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Da'esh is the Arabic acronym for ISIL.
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To expand on Toadstool's point, there's an explanation (which I am led to believe is credible by a colleague who has a basic knowledge of Arabic) here.

(NB, for the fainter hearts amongst us, or those with small children reading over their shoulder, there is a cartoon at the bottom of the page involving a Da'esh fighter holding a severed head in his hand. The most disturbing thing about it is that the fighter looks like Robbie Coltraine playing Hagrid in the Potter franchise, but there y'go)
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Da'eash is in common use in Iran to describe IS
I saw IS/ISIL/ISID referred to as Dağış on a Turkish website the other day; it would be pronounced the same way, I understand, and avoid the risk of two vowels being placed together, deemed 'unpronounceable' in Turkey, presumably on the basis that two vowels together would be clear evidence of a Western plot...
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In Turkish the 'G' is pronounced 'hard' when it begins a word but merely extends the letter 'A' when it follows; the 'I' without a dot over it is a short 'I''; if it has a dot it is a long 'I'. It is, more or less, an adaption of (but less complicated than, Arabic.)
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Valmorna - I have yet to see the purpose of the silent g in Turkish (ğ); the hat on a (â) has been done away with (by Government edict). The few words, as you precisely point out, that have vowels together are foreign, despicable words like saat (Time - Persian) and maas (salary - Persian), and the frequently-heard Maalesef (unfortunately - Arabic).

When Atatürk (PBUH) brought in Latin script in c 1928, he could have got rid of the weird vowels and consonants that existed in spoken Turkish, whilst he was at it: İ ç ğ ı ö ü ş

Sadly, he didn't, thus the oft-heard Erdogan on Western media.

Remind me to get out more!
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So is Erdogan - 'Erdo Gan' or 'Erdo Aan'?

and is the title of this thread 'Ee rack 3' or 'Eye rack 3'?
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Iraq continues to be enjoying bombs in markets, now going on 14 years.

Whether or not this has anything to do with Al-Sadr's recent success at the polls is unclear. Being attributed to ISIS.
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