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Breitling Aerospace Service

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Breitling Aerospace Service

Old 29th Mar 2019, 14:04
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Breitling Aerospace Service

Current Serving member in the RAF and my Breitling Aerospace needs a new battery and a service (watch is seven years old and thus out of warranty).

Does anyone know the best way to do this? I went to the Breitling boutique here in Cyprus who said they’d have to send it to Breitling in Athens to get it done and they couldn’t be specific about turnaround times so I decided not to go with that.

I spoke to a reasonably helpful lady in Breitling customer service via the phone (though she was in Paris) who seemed to think that I’d be entitled to some form of military discount and she’d get back to me. That was three days ago and she hasn’t got back to me...

Anyone got any ideas of cost / turnaround times?

Much appreciated.

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Old 29th Mar 2019, 15:58
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I’ve tried most places in Cyprus, to no avail. Breitling also told me to ship it to Athens - three month turn around time. I ended up sending it to the UK.

If you know of anyone going to the UK, maybe have them take it to a John Lewis store. They’ve changed batteries and pressure tested mine for around 30 pounds on a few occasions.
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Old 29th Mar 2019, 16:56
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I recently sold my Aerospace. They valued it and then took the cost of a full service off the price - £420 !
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Old 29th Mar 2019, 17:18
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Originally Posted by wub View Post
I recently sold my Aerospace. They valued it and then took the cost of a full service off the price - £420 !
Hope they do more than change the oil and filters at that price
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Old 29th Mar 2019, 17:25
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Originally Posted by Harley Quinn View Post
Hope they do more than change the oil and filters at that price
I suspect they throw the guts away and put a new movement in.
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Old 29th Mar 2019, 18:09
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You might want to have a read through an already existing thread.
Aerospace woes
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Old 29th Mar 2019, 23:04
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I get mine done at a kiosk in Reading for about £50. Comes back working and waterproof. Never had a problem in fifteen years.
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Old 30th Mar 2019, 05:23
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I've come to the conclusion that paying 3 grand for a watch and then being invited to pay £400 for the pleasure of a battery change and a service is just ridiculous.

At the end of the day, it's a quartz watch with a ton of marketing behind it. I've got cheap quartz watches that have lasted 40 years just fine without a 'service' - a Breitling has better manage that.

Paid for the 'service' the first time. Sure, it came back in a leather Breitling case, but who cares!

I've just changed mine myself the last two times. Mini screwdriver, steady hand and 10 mins. Cost £3.

Look on eBay for a Renata 380. Same Swiss battery that Breitling use.

It may not be tested waterproof, but I didn't wear my Breitling in water anyway.
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Old 30th Mar 2019, 10:55
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£420 for a service a bargain my Rolex last service was £650!!!
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Old 30th Mar 2019, 11:49
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Originally Posted by matkat View Post
£420 for a service a bargain my Rolex last service was £650!!!
These manufacturers are taking the pi$$ which is why I sold my Aerospace. The Renata 380 battery can be had on The mighty South American river website for £1.29
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Old 30th Mar 2019, 14:48
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£500 for my wind up (not battery powered) Breitling Colt GMT, had to have new movement after winder failed so I'm ok with that. Came back nicely polished and all working.


Breitling own uk website gives cost of service.


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Old 30th Mar 2019, 14:49
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I've had my 1994 model F56062 Aerospace (titanium and gold) for 25 years now and it's generally been fine - a new battery now and then, plus a free Z-spring replacement in the bracelet clasp has been all that it's needed.

Several years ago the new battery ran down rather quickly and I took the watch back to be checked. They diagnosed a failure of some component and the repair cost around £600. But they included another new battery and the watch came back with a better, more accurate movement. I hadn't had it serviced over the years, so I couldn't really complain....

In 2015 I noticed that the bracelet clasp had lost its spring tension, so I guessed that a new Z-spring would be needed, costing about £25. But when the technician started working on it, the spring was in bits but the holes into which the clasp fitted were almost worn through - threatening to come apart at any moment. So a new bracelet clasp was required....£370 !

A couple of weeks later the display started flashing, indicating End of Life for the battery. So, off to Breitling Boutique in New Bond Street again - the new battery cost £90 but was supplied well within the quoted time. I'd managed to scratch the new bracelet clasp somehow, but the technician buffed it out free of charge and my faithful Aerospace looks like new again. Until my girl friend's French Bulldog had a go at it....but as he's such a sweetie otherwise, he was forgiven.

But I really, really don't like the styling of the latest Aerospace. In fact I think that they've been going generally downhill since the 1994 model - see Breitling Aerospace FROM ALL AGE .

When I was at the Breitling Boutique, I mentioned that I was surprised at the high cost of spare bracelet links on eBay - about $95 for a single titanium and gold link. They told me that it's probably because they no longer make the bracelets from that era, so spare parts are hard to come by.... I've got a couple of spares though.

And yes, before the watch nerds wake up, I KNOW THAT OTHER WATCHES ARE AVAILABLE!!
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Old 30th Mar 2019, 17:03
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Lovely watches Breitling, used to own a Premier Chronograph 42 back in the 90's, but after a while I became conscious of the high risk of it getting damaged/lost/stolen in my then lifestyle, so sold it as I couldn't enjoy it properly, albeit for a nice profit . I have been the owner of a CWC Chronograph for the last years, and in most respects I'm very happy with it. Simple, elegant and tells the time underwater. One of the chrono buttons has come off and I need to replace it, should be a simple case of getting a replacement and pressing it on. However, there's the problem, does anyone know where one might find and purchase said chrono button ?
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Old 30th Mar 2019, 20:22
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The Seiko outlet is in Maidehead and the prices compare very favourably with those on the High Street. I've had several Seiko watches and never had a failure.
and all those that were waterproof when I bought them are still waterproof. I have one called a 'Belmatic' and the alarm bell still rings much to the merriment of most.
within earshot. The Breitling I have is called the Cosmonaut though the 24 hour face is a bit difficult to manage.
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Old 30th Mar 2019, 22:05
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My Experience:

The basic service changes the battery and tests or changes the seals. Battery needed every 2 - 3 years. I found Renata lasts a bit longer than Varta but both work the same while they do and freshness / exp date counts more than the battery differences.
The full service checks and polishes/restores everything incl new battery, seals etc. but is a significant cost even as a % that still doesn't cover you for deep scratches and chips etc.

As they get a bit older (mine is now 20!) you may care/dare less about swimming wearing it and I found after 10 years I decided I was brave enough to (quite easily) remove the back and change the battery ( at your own risk !!). Do not assume it is in any way waterproof thereafter.

Check details on your particular watch e.g. The older 95 - 99 models used a 399 battery. If it shows rubbish on the display when the new battery is in it you may need to remove the battery for a few minutes and try again. (or on some there is an alternative routine of something like selecting 2x blank digital displays, pulling out the crown and then clicking back and pressing in for 10 seconds to reset YMMV)
Again you'd need to google your particular model as there have been many variations of this classic watch

Should you decide to sell it an official service immediately before may well add value
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