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New RAF Uniforms

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New RAF Uniforms

Old 14th Jun 2022, 10:00
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Ok, this is my area sort of. Spent a few years in combat underpants so to speak, some time ago. Without dropping anyone in it, the new uniform was on the cards and work in the background was being done to look at what was needed going forward. Unfortunately back earlier on in the year some info appeared on social media and spread like wildfire. The A4 Commodities were pushed by the SLT to get something out, and as any one looking not to upset the powers to be, this is what they come up with, and the comments brought with it. The latest pictures and examples are a result of that. However there will be a testing phase, to see what is good and what is not and what needs re-designed. This will take years and will not be on the shelves for at least 5 years minimum, then you have contract negotiations, and we all know good the MOD are at those!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Personally the uniform review is long overdue, and what is on display will be not be the item on someones back when it goes live. I will be long left the reserves when this comes on line. This will be used as a recruiting tool for the next generation of personnel, whether that be Halton or Cranwell.
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Old 14th Jun 2022, 10:02
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Originally Posted by NutLoose
The other question is why a stable belt, uncomfortable in hot weather and restrictive, just what you need on a working dress, a great big buckle to scratch everything in sight when working in confined areas. and as for the dark blue collar, they are already on the coveralls, so why put them on the shirt?

And again on the working dress, rank slide on the front and fwd sticking out tabs on the cuffs that could get caught in rotating machinery, leaning over a lathe etc.
Slide ranks on the shoulders can be seen from every direction, on the front and one arm, from two.

It would make sense for one of the arm pockets to have a window in it for carrying your ID / Airside pass when working airside.

Personally unconvinced by wearing ID visibly. Nobody looks closely once you're in work area so it's easy for a malign character to sneak in, and anyone with a long zoom lens has a straightforward way to pinch data and clone your id.
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Old 14th Jun 2022, 10:11
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Originally Posted by RAFEngO74to09
As I don't have to wear it and I'm no longer a UK taxpayer, I'll keep my less than complimentary views to myself.

No doubt I will be able to read some amusing comments though over the coming days !

Just appeared on ARRSE and Twiitter having been spotted on Whats App 13 Jun 22:

Looks alright to me! Does come across like a school uniform, but also seems more practical than the existing attire. I wonder if there is a skirt for the ladies or is everyone in trousers these days?

Can't imagine a polo shirt working well with the existing head dress, but maybe its time to retire that concept too!

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Old 14th Jun 2022, 10:39
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Originally Posted by Krystal n chips
....The stable belt ?..nope. We had a Sgt on the M.U who appeared one day wearing one, and, a chip hat. Given the M.U dress code differed from the rest of the RAF, it was no surprise to rapidly learn he was, well, "different " to the rest of us......

Popcorn time !
How was he "different"?
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Old 14th Jun 2022, 10:48
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Originally Posted by NumptyAussie
How was he "different"?
If you saw the stuff that used to get worn on the line in winter and summer you would understand, multiple forms of scarves and wolley hats, even the odd Russian style fur cap, along with various warm kit underneath and a multitude of glove styles and mitts.
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Old 14th Jun 2022, 12:30
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Originally Posted by 4everAD
The only thing that is a good idea is the polo shirt, but the rank slide is in an awful place. Anyone who sits down to work will have a rank slide rubbing on their chin constantly.
Anyone who wears a polo shirt with all the buttons done up deserves to!
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Old 14th Jun 2022, 13:14
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I accept this is a well-developed but not yet final draft, so on that basis I’ll cut some stylistic slack.

Long-retired, of course, having trod the various winding paths from Hairy Blue through numerous changes of shirts and sweaters, I would just offer up one plea. Or a multiple plea, really. Make the materials ‘easy care’, colour-fast and robust. Some of the outpourings in the past included: the WRAF Mess Dress that was neither dry-cleanable nor washable; the Instant Crumpled No 2 trousers; and the endless vacillation over the design of the Wooly Pully in its numerous manifestations. Clothing technology has progressed enormously since my initial issues, and I just hope that cost-saving doesn’t prevent the fullest implementation for those users in the future. They have better things to do with their time than fight inadequate materials at work and in the laundry.
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Old 14th Jun 2022, 13:34
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I always thought the MK 1 Wooly Pully with the round neck was Ideal, it was a combat pully ideally suited to in the field, out on the line and under cabbage kit, then the office wallahs got their hands on it and it became the V neck jumper that was none of the above.

I agree with easy care, as I said earlier make it washable and hard wearing, the working blue trousers were like that, I do like the design of the trousers, bar the stable belt and the light blue naff flashes, they remind me of the OG combats trousers. Hopefully they will be made of cotton or some breathable material that will not melt in a fire. Though I do have visions of people walking about with the side pockets rammed full like a Hamster cheeks..

I wonder if my phone will scan the code on the laptop to see what it opens
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Old 14th Jun 2022, 15:06
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On the line, overalls and Sqn T shirt (and anything you wish to wear underneath the overalls) has been the normal working dress on the line for donkey years before I left the mob (and that was almost a decade and a half ago!). Things getting trapped in lathes? Last SWS guys made civvy donkeys ago. More pockets to put hands in! That will upset the SWOs. Airside ID? Mod 90 to be on the entire site. What is a Mod 90 some will say??
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Old 14th Jun 2022, 16:38
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I was using the lathe as an example but you well know what I mean. And yes ID card but these days operating away from base passes makes sense too.


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Old 14th Jun 2022, 16:39
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Well at least the blue suede shoes proposal of the early '80s was never progressed!

What? No 'Sweater Cashmere with moleskin facings' to replace Officers Mess Kit? What a brilliant spoof that was all those years ago!!
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Old 14th Jun 2022, 17:17
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Originally Posted by unmanned_droid
The polo shirt and the rolled up sleeve err... retainer straps are a new low.
How about a new style of leather aircrew jacket from aviation leathercraft??

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Old 14th Jun 2022, 17:31
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Some good stuff here, it’ll be interesting to see how it develops. (Please lose those silly dark blue arm straps!).

But no showing of outerwear. What’s on offer? I’d like to see a fleece and Goretex-type combination. Have rank on both so they can be worn separately, if needed.

Last edited by MG; 14th Jun 2022 at 18:38.
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Old 14th Jun 2022, 18:03
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The BMI of those tailors dummies doesn't seem to represent the demographic when I left 10 years ago. Have we all been on a diet?
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Old 14th Jun 2022, 19:34
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Avoid imitations
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Looks like it was designed by a blind man on a galloping horse.
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Old 14th Jun 2022, 21:39
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Will the growbags be labelled to state what they are too? Will ‘staff’ have to search around for the right label to ask a question (and only to be told “Not me Chief, I’m waiting for a bowser)
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Old 14th Jun 2022, 21:42
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The lighter blue trousers on the female dummy with the light blue shirt on appears to be made up of three sections of material sown horizontally in each leg, you would have a problem trying to iron a crease in them.
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Old 14th Jun 2022, 22:33
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Originally Posted by NutLoose
The lighter blue trousers on the female dummy with the light blue shirt on appears to be made up of three sections of material sown horizontally in each leg, you would have a problem trying to iron a crease in them.
Good, hopefully this is all non-iron crease free material, shining shoes can be left in the last century as well. I was once a drill instructor at Cranwell and know all too well how much time is wasted on this nonsense.
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Old 14th Jun 2022, 22:40
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Creases? Like, get with it daddy-o. They are soooo 20th century.

My legs don't have creases, and they bend in 2 places, so it's nice if my trousers do also.
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Old 14th Jun 2022, 23:09
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My eyes! My eyes! WTAF have I just seen? Itís an utter abomination. If Wiggy wants the RAF to be a laughing stock then go ahead, make us all look like a cheap cross between Thunderbirds and a Kwik Fit fitter.

If, however, he wants us to retain any semblance of credibility then cut out all this nonsense, give us decent uniforms that donít fall apart after 5 minutes and get on with killing people and breaking their toys. Or is that not what weíre here for these days.

Iím ashamed weíre even thinking of it. Then again, we said we wanted new uniforms. Maybe itís our own fault. Then again no, we said we wanted decent uniforms. Then again we complained about food charges and look what happened Ö
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