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50 years to this day BO105 flew for first time

50 years BO105 - Airbus Helicopters

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It's amazing that the oldest one still flying is operating in the Falklands.

Presumably the weather is acceptable about once per year, so it's hours must be low. And when it does fly it completes a circumnavigation of the globe, gets blown right the way around by the wind. So far it hasn't managed to fly westwards at all...
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Probaby S.45 G-BATC built in 1972 with 21,000 hours on the clock.

Photograph of Aircraft G-BATC

Not even had a stretched fuselage replacement and getting close to G-BAMF's 22000 hours.

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A regular visitor to North Denes in the 70s when operated by Management Aviation...
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IIRC the prototype Bo 105 had the rotor from a Westland Scout. Of course I may be wrong.
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