightnings, Bloodhounds, Hercules/Argosys, Whirlwinds and many visitors. A year later it was a ghost town with only the Whirlwinds left after the last Labour government gave up on spending enough money on Defence (so nothing new there then!!). Cyprus is still the best potential "aircraft carrier" in the eastern Med - and it doesn't need lots of steel and Jolly Jacks to make it work!! (:) you CVF lovers!)

Did know of a Nicosia Whirlwind that had some problems on Troodos - always no vertical performance in the beast - took lots of careful flying to get up there - and some bent undercarriages were not uncommon, never mind the occasional single engine fuel computer rundowns!. Maybe thats what this was about, or maybe it was one oif the Scouts from the AAC Flt at Dhekelia? Hopefully more from our MRT friend will reveal all!


oldbeefer 9th Jul 2008 12:54

I was on det with the Pumas of 230 then. Think it must have been when a Whirlwind was lifted out of the hills following an engine failure. Sir (now) M.P. was the Whilwind pilot.

Tallsar 9th Jul 2008 12:59

Great recall OB! So it was Mary - when he was a real helicopter pilot! I wondered if it was Smokey F - he was there at the time too - but clearly not.


oldbeefer 9th Jul 2008 13:10

Originally Posted by Tallsar (Post 4232962)
Great recall OB! So it was Mary - when he was a real helicopter pilot! I wondered if it was Smokey F - he was there at the time too - but clearly not.


Just looked in the second of my six logbooks!

Gainesy 9th Jul 2008 13:35

Nah, Smokey tried to lift the Ark Royal.:)

Lynxman 9th Jul 2008 21:03

Last reference was in error. James Halley's 'Broken Wings' from Air Britain states tha Whirlwind HAR10 XR454 of 84 Sqn came down 3 miles east of Mt Troodos. Engine cut then the boom broke off in a forced landing on bad ground.

oldbeefer 9th Jul 2008 21:35

True - MP did well to get it down on the terraced land at all (on his first tour).

flash8 10th Jul 2008 15:47

as you guys are maybe aware - the time archive is online and free at the moment (1785-1985?) including actual newspaper copy just like the original... just search around that date!

damned useful resource esp. as its free.

teeteringhead 11th Jul 2008 07:23

when he was a real helicopter pilot!
.....KCB, OBE, AFC ...... and no GSM!

"real helicopter pilot" hmmmmmmmm :rolleyes:

oldbeefer 11th Jul 2008 08:20

Originally Posted by teeteringhead (Post 4236365)
.....KCB, OBE, AFC ...... and no GSM!

"real helicopter pilot" hmmmmmmmm :rolleyes:

SAR Boy - say no more!

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