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Court fight over Flight Suits by ex FJ crews

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Court fight over Flight Suits by ex FJ crews

Old 25th Jul 2014, 17:55
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Court fight over Flight Suits by ex FJ crews

Former Fighter Pilots Fight Over Flight Suits | Military.com
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Old 25th Jul 2014, 18:21
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I think Team America had guidance on this sort of squable:

Pussies don't like dicks, because pussies get ****** by dicks. But dicks also **** assholes: assholes that just want to shit on everything. Pussies may think they can deal with assholes their way. But the only thing that can **** an asshole is a dick, with some balls. The problem with dicks is: they **** too much or **** when it isn't appropriate - and it takes a pussy to show them that. But sometimes, pussies can be so full of shit that they become assholes themselves... because pussies are an inch and half away from ass holes. I don't know much about this crazy, crazy world, but I do know this: If you don't let us **** this asshole, we're going to have our dicks and pussies all covered in shit!
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Old 25th Jul 2014, 18:32
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Below the Glidepath - not correcting
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The truly great thing about this country is just when you think you have encountered the most asinine, corrupt and jaw-dropping stupid behaviour in the legal system, up comes something else like this. If you didn't understand that only lawyers get rich, you weren't paying attention.
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Old 25th Jul 2014, 18:54
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It's easy to jump to conclusions on the basis of the sound bites. Have a go at reading all the case papers and the competing arguments. This is not about preventing people wearing flight suits!
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Old 25th Jul 2014, 19:04
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Just go dressed as "Red Six" and problem solved...

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Old 25th Jul 2014, 20:40
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I have long wondered how Red Six and Rogue Two passed either annual aircrew medical or fitness test.

Red Section's inability to check in in order actually winds me up.

Nerd? Moi?
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Old 25th Jul 2014, 21:18
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I thought that the judge subsequently decided that the jury didn't specifically conclude which item constituted the claimed dress code so removed the suits from the injunction. Pique on Murphy's part if you ask me.. trying to remove 'unfair competition' my ar$e.
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Old 25th Jul 2014, 21:29
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Seems to me the pilots tried to rip off the business idea. The jury came to the same conclusion and ruled that they couldn't operate an identically looking company...fair enough!

Nothing to do with wearing flights suits outside of this particular business model.

Why do all the hard work of coming up with a business idea, developing a market etc when you can just create an exact copy of someone else's idea...
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Old 25th Jul 2014, 23:31
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Wait... Isn't this just the plot for the new Top Gun sequel?
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Old 26th Jul 2014, 00:00
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oh wait - it's about fighter pilots........
the compulsive need to let everyone in the history of evah know that you once made a living as a sky god in a stinky green growbag. But you just stand at the bar in your pressed chino's drinking babycham and talking bollocks LIKE ALL THE OTHER FIGHTER PILOTS and we'd all recognise you for what you are.......

And red 6 passed his fitness test, after all he's only up against storm troopers who can be fooled by an elderly monk!
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Old 26th Jul 2014, 00:38
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Never understood why someone who isn't flying needs to wear a flying suit.
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Old 26th Jul 2014, 04:47
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So that he can take it off later on, in the company of a stunner.
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Old 26th Jul 2014, 05:04
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I gained a lot of respect for fighter pilots in the 20 years I spent as a USAF EWO in the F-4 and F-111.

I've since spent almost as long in the private, non-governmental software business, mostly in small software startups.

I really don't see that a fighter pilot is likely to have very many insights that would really be applicable to my current business, any more than a software development manger would have a lot of insight into leading a flight of fighters.

Frankly, I had to unlearn a lot of military stuff to fit in to the commercial software industry.
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Old 26th Jul 2014, 05:18
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So that he can take it off later on, in the company of a stunner.
"Careful with that helmet, Maureen!"
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Old 26th Jul 2014, 06:21
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Cornish stormrider, gr4 techie,

Can you please confirm why you send your time on a military aviation website when you clearly hate aircrew? Is it so you can tell you wives and children how cool you are because you have no respect for anyone in this world unless they do the same job as you? how you told those idiots how stupid they are when you have never met them? I have met good and bad aircrew in my time JUST LIKE ANY PROFESSION but you guys are happy to wear the 1980s union attitude like a badge of honor. What you seem to never understand is that aircrew massively respect aircraft engineers, apart from those who spend every minute of the day having a dig at aircrew. You ask us to respect you but tell us we are s***. Before you reply and confirm how much you hate us can i ask you to consider how you would feel if the tables were turned and we were bantering you on this website? I wear a flying suit-YES. Why does that bother you so much? Why do most of the military wear PCS in an office and they don't get banter off you? Oh yes i forgot, people flying planes, getting shot at are W*******, the only people worth respect are engineers. I know what will happen, you will read this and say 'o look i was right another arrogant aircrew mate' and completely miss the point again. How can you demand respect when you decide that a whole section of the military are worth none?
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Old 26th Jul 2014, 06:37
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Did the ruling mention wearing a certain brand of poser wrist watch?
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Old 26th Jul 2014, 06:39
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Did you get out of bed the wrong side my love?

Never seen a dummy spat that far in a long time. Next it will be the toys!

What a load of [email protected]&k

They need to sue every single consultancy in the world and john Boyd....... Flawless execution operating rhythm..all cliches of the worst order!

Regarding the star wars aircrew fitness test...I seem to recall there was a pie loving friend flying one of the y wings. It seemed he paid the ultimate price as his roll of neck fat prevented him from seeing the sith in the sun and he got nailed by a storm trooper from behind. Yes i do need to get out more

Has any one seen Hanoi Jane.....now there was some balanced commentary
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Old 26th Jul 2014, 07:27
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Neither has it ever been adequately explained why Rogue 2 was allowed to speak on the radio.

Anyway, back to the flying overall debate.
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Old 26th Jul 2014, 07:43
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These guys may or may not have signed an effective Do Not Compete (doubtful, given the detail of the case) and I don't imagine they would have plundered the company database either. It would have been a difficult document to flip across the desk to, effectively asking them to sign away their route to market for life. Murphy has spent 15 years or so refining his specific pitch and he could have defended on the basis of that. But those terms, the rig.. surely, generic and been around longer than him. I can see how his nose was put out of joint, I can see how he probably feels bruised by folk he gave a hand to.

But trademarks like these suits are now used for their cultural and halo qualities, the idea that the wearer is dynamic and assertive, quick thinking and incisive, on the ball and invariably, well.. right. During the seminar, those qualities are blasted at the delegate's stream of consciousness with the ferocity of a Mauser, or whatever the F15 uses. I just think though, that this isn't about just that, there is a bigger picture, and this is why we need wise and impartial judges, not just intelligent ones. Trademarks like these carry so much mainstream gravitas and resonance that allowing Murphy to restrict how they are used, has implications on our ability to engage in free collective communication.

The law and morality use to be tightly intertwined, now, we're far more secular and commercial. John Locke made the observation that someone who creates something useful can make it his property. Moral claims are harder to quantify, but these new guys, the ankle biters, aren't saying they're the best or better than Murphy, they're just using the same suits that Murphy will also sell you from his website (for a $100 mark up from the maker, incidentally, so they're happy for the suit to be used as the vehicle for profit) as a platform for them to sell their own message. I'm assuming the FNGs didn't pinch his lesson plans.

Wisdom is not the same as intelligence, intelligence is not the same as knowledge and knowledge is not the same as common sense, the law really can be an ass. But what the hell happened to common sense, or, Afterburner, a sense of style and largesse? If the market in this style of thing is waning slightly (I don't know, just a hunch) surely, the more people out there banging the drum, the more chance you've got of being seen and heard - as my gran used to say "It's better to be looked over, than overlooked". Finally, a quick one. Not even a case of spotting the Sith in the sun, para 2A(1) refers!

Quick Reference Card: Six Steps of Mission Planning & STEALTH Debrief
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Old 26th Jul 2014, 11:06
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Why do they need flight suits to flog anything, they'll let you know they were FJ's within the first minute.
"And this gentlemen is our latest product, pile cream, when I was a USAF F16 pilot I wish we had this product."
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