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vader 1 2nd Jun 2004 21:33

nimrod mr4 first flight date
can anyone tell me the date of the first flight at woodoford of the new nimrod mr4. I have been waiting since april when they started engine testing. help!:O

Vage Rot 2nd Jun 2004 21:56

Prob late July to early Sep. (Best case to most likely!)

Low speed taxy trials late this week or early next - braking from 70Kts.

BAES have a web cam at Woodford to show it all - will try to find the URL and post.

Yeller_Gait 3rd Jun 2004 04:24

Just had a quick look at the bae website, and although I did not see any webcams, they (bae) are still saying

With an in-service date of 2005, the Nimrod MRA4 will be the only jet-powered maritime patrol aircraft in service.
on the MRA4 page. Ever the optomists :O

sidevalve 3rd Jun 2004 06:27

Reading this thread gave me a flashback to the same location in the early eighties..
I was part of the Boscombe flight trials team at Woodford for the previous Nimrod incarnation (the Mk3).
The scene: In the non-air conditioned Flight Sheds conference room one warm summer's day, a large meeting was in progress between BAe, MAv and us...
At mid morning, the door opened and two guys came in (think 2 Ronnies). Both were wearing overalls and donkey jackets. One was carrying an industrial-sized aluminium teapot of around 5 gallons capacity with two handles... the other had 2 long tubes of paper cups - one stuck in each pocket (gunslinger mode) - and was carrying a pint of milk and a bag of sugar with a spoon stuck in it.
Not a word was spoken as the meeting stopped and a line of paper cups was laid out along the highly polished conference table. The teapot guy stepped forward and - starting at one end -in one continuous motion filled the entire line of cups with hot steaming tea. The tea went all over the table too. I caught the eye of a colleague sitting opposite and we both had to look away as we were both desperately trying not to laugh. Meanwhile, matey with the milk does the same continuous pouring action and, leaving the sugar and spoon on the table they left.
I can still recall the pain we all went through as we tried to retain our composure. The BAe management acted as though this was a perfectly normal occurence.
My other abiding memory of Woodford is that across the airfield is the large building where the Nimrods were built. It was known as 'New Assembly'.
I asked one of the BAe guys one day why it was called that.
He said it was because that's where the Lancasters were built...

Gainesy 3rd Jun 2004 10:40

Reminds me of a day at BAe Brough. PR bloke suggested we have lunch in the works' canteen "to save time" (cheapskate).
Still in hearty PR manager mode he asks one of the workforce what he'd recommend. "Bugger all, its all crap.":)

The Gorilla 3rd Jun 2004 11:00

Surely a better title for this thread would be:

nimrod mr4 first and last flight date!!!



Dimmer Switch 3rd Jun 2004 12:13

What's up Gorilla ?

“….and I predict will NEVER fly, the same prediction I made a year ago.” (15th October 2002)

“I have been saying for the past 2 years on this forum and I repeat.. It HASN'T flown
and It will NEVER fly!! “ (20th February 2003)

“I said it would never fly and I stand by that prediction!!” (14th December 2003)

“I still say and have said many times on this forum, the MRA4 will never fly” (2nd February 2004)

Now you reckon it will - getting nervous ?!

Heh heh heh:O

steamchicken 3rd Jun 2004 13:11

You're laughing, but tea boy's probably panel-beating the wings to fit the fuselage right now!

Flak Jacket 3rd Jun 2004 16:52

Can anyone tell me what the problem is with all these Nimrod bashers out there...

Alright the Mr4 may not have been the best choice with the other options both cheaper and proven p3 etc, but we have made the choice now lets see how capable it will be.

What I'm saying is give it a chance.

I think for people to gain pleasure from seeing this thing fail is wrong...

PS The biggest thing I can see with it is that it doesn't have an engineer.


The Gorilla 3rd Jun 2004 22:59


Very good but you also missed one of my other quotes!

I predicted that Newcastle would win the premier League, but as of today my other predictions re the mra4 remain extant!!




Dimmer Switch 4th Jun 2004 06:35

I wish I could spell "cynical", "pessimistic" or "skeptical" instead of having to call you a gloomy old git ! (The age thing is just an assumption - if you are, in fact, an energetic youth, then you're REALLY in trouble !) :D

The Gorilla 4th Jun 2004 11:00


Actually all 3 words have appeared regularly in my annual reports, but not any more of course!!

I am but a youthful figure and no I DO NOT use grecian 2000!! (Or just for men either)!!

Evanelpus 4th Jun 2004 12:06

Anyone interested in seeing a picture of the first aircraft in primer at Woodford should get themselves over to airliners.net.

DP Harvey 4th Jun 2004 23:33

original message deleted

Charlie Luncher 5th Jun 2004 00:38


I thought we were all Yoofs compared to yourself, but not all of us are energetic. :E

Dont worry about the old monkey I reckon he has been drying out his banana skins and smoking them. Wont be long before he is replaced by a black box is his new job as it works well on the DLR.

Charlie sends
from the land of the melting Mars Bar:ugh:

donpizmeov 5th Jun 2004 03:48

Dimmer old fella, how the hell are you? Hope the FLT SGT is still looking after you, and that rabbit catching superman suit still fits.

Now this Nimrod thinging....does seem to be taking a bit long don't you think. Perhaps a rebuild of the shack might be in order as an intrim ( and no that is not a fat joke!) measure!!!

Charlie......when are you heading over this way to say hello? Get it organised will ya!!!!!

Dimmer Switch 5th Jun 2004 13:13

Don & Charlie,

Talking to you two takes all the fun out of fat jokes - it's just too easy !!!! :D

Me & the Gaffer are tickety-boo - don't either of you miss the constant drizzle and grey skies of a Brit summer?.

You're right about MRA4 taking much longer than originally promised, and PPRuNe has seen a lot of debate over the reasons for that. It seems to me that there's a bit of momentum behind it now, and it appear to have the potential to be the cat's ass when we get it.

WG774 5th Jun 2004 19:12


Charlie Luncher 6th Jun 2004 00:26


Should be in yer neck of the woods about this time next week, if I can get past the fun police. Will give you a PM once sausage side. I would bring some Coopers if allowed but I can manage some vegemite or any other fare you need.

Now then Dimmer
About the fat jokes I hope you realise that when in the land of Kylie one has to attend the beach and bare one's adonis body whilst not a six pack more of a watney's party keg the ladies seem to approve.

As for ladies Ill set Missus DS on ya :sad:
Hope the teenage years have made you grey - er :ok:

AlanM 6th Jun 2004 18:52

Looks like something form the MaxPower mag with those go faster bits!!

MR4 at Woodford

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