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Space Force

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The USAF has had a Space Command for decades. Re-branding it and adding some additional functions does not a new thing make! But a flashy new name and another layer of bureaucracy is certain to add new funding.

Eisenhower was president when the the basis for Air Force space command was officially formed. (in large part to manage ICBM development and deployment) Of course the actual beginning pre-dates his presidency by several years if you count what the Army ( and Von Braun's team (AKA "our Germans") ) were doing in the late forties. Then Ike went and gave that farewell speech as he left office in 1961 warning the country to beware the perils of the military-industrial complex. It could certainly be said that the Air Force has been in the space business for over 70 years.

New name, same mission: Control and exploit the high ground. (space)

It's just that now it's about allot more than missiles. Everything from GPS to high-speed secure data comm networks, ISR, EWO and yes, space-borne weapons systems are in play. So maybe a big name for a big package of missions might not be so far out of order after all. I look at it like I do the formation of the modern Army Aviation Corps. (with corps insignia) It wasn't ceremonially activated as a Corps until 1986, ( I was in the parade!) but had been around since about 1860 in one form or another. Re-branding is how progress is defined in today's world!
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Space Command to launch Aug. 29

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon will stand up a new combatant command before the end of the month, with the official launch of U.S. Space Command set for Aug. 29.

Speaking at a meeting of the National Space Council on Tuesday, Gen. Joe Dunford, the outgoing chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, announced the date for the standup of the new organization, the first combatant command to be fully stood up since Africa Command was created in 2009.

Upon its standup, SPACECOM head Gen. Jay Raymond will inherit 87 units, covering “missile warning, satellite operations, space control and space support," Dunford said. Raymond has previously said he expects to start with about 642 personnel pulled from U.S. Strategic Command. Army Lt. Gen. James Dickinson has been nominated to become the deputy commander.

Raymond has acknowledged that the standup of the new organization won’t be easy, telling members of Congress in written testimony from June that “my first priority will be to ensure the seamless transition of the command and control of critical space capabilities that the nation and the joint force depend on each and every day. Simultaneously we need to ensure we take steps to strengthen readiness and lethality as we complete our shift from a permissive environment to a posture for warfighting.”

The creation of the new combatant command is the first step towards the creation of a full-up Space Force, an idea that has been heavily pushed by President Donald Trump.

“This initiative is going to have a positive impact on our ability to grow the people and capabilities that we’re going to need in the future,” Dunford said of an eventual Space Force. “I’m confident the focus that a single service will bring to bear is going to have a profound difference.”

“The direction is clear. We understand it. And we’re moving out.”

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