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Charlie Luncher 26th Apr 2006 23:46

Is gas really gay
Just for my clarity

When muggins here built the new estate, thanks to the UK property boom, I had mains gas plumbed to the back of the house for the BBQ. Whilst the old weber occasionally singed the eyebrows and forearm hair she never gave me a personal fireball, losing what little hair I had left and a nice sunburn on half my face. My eye lashes/brows did look like something out of Space 1999.:sad:
I still remember seeing the sticker through the heat haze "Allow to vent if not ignited on second attempt" - instructions who needs them:uhoh: .

Charlie sends
From the land of the big ass BBQ prawns(Shrimp for the locals)

Strato Q 27th Apr 2006 00:44

I'm 'GAS' and proud!
As we used to say on 201, don't knock it till you've tried it! And once you've seen a crew of Kiwis spit roast a sheep you'll never go back. (If you want to witness this make sure you make it to Fincastle and the VPI reunion)

BEagle 27th Apr 2006 05:03

Charlie Luncher, did many people living on that estate have mains gas plumbed into their barbi'?

Or were you the only gay in that village?

Gas is gay! It even goes 'poof' when you light it! Or at least my indoor fire does!!

maxburner 27th Apr 2006 08:30

Beags, you are cruel. Now I must go as my breakfast is cooking on my nice, convenient gas Weber. Then it's into the Boxster and off to the beach for me and Mrs Max.:cool:

Triple Matched TQ 27th Apr 2006 08:33

My first one came via The Royal Netherlands Navy back to the UK IN 1997 from the PX in San Juan - Puerto Rico. It was the baby version - The Smokey Joe. Many happy years of BBQ outside the mess (still jet black)
I am now the proud owner of a full 22 inch version.
I highly recommend the chimney fire starter - What a cool gadget. Every self respecting Weber owner should have one.

Widger 27th Apr 2006 08:42

Bought my first one in 1990 and it came back by sea. Got plenty of use including as a brazier to keep warm in the winter (logs not coals). Used it once to burn an old 3 piece suite, the flames from the cushions were quite horrific and I was glad the chairs were no longer in the house. Cushions burnt and dripped onto wheels which caught fire as well. Was then left with a non-mobile weber. The bowl was however still fine and the ceramic coat as good as ever. Bought a new one in about 2000. Have a chimnea now to use as a brazier. Still gets used when we need extra heat......try this, handful of flour and throw it over the flames....shalakazam...shalakazoo, wooompphh!

L J R 27th Apr 2006 12:31

Beages me old, I note that you only need 15 more posts to crack to 10K. Are you trying to get a post for each flying hour you have???

...maybe you need to get out more, or is the hot soup, rug and slippers too comportable in retirement?

Wee Weasley Welshman 27th Apr 2006 12:44

I am now the proud owner of a Weber - One Touch Platinum 57cm CHARCOAL BBQ with the Weber cover, tools, brush, spit roaster (oo Aye Missus) and warming grill. All in black.

I also have a dedicated beer fridge and am Taceval Confident. I live in a village boasting the UK's best butcher award for several years running. Sunshine however is more of an issue. ;)



Pureteenlard 27th Apr 2006 14:59

This is the only beautiful weber I have . . .

SpotterFC 27th Apr 2006 15:00

LJR said the 'p' word!!!!!!!!!:eek: That's gonna sting!

gonesurfin 27th Apr 2006 17:02

Once owned a Lancia Fulvia...had two of those babies. That was one fast motor...unfortunately, it turned to rust even quicker.

Pureteenlard 27th Apr 2006 18:55

Alas my deep and abiding love affair with italian cars will probably continue to cost me money until the day I die.

My last one was an Alfa 33, series 2. Ate XR3i's for breakfast, drank fuel like you wouldn't believe a 1500cc car could. Twin webers, see?

Just got it prepped for sprinting at Curbourgh and some c**t nicked it and crashed it. . .:{

STANDTO 27th Apr 2006 19:00

introduced to the joys of Weber in 2003 by a retired FAA Commander. Came home and invested ninety nine of our earth pounds. Never looked back. Gas is dangerous

jindabyne 27th Apr 2006 21:24

Now look, I wasn't going to contribute but following yet another night with John Smith and his friends, I feel compelled. I am an unashamed GAS man. Years ago my friendly next door neighbour, USAF exchange type, provided me with your said Weber which did stirling service over many years - much pleasure of waiting for heat to emerge, soot, ashes etc. Then, courtesy of BWoS, I spent four years in the land of the raw prawn, tinny and pokies, and discovered GAS. Not once was I subjected to rib-eye by fire - they, without exception, all adopted the gay-principle of poof it up, slap it on, turn only once, and sod the messy coals. Mine resides, after ten well-travelled years, by the garden shed - and I continue to fire the beast up with a flick, a poof, a Wolf Blass, and an aroma/taste that will match any charchoalin method. Sorry, but there it is.

Viva la Much Hoole gas, BWoS A2QFI ---

Unmissable 27th Apr 2006 22:08

Was given a weber as a wedding present. It certainly lasted longer than the wife.....and still gives satisfaction for minimal effort.

Charlie Luncher 27th Apr 2006 23:39

Old man
Beags old chap

The only other "people" on my estate are the staff, please, you will be accusing me being working class next! I think the gas system is german built very efficient:ooh: , if you are now thinking of a ruddy faced overweight chap in leather shorts, perhaps its time to accept:eek: .

Charlie sends
From the Luncher estate

Father Jack Hackett 28th Apr 2006 00:04

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Many thanks for the most entertaining thread I've seen here for a long time - good to see we're finally addressing the important matters in life. Keep it real!

Firstly - gas. Yes it cooks stuff very efficiently but so what; so does my kitchen cooker. Gas is definitely gay!:ok:

The Weber is probably the most robust down-route steal I've ever spent rates on (remember those:* ). Although yes, the legs do sometimes fall off.

Anyway, top tip: Next time you fire up the bad boy, when you're finished, throw on a load of wood chips and put the grill back on. It burns all the crap off and you stand a good chance of not getting a nasty case of bottulism next time. Saves a lot in Brillo pads. And I don't want to go through a court case like that again.....

Gentlemen, welcome to Barbecue club.

The first rule of Barbecue club is you do not talk about barbecue club.

The first rule of Barbecue club is you DO NOT talk about barbecue club.

3rd rule of Barbecue club: If someone barfs, yacks or pukes up - it's obviously a dirty pint and nothing to do with food preparation.

4th rule: Only two Webers to a Barbecue.

5th rule: Only one Barbecue at a time fellas.

6th rule: No shirts (unless they're hawaiian) and no shoes (there's enough leather being prepared on the barbecue).

7th rule: Barbecues will go on as long as they have to.

And the 8th and final rule: if this is your first night at barbecue club - you gotta barbecue!

Roadster280 28th Apr 2006 02:40


Good point - how do others clean the grate? Wouldnt touch brillo pads myself, they scratch the nickel plating. I use a brass bristled brush. Not as hard as the nickel, but harder than the crud, and every now and again a good dose of 2600psi man-toy (aka pressure washer).

Of course, ex-mother-in-law used a brillo pad to clean my (previously) high gloss finish dining table.

Hawaiian shirts de rigeur, hardly worth mentioning in this esteemed company. The only qualification is your pride and joy came from Palatine, Illinois.

BEagle 28th Apr 2006 06:30

"....I think the gas system is german built very efficient...."

Bit worrying that.

As for cleaning the grill, a wire brush is good enough to get any clinging bits of carbonised food off. Alternatively, borrow a labrador that hasn't scrounged anything to eat for an hour or so...

And StopStart, if you dare to publish that Hawaiian shirt picture.....:oh:
Charlie, if you are entertaining 'ruddy overweight chaps in leather shorts' at your gas parties, perhaps this chap will be welcome:

adrian mole 28th Apr 2006 06:49

My present Weber bought in ABQ has served me well for the past 10 years. However, for the last three years it has been known as the "Weber Rainmaker.....". That's because evry time I wheel it out the clouds appear.

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