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stbd beam 28th Apr 2006 07:06

OMG - it's all gone horribly wrong .......... I wasn't expecting this, Charlie ... gulp ... tell me its not you?

it can't be, surely. Yeah I heard all the rumours - but ??*&%&^%

ExSimGuy 28th Apr 2006 07:59

Petrol-Drum "Weber"

Originally Posted by Gainesy

Get a 45gal oil drum, cut in half lengthways, cook over oak/beech logs.:p :)

Right On Gainsey!

Only way to go! And if you want to do a bit of smoking (in the BBQ sense!) you can fit hinges so you can swivel the other half back over (so long as somebody else didn't spot the 2nd half already and put angle-iron legs on that as well ;) )

At the last ESG Mansion, I had the compound staff build me a brick jobby (complete with slots for the elecric spit - did a great Xmas Turkey one year with that) and had to laugh when I left the compound "brickie" working, as I had to nip into town to collect the custom (stainless steel) metalwork; got back to find he had got up to about 5 feet high - "Great, I can see when the underside is done without picking up the meat!" :\ Managed to knock of a few courses as the pug was still wet:ok: before installing the ash-tray.

Fuel? Charcoal plus any "interesting" logs I can lay my hands on (Eucalyptus trees here fall down in strong winds and give an unusual aroma)
Lighting? Easy - BBQ fluid if I remembered to buy some, aromatic lemon lamp-oil, if all else fails petrol/gasoline (soak charcoal but let it sit for a bit before going too close with cigarette lighter :oh: )

Must be pretty reasonable as I still have a few friends left - or maybe it's my home-brew that they all come for;)

Roland Pulfrew 28th Apr 2006 08:06

Originally Posted by Roadster280
Good point - how do others clean the grate?

Clean the grate?? That too is surely gay. There is only one way to clean the grate before the next Barbie - FIRE!!

Is there any other way?

Mzee 28th Apr 2006 08:29

Aaaah brings back memories - got my first one via the Herc route way back in the late 70's. Chris was a trg Capt up at Lyneham and I was an HWI at Portland.

He agreed to bring back from the US said Weber plus a Low level pole for me in exchange for 2 bottles of port and an AS12 shoot at Chesil.

Portland tower were quite concerned at my low level approach and go-around hopping up over the beach. Chris had a fine time trying to sink our barge target!:E

We both had a great many beers and BBQ's after that - Could this be called inter-service co-operation?

Agree RP - fire is the only way, mind you I would say that wouldn't I as an ex-HWI!!

Gainesy 28th Apr 2006 09:31

The SAAF station workshops at AFB Ysterplaat used to do a fine line in braais made from "redundant":rolleyes: sea-lane marker buoys.

On a similar note, how many windsurfer boards and masts can you fit in an E-3 (without poking holes in the aircraft)?:E

Descend to What Height?!? 28th Apr 2006 11:54

I'm with Ex Sim Guy and Gainsay!
Only way to go is 45 gallon drum. Ours was mounted on a "borrowed" shopping trolly, and was wheeled around to many a fine hanger party.
:ok: :)

BEagle 28th Apr 2006 12:01

At least the 45 gall jobber doesn't need gas!

But a bit inconvenient for the average private house garden - unless you happen to be a resident of a pikey colony?

Weber - there is none better for true charcoholics. Who emphatically do not live in Llanddewi Brefi!

Roadster280 28th Apr 2006 12:20

Is there such a term as "double gay"? What colour now Beags?

As in a gas barbecue with clean grate?

F***ing pansies cooking on gas....tut tut.

Coal, coal and more coal. Just dont make life so hard lighting the ba$tard!

maxburner 28th Apr 2006 18:32

Check out this link and eat your hearts out. Gas is the way of the future!


BEagle 28th Apr 2006 19:21

As Dafydd would oft remark, "Oooooh, now there's lovely..."

Gas is gay!!

L J R 28th Apr 2006 21:11

You appear to know how to find images of such individuals easily sir, a trawl of your hard drive would surely find other images of dubious taste!!

worrying really.........

Pub User 28th Apr 2006 21:48

From your link:

This grill really is fantastic. I've had it for 2 months now, with absolutely no buyers remorse at all.
1. Excellent heat control with a 3-zone heating system. Turn off the middle zone, and you go from direct heating to convection style grilling. I'm finding the capability to switch from direct to convection-style heating to be useful for cooking things like fish, chicken, and ribs without scorching the outside.
2. Fantastic temperature control from 250 degrees F, all the way up to 600 degrees. The temperature gauge on the front is really useful.
3. The fuel indicator is a nice feature.
4. It's very simple to remove any parts that tend to get messy and put into the dishwasher. Cleanup is a snap. The parts fit in the dishwasher without taking up all the space.
Conclusive proof, I believe, that Gas is phenomenally Gay.

b4igo 28th Apr 2006 22:29

Picked up said 22" Weber on an OTF in 1992 as a gift from the Sqn for a wedding present (mine as it happens). An American air base somewhere in Europe was offering good deals so also picked up a 20" lawnmower. Managed to squeeze both items into the rotating bomb bay and rtb'd a happie chappie.

Have used the Weber ever since and it always comes out on Christmas Day (rain or shine or snow) to cook the christmas turkey. Bootiful.....


Charlie Luncher 29th Apr 2006 02:08

Now beags

"Gas is gay! It even goes 'poof' when you light it! Or at least my indoor fire does!!"

Old man you have me worried did you mean to say earlier in this thread that you get on your hand and knees in your lounge for a little poof!!:cool:
Just asking
Strat the sexual desire of Kiwis should not be aired here, just remember right hand to right shoulder never look at another man's war face :ugh: .
Charlie sends

Tim Mills 30th Apr 2006 10:31

As I was cooking some snags ('bangers' for the uninitiated ) this evening on our gas powered barbie (we also have a Webber, briquet powered, which allows me onto this thread), I was reminded of 63/64 when the mighty Canberra ruled the Near East skies and 32 Squadron was not engaged in taking VIPs on their tax payer funded jollies as it is now, but in taking hard working aircrew on theirs, with the occasional thought of hanging a bomb or rocket on to do the business, which thankfully we were never required to do for real, and how Niazi managed to produce the best meals ever from a shack on a street corner in Limassol, with tables accross the steet in a petrol station forecourt, without the aid of a Webber, gas or charcoal fired. Lots of courses, as much Kokkinelli as one could drink, all for 12/-. Keo beer extra.

I have been trying to reproduce his standard ever since, can't. But not bad with a good Mudgee red and a bottle or two of Coopers Sparkling!

jindabyne 30th Apr 2006 10:39

Not to mention the Wolf Blaaaas and VB Tim -----

Logistics Loader 30th Apr 2006 18:45

Lying Lion...........

APS !!!! ????

Disagree with you big time unless the Vicky is designed to carry Weber's for use in the air ...!!!!!!
Clue in the the abbreviation...!!!!!

Unless you are ex Ghurka Regt who decides to brew up in the back of Wessex with Hexi stoves....!!!!

IR that a well known VC10 skipper landed in Germany on Medman t/r and demanded passenger's were check weighed, freight was double checked etc ...!!!

Why ???

At Vr, the wheels were on the ground still !!!!

Oops , too many 22in Webersin hold not accounted for in the APS !!!!!

All pax were averaged out at 194lbs per man....
Allowance being 200lbs per man....

North of 52deg north all pax had to carry artic kit and sleeping bag....therefore giving them extra weight allowance...

Also, how many East/West trainers used to land at home with the stripey shopping bags in the front hold....????
Over and above the standard crew bags entitlement...!!!!

Bog standard get around, dump the weight of Dom Water !!!!!
Therefore "This is not APS" !!!!!!

Truck2005 1st May 2006 13:17

Standard Dulles return preflight brief.

Abort, Abort, I bought a barbe:ok:

Lon More 1st May 2006 16:16

First one was a green wheeled jobbie back in 1974 - wedding gift from a neighbour via the PX in Schinnen - outlasted the wife. Used to fire it up in the garage using gas welding set.
There was a site with loads of videos of BBQ lighting races but can't find it anymore (probably the same site as vacuum cleaners sucking up petrol).

Snakecharmer 2nd May 2006 08:58

Casualties - Female induced (!)
Brought the first Weber back from TLP in 1992 - as I recall we took an empty 4 tonner specifically for the purpose of visiting the PX at Chievres on the way home! The Weber served well until I left it at a (slightly unstable) girlfriend's house in the late 90s... never did have the nerve to go and retrieve it after we split up!

Now living with a slightly more stable (mentally, at least!) female in a beautiful village, not far from a really good butcher... time for a new Weber I says... Interweb delivers the day before the first ceremonial gubbing and I place it at the far end of garage. SWMBO arrives home from work, drives into garage and parks in her usual spot... which is occupied by Weber! Result - oblong Weber! At least it has battle scars beyond its year!

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