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Anyone out there know when you can get paid by the MOD and your new employer?
I believe it is only during 'Terminal Leave', but heard that it may include other periods of leave too, any info appreciated.

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If you have access to MODNET read the JSP. Itís a couple of years since I looked at it but I believe you can be paid For your new employment while on terminal leave. For other leave you can apply to have a second job, which allows you to be paid for that too. For resettlement you are not allowed to be paid. If the company insist on paying you (Union rules etc) then you are supposed to declare it and pass it on to the MOD! Your P staff should be able to help (I say should because mine were useless) watch out for gotchas with HTD if you go for the Civilian Workplace Attachment option!
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MtK has that right. Read the JSP! If I could give anyone done advice about leaving, it's take a few days to read the relevant JSP (534) cover to cover plus your single service documents relevant to resettlement. You'll find loads of nuggets they will not tell you otherwise. I have a whole of dodges ready to go.

But in summary of the JSP and again MtK is correct, you can only be paid for the last bit. If you do get paid by new company in the other leave it's up to your integrity and judgement to tell the MoD (there's is no physical impediment to the money reaching your bank account). The tax man is going to know and you'll get slapped with an emergency tax code in all probability. If your pay from your new company gets paid at the end of the month there's probably only a few weeks of moral dilemma to worry about where you actually receive monies when you technically are not supposed to.

Of course if you leave to join a new public service organisation (particularly the MoD), you will not be paid twice. They know the rules
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Originally Posted by gipsymagpie View Post

Of course if you leave to join a new public service organisation (particularly the MoD), you will not be paid twice. They know the rules
You would think so, however HMRC were absolutely clueless as my new employer! They had no interest in what stage I was at for leaving. The BR tax code for a couple months was painful though.

as has been said, itís a grey area and more of a moral issue of whether you will follow the JSP.
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I retired from the Regular RAF in September 1998 and stayed in the same post but as a Retired Officer Operations Controller, with a Reserve commission. I was paid both as a Regular and as an RO for 28 days, which was the maximum allowed at that time. My Reserve commission was dated at the end of my Regular service.
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When you go out of the gate for the last time, no one cares whether you turn left or right.

Get paid for your new job, but keep some back for the taxman when he eventually catches up.
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I don’t think the OP is asking about the tax implication. That’s a given, that they will be in the picture.
. Tax is sorted but don't forget NI contributions!

I was in this situation when I retired (actually a PVR, but only about 3 months before my NRD). Tax was sorted, but I had a (good!) surprise about 10 years later. I continued working beyond my State Pension retirement age (by about 2 years) but chose to take my State Pension. One reason was so that I would stop paying NI, which made for quite a payrise. Probably worth more than deferring the pension 'til a later date to get an increase - you should live so long......

However, HMRC (our whoever they were then) kindly wrote back saying "We notice you paid NI twice during the period blah (of two jobs), so we owe you some money!"

So either wait for the same, or make sure you don't pay twice.

It was still the most I'd ever earned in one month!!
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Disclaimer 2002 so easily could be out of date.

There is (or used to be) a QR which the staish or his/her nominated deputy could sign off to have anyone have a second job at any time, assuming it did not interfere with their RAF duties. Prob meant for lower paid workers, but I used it (signed off by OC Admin Wg) to have dual employment for the last 7 months of my RAF career (I was a Sqn Ldr) by then.

There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth from the Resettlement Officer who was not impressed with me sailing over his head, but it happened so it is (or was) do-able.

It probably helped that...

I had accumulated all the leave I could (stopped work on Sqn about 4 Nov, [started my new job same day] and was immediately replaced, left RAF mid May the following year 2003).
I had good relations with all the key players (Sqn Boss, Staish...most of all the Chief Clerk). Not the Resettlement dude tho lol
I was swapping to a MOD Civil Service position to the benefit of the RAF

Maybe this avenue is closed off now...I don't know.

As for tax...been doing my own return since the day I left...don't know why this is even a thing???

And yes, several years later...and totally out the blue...

However, HMRC (our whoever they were then) kindly wrote back saying "We notice you paid NI twice during the period blah (of two jobs), so we owe you some money!"

...I got this too! Four hundred beer chits as I recall
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