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Originally Posted by Trumpet trousers View Post
..... she wouldn’t thank you for that, according to wiki, she is very much still in rude health!
Ah, a thousand apologeticals to her. Somehow I had in what I laughingly refer to as "my mind" that she had died.
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Originally Posted by Norodnik1812 View Post
In case it is of interest, I was going through my deceased Father's documents (which seem never ending) and came across a historical BAC/RAND Corp doc relating to the VC 10 project.

Am presuming it is not confidential anymore as it was 1967 and there are no more VC10 flying around.
If anyone is interested in the whole doc then happy to share (just PM me)

See VCtenderness above I believe he runs the site, I will PM him for you

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It's me that runs the site, thanks for the heads up! I've sent Norodnik1812 a message.
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I retired off the 10 fleet in 2010 just as these numbers became available. One of the Air Eng's bought VC10ALM and then tried to sell it to the LM's at a profit. No one to my knowledge took him up on the offer. I wonder if he still has it in the loft!!!!
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Spotted FR gettin out of FU2 on a small bright Yellow Suzuki jeep back in 70/80s.

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I have seen VC10JAG a few times in Southrop near Brize Norton. I think it belongs to a regular PPRuNe poster.
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Driving today, spotted a car with the reg ending in AEW. Can't be anyone from waddo though, cause this was actually moving.
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Now I think this is a funny story, told to me by one of the protagonists.
Years ago, a Bucc nav went on exchange to Aus on F-111s.
Later, a Bucc pilot did too (not at the same time). Both went to the Tornado on return to UK.

Years later, the plate F111BUC came onto the market.
Unbeknown to each other at that stage, both bidded in an auction, and the price went up...and up!!
One bought it - you might see it on a flash car around East Anglia.
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I was driven to Old Buckenham to go flying yesterday in F111 BUC!
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Saw an ex colleagues car recently which had either F4 RAF or RAF F4 as the reg and it looked sooo cool.
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An AEOp on 120 had "N 7 GAV" which was quickly amended, with sticky tape, to "I AM GAY"

We had WAY too much time on our hands in the 90s
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Originally Posted by G-ARZG View Post
A10JET anyone?
a friend from the 90s had that on his white Toyota Supra. Not sure where that reg might be now, or even where Peter might be.
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Some interesting reg's been provided. In early 90's OC 10 was a Nav and his little sports car reg was A10NAV.
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Ahhh yes the athletic Scotsman boss....
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C 130 NAV was parked next to E 3 DTD in a car park at Waddington a few years ago. The latter number plate probably cost more than the old Peugeot that it was attached to.
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Saw MR02NAV around Cranwell the other day. Some people really need to let go...!!!
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When 4 (AC) Sqn moved to Cottesmore, one of our Pilots had V8TOL or something very similar on his Italian hairdressers car. He also had a great ‘tri’ iirc.
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