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Longest/Shortest flight

Military Aviation A forum for the professionals who fly military hardware. Also for the backroom boys and girls who support the flying and maintain the equipment, and without whom nothing would ever leave the ground. All armies, navies and air forces of the world equally welcome here.

Longest/Shortest flight

Old 18th Jan 2015, 10:56
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18 Apr 1990
JP5A XW351
Fg Off ***** and Self
5 Min dual
Waddington to Cranwell

however it was just under 2.5 mins and rather good fun
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Old 18th Jan 2015, 11:45
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RAF Brawdy to RAF Chivenor - something over 6 hrs by road (before the M4 extension / new Severn bridge / North Devon link road).....

....or about 6 min by Hawk!

Can't believe that it's over 20 years since both such utterly excellent RAF airfields were squaddified......
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Old 20th Jan 2015, 19:10
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My grandfather's log book, which I have inherited, features the following entry:
Apr 23 1941 Lysander L4719 Self / Sgt. Fxxxxx Argos - (Crete) .05 day (shot down by Me109).
Not sure if it counts if the aircraft is unusable afterwards?
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Old 20th Jan 2015, 22:38
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What about the delivery flight of buccaneer xv361 from Raf Aldergrove to Langford Lodge in April 94. Flight lasted 94 seconds.
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Old 20th Jan 2015, 23:03
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Lossie 23 to Kinloss 25 in a Nimrod
I've flown that route as well ...
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Old 21st Jan 2015, 05:28
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I recall flying from Dhahran to Bahrain on a VC10 on several occasions. Can't recall exact duration but it was certainly quicker than driving across the "Tracy Island" causeway(especially when you were driving into Saudi and the Customs staff took an interest in the latest VHS videos you had just bought from Gadeer's).
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Old 21st Jan 2015, 08:50
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Quote "Lossie 23 to Kinloss 25 in a Nimrod"

Hell, they moved the goalposts again. In my day that was Lossie 24 to Kinloss 26
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Old 21st Jan 2015, 09:22
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Shortest: 3 mins, Cadet Mk III (first solo), RAF Spitalgate.
Longest: 6 hrs 51 mins, Dart 17R, RAF Little Rissington, 323km X-country, landed north of Banbury.
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Old 21st Jan 2015, 13:34
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Gentleman Aviator
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I recall flying from Dhahran to Bahrain on a VC10 on several occasions.
I did that one once - as pax - on a VC10, can't remember if it was Gulf or BA (might even have been BOAC ).

Hostie doing the announcement had a fit of the giggles as she announced something like:

"Flight time of 12 1/2 minutes at an altitude of 7000 ft!"

I might have the figures wrong - it was 40 years ago - but you get the gist .....
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Old 21st Jan 2015, 14:07
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No record claimed here

9 Aug 66. Thorney Island to Tangmere, Blackburn Beverley C.1, 01:30.
Drive back (after lunch) 19 mins.
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Old 21st Jan 2015, 15:51
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After IAT at Fairford one year, a VC10K crew was kept waiting for hours because the Spams insisted on a flight plan and wouldn't let them depart without one...

...for a 3 min flight to Brize Norton
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Old 21st Jan 2015, 16:28
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Longest Flights

My longest flight with 99 Sqn was on Britannia XM 520 from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada) to Lyneham. My logbook shows it took place on 17-18th June 1962 and took 12 hours, 10 minutes for the non-stop flight. Distance flown around 4,300 Great Circle miles I think.

Mind you at Seletar a couple of years earlier Flt. Lt. N. Bull (Norman Bull?) of 205/209 Sqn. flew a dedicated endurance flight from Seletar on 18/19th February 1958 with a Sunderland that was airborne for 20 hours 30 minutes. I left Seletar on posting in January 1958 so wasn’t present when this flight took place, but it was fairly common knowledge in FEAF.

Not sure if this was a record or not, but many years later whilst researching in the National Archives at Kew had a look at 205/209 ORB for the relevant dates and sure enough the squadron ORB records the following:
Aircraft. Sunderland ‘R’ RN303
Captain. Flt. Lt. N. Bull.
Airborne. 18th February 1958 at 14.55
Down. 19th February 1958 at 11.25
Mission. “NAVEX and Endurance Flight”
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Old 21st Jan 2015, 18:32
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7 seconds

Anson CC19 Kinloss 19 oatcake, lift off loud bang port engine stops. Gentle thump back onto runway. Comment from up front, 'and that's why you always use the whole runway available laddie'

Last edited by Prangster; 23rd Jan 2015 at 17:21.
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Old 21st Jan 2015, 20:36
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SLF on a chartered British Caledonian Britannia from Stanstead to Bahrein in 1963. Just short of 13 hours if I remember correctly. Kids behind my seat were restless so their mother gave them a mouth organ to keep them quiet!
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Old 21st Jan 2015, 20:44
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I used to work at FG Miles in the late 1950s One of the projcts was a light trasnport with a Hurel Dubois high aspect ratio wing. A trial wing was on a Miles Aerovan. excellent STOL performance
At the Farnborough show one year, the pilot landed, turned 90 deg, and took off across the runway to fly to dispersal.
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Old 21st Jan 2015, 21:02
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Two 12:30hrs missions in Mar/Apr 2011...these were two sorties in 33 over Libya, the majority of which were over 11 hours. Never worked so hard in my flying career (including during the taxy back into dispersal, sometimes keeping the engines running to complete the tasks). Most satisfying as well.
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Old 22nd Jan 2015, 07:30
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From a PPRuNe thread December 2010 :-

As a previous poster (DW) mentioned, Farnborough 1960, Shackleton MR3 flew as last item one day to appear as first item the next day!
7.9.60 to 8.9.60- 22Hrs
Also, same month, 15.9.60 - 17h 10m - SAR
Egg banjos, pies were just a dream!
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Old 24th Jan 2015, 12:18
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Shortest flight? How about Orville Wright - 12 secs and 120 feet.

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Old 24th Jan 2015, 12:42
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Shortest flight? How about Orville Wright - 12 secs and 120 feet.
And longest!
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Old 24th Jan 2015, 13:57
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OK then, how about a REGULAR service - one hop, unrefuelled, lasting between 27 and 33 hours?
Perth, Western Australia to Koggala, Ceylon - 3500 nautical miles, 4020 statute miles, 6480 kilometres.

By 1943, Australia's normal air connections to the UK had been cut off by the Japanese advances and so, modified Qantas Catalinas, crewed by RAAF personnel, provided a tenuous link, carrying only mail and very important passengers.

Navigation was solely by compass and star-sights. .Strict radio silence had to be maintained
It was a weekly service and lasted pretty-well until war's end.
Passengers were presented with an illustrated certificate titled the "Secret Order of the Double Sunrise".

The Japanese did not manage to intercept any of the 271 flights made.
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