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Shich would you prefer beside you in combat? The one that is male or the one that passed the physical?

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I don't own this space under my name. I should have leased it while I still could
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Only one of them would have passed anyway.
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Mass conscription? Has the last 72 years passed you by completely?
Even if there were to be mass conscription and someone had managed to uninvent the nuclear bomb and ICBM's and SLBM's, how on earth do you reach the conclusion that we would somehow have 50/50 male/female infantry units? Mind boggling...


Your mate in the pub, the one with the strange opinion of what women are attracted to, is either living in a strange deluded world of fiction, or has just maybe never spoken to a woman?

Must be something in the air this week!
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Originally Posted by Basil View Post
Funny old thing, last night in the pub, we were discussing the feminist assertion that men are responsible for all the violence in the World and someone mentioned that women are attracted to and wish to mate with, at least, assertive, dominant men.
I find it telling that you and your friend want to stereotype women as being all the same.

You are, of course, talking utter drivel.
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...who, I may say, do not find favour with my wife either.

Been at the sauce?
I think that someone has been at the sauce, Basil. A very odd series of posts.
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Originally Posted by ORAC View Post
Shich would you prefer beside you in combat? The one that is male or the one that passed the physical?
The one that shoots straightest.
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Originally Posted by Exnomad View Post
Equily should mean that. Same physical standards, pleanty oif strong females.
Still have the sex problem, mixed showers probably no conducive to good dicipline, but probabkly fun.
Mixed showers are not a discipline problem at all from the few occasions I have encountered them. In Belize in 1980s the other ranks shower block was open stall and used by both sexes. In Bosnia in the early 90s there was a mixed shower block in Gorni Vakuf (sp?) until the camp became more developed, and the Swedish garrison (where we stopped over) on the up country routes even had a mixed sauna. Everybody was generally far too knackered to care.
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