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don_alexio 10th May 2005 11:05

For a start, it's 15 hours of flying.
Officer selection board... you do a few leadership exercises, teamwork activities etc, and then the interview with the board - an officer from each service, plus a psychologist.
be yourself and KNOW YOUR STUFF!
I go next month.

Peachface 11th May 2005 02:38

For anyone who has attended the OSB before;

What type of questions will be asked?, theoretical (if i was in this situation what should i do) or knowledge based (detailed info on ADF operations etc) or a combination of both (examples would be appreciated)

I'm applying for RAAF pilot, how much should i know about the other services?

Any help is greatly appreciated as always, Peach

L J R 11th May 2005 19:15

Hey Peach, They are looking for a lot of APTITUDE. If you have any you will already have searched PPRUNE for similar questions and answers. Believe me, ALL the answers to your questions are here on PPRUNE already. Additionally, other similar sites have good-gen for individuals such as yourself.

BTW - Good Luck.

let us know how it goes.

Peachface 12th May 2005 12:37

Sorry Guys, i guess i was just taking the easy road.

One question i can't find an answer to;

Do any currently serving military pilots hold an interest in GA (own their own planes, complete in competitions, fly friends to out of the way places for brunch etc).


Soopster 26th May 2005 03:26

To answer your abv question, no.

I thought the OSB was before FS?

wishtobflying 26th May 2005 04:22

It used to be. Now it's at the end of the two weeks of flight screening, IF you get that far.

Peachface 28th May 2005 23:23

I'm currently at flight screening at the moment (mid course), all my questions have been answered and i think i stressed alot more then i should have.

However i'm still interested in military pilots who have GA interests, so far i haven't met any.

Do military pilots (esp. fast jet) still enjoy the flying or is it just the thrill of doing something noone else can?

Replies appreciated, Peach

Cougar 29th May 2005 22:22

Hi Peaches,
To answer your question, yes. Everytime i get to fly i still get that awesome feeling. But it's more than that. If you can add to that a morning sunrise over the middle east, or a dawn airdrop of paratroopers or a evening arrival into a foreign country or a parade flypast, then that's what really makes it.

Sunfish 30th May 2005 01:07

Watch the team building exercises and be good at them. Be careful in the "leadership" exercises because one of them just might be about deliberate frustration.

Zoom 30th May 2005 12:00

Tamworth, eh? That had me fooled. Couldn't think why you would want to flog up the A5 to Tamworth, Staffs, even if it was to ski at Britain's and Europe's (second, now, I believe) largest indoor Snowdome or shop at Ventura Park.

So tell us a bit about the Oz Tamworth. Is your OASC or something similar?

joe2812 30th May 2005 14:47

*BUMP* for the benefit of superlukeyboy.

(All RAF links now include a short description of what the thread is about)

Peachface 30th May 2005 22:43

Thanks Couger, i was afraid that regulations, protocol, procedures and the regimantal lifestyle would eliminate the free spirit and detract from the joy of actually flying the aircraft. I was hoping to be proved wrong and i'm glad you could show me the lighter side.

Cheers, Peach

Whiskey226 31st May 2005 05:33

Just a quick Q for you, Peachy.
After passing all the interviews/tests and being recommended for the FSP, how long did they take to get back to you regarding start dates for FSP? It's been around a Month for me now, hoping it hasn't been lost en-route to the paper board...

Flik Roll 31st May 2005 06:52

I was pretty sure it was September from what I heard...but that just might be me...

Peachface 1st Jun 2005 03:00


It took me around 4 weeks to get a position at FSP, but there are people on the course who waited up to 3 months. The people who had to wait the longest were shouted a day at the Avalon airshow (including travel to and from). So no need to worry yet, give it 3 months then contact your local recruiter if your still concerned.


don_alexio 1st Jun 2005 22:40

yeah it took me about 4 weeks to get a spot. i fly out to tamworth to start my flight screening in just over a week.

best of luck with OSB peach! :ok:

don_alexio 2nd Jun 2005 05:05

Time to drag this thread back to the surface! :D

I'm off to flight screening at the end of next week (11-25 June). Is anyone else on here going to be joining me?

I've logged a few hours flying, been studying and preparing and hopefully I'll go well. My application has been good so far - I applied just before Christmas last year, and for my aircrew testing I was told that I got the top scores out of the group (the testing officer told me I had very high scores, even for a pilot applicant, which is strange because I didn't think I went well at the time!). If all goes well then in just over three weeks I'll walk out of BAe with a giant grin on my face.

Congrats on everyone here who has gotten through selection and is living the dream, and for the not so fortunate, keep your chin up and keep trying! Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread, there's some great advice from a lot of people. If anyone else has more pearls of wisdom then feel free to share!

FastJetz 2nd Jun 2005 10:45

RAAF Eyesight requirement
Hi Guys,

I was hoping to get some response from some RAAFies out there about eyesight requirements for pilot selection.
I understand that vision of 20/20 is required for pilot applicants, but i have also spoken to some ADF pilots about the matter and have been told that some guys that have joined have had correction surgery/treatments in order to regain normal vision.
I've seen afew active ADF pilots wearing glasses and i would assume that is OK after the government has spent pleny of $$$ on training which is fair enough.

I've been dead keen for years to join the RAAF, but due to having vision slightly below the requirement and after initial interviews with defence recuiters i had given up hope until speaking with former/current pilots of the ADF.

Any infomation would be greatly appriciated,


wishtobflying 2nd Jun 2005 13:02

I've had more medical issues - a "minor abnormality" on my ECG that has resulted in another month of farting around with cardiologist, etc. Cardiologist says I'm fine, reports sent off to AvMed, now waiting to hear back to see if they agree, *then* my dossier gets sent to Tamworth for review.

Fingers crossed ...

Runaway Gun 2nd Jun 2005 22:39

Do NOT even consider laser corrective surgery before getting information from the RAAF Doctors.

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