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Vulcan Items

Old 13th Jun 2020, 17:51
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Vulcan Items

Shown on the Vulcan To The Sky for sale website is an item for 'Fathers Day' which is causing a bit of head scratching. Can anyone identify the item and say where it was located and for what. It was I believe also fitted in the Victor B2. Item is Variable Airspeed Unit Mk 3 selector switch.

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Old 13th Jun 2020, 22:42
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IIRC it was fitted in the cabin roof just to the right of the Nav Radar, next to his dangly grab handle.

I remember being called for a crew in snag where Nav Rad says VASU problem, I said what problem, and he says 'I haven't got one!', I looked and he did have one, but the hangar team who had been working in the cabin had swapped the locations of the VASU and Grab handle. The Nav Rad was used to putting his arm up and hitting the correct spot in the gloom everytime, it never occured to him that it could be elsewhere.
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Old 14th Jun 2020, 06:38
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Someone put me out of my misery. What is it, and what does it actually do?
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Old 14th Jun 2020, 07:16
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It allowed the Nav Radar to roughly double the offset range available to the NBS though the selector switch and tune using the amplitude knob to the left of the selector.
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Old 14th Jun 2020, 07:35
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Page 79, item 23 on diagram, shows the location of the component.
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Old 14th Jun 2020, 08:40
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That AP will bring many a tear to numerous peoples' eyes.
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Old 14th Jun 2020, 09:02
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I think we could now do with a tutorial on how to bomb with a Vulcan NBS!

I've got all day.......
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Old 14th Jun 2020, 09:07
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[]an item for 'Fathers Day'[]
"Happy Fathers Day, Dad - I've got you a very special present!"
"Thanks son! Let me guess...a nice bottle of malt?"
"Err, no - I've got you a mysterious bit of old Vulcan"
"Are you 'king joking? You're surely not the fruit of MY loins!"
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Old 14th Jun 2020, 09:38
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Originally Posted by sitigeltfel View Post
Page 79, item 23 on diagram, shows the location of the component.
I was lying in bed this morning reading through the above. My wife looked over my shoulder and walked away shaking her head !!
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Old 14th Jun 2020, 10:34
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I would have thought that it adjusted the airspeed to make sure you got back for TGIF.
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