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More non-uniform uniform!

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More non-uniform uniform!

Old 23rd Jun 2014, 21:56
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As if pilots need badges to be identified,!
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Old 23rd Jun 2014, 22:10
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When I trained in the US Army Air Corps "Arnold" Schools in '42, I finished with a pair of their "dollar-silver" wings. These were in the form of a very substantial brooch. You could pin these on any form of their uniform (the USAF still has them). The ideal solution ?

Awarded by United States Armed Forces

Old 23rd Jun 2014, 22:26
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Danny, thats exactly how my wings attach. I have a set of US Army metal wings (with their pin and clasp) and have my AAC cloth wings firmly and neatly stitched to the front of them!
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Old 24th Jun 2014, 02:09
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I found that the extra thickness of my wallet was a satisfactory reminder of my Aircrew status.
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Old 24th Jun 2014, 03:08
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I think its quite clear that the blunties have scuppered it
Wah, wah, wah. Who is in charge of the RAF? Aircrew. Who are the Stn Cdrs? Mostly Aircrew. Don't try to blame someone else for the lack of shiny badges. It will be someone Aircrew mate who would be required to comment as a specialist in the area on clothing matters. Everyone knows who you are all the time anyway - you always make damned sure of that!

One of the delights of my 1st tour at Brize was seeing the cuddly old men sweating like paratroopers in a spelling test all summer - keeping their jumpers on so we could all see their brevets. Bless their issue socks.
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Old 24th Jun 2014, 06:57
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What is the source of this alleged guidance on brevet name tags? It's certainly not crossed my desk yet. In Post nametags are not worn (although security passes are); representationally No 1s, No 5s, No 6 or 8 are worn + allowing the wearer to display brevets and medal ribbons. No 2s are not normally worn away from Post. Apparently.
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Old 24th Jun 2014, 09:10
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In current temperatures I'd like to see the "No 6 in UK" option addressed. It's increasingly frustrating (and sweaty ) to appear in ones No1s when pongo colleagues are in "warm weather" Service Dress. Er hello RAF - it's warm weather .....

You don't even have the option in Cyprus FFS, rather the more arcane: 3rd Monday in April until 3rd Monday in November, not of course to be confused with Gibraltar, which is 3rd Monday in May until 4th Monday in October.

You couldn't make it up.

NB. Forecast is for 26 C in Gib today .... same as Bristol, Barnstaple and London!!
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Old 24th Jun 2014, 09:54
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I still have some concerns as to how (ex) Harrier pilots can let everyone know what they used to fly. Issue them a portable p.a. system?

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Old 24th Jun 2014, 12:02
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'Twas Ever Thus

At 18 Group in the 60s, the civilian part of the comms centre complained that were "threatened" by the the fact that the RAF members wore their uniform whilst on duty.

The RAF contingent were ordered to wear civvies while on shift.

The civvies complained that they did not know the rank structure of the Comms Centre!

The RAF were ordered to wear an armband showing their rank.

That is all,

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Old 24th Jun 2014, 12:15
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Perhaps the RAF should invest in some cheap RAF wings branding irons, they could then brand qualified pilots across the forehead, thus ensuring they are future proofed against not getting noticed in the odd occasions such as Officer mess fire where one would not be able to distinguish them at the rally point due to possibly not having their wing emblazoned pyjama's on ...

Unfortunately these chaps do not seem to do the addition of wings

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Old 24th Jun 2014, 13:02
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What is the source of this alleged guidance on brevet name tags?
A briefing note sent out by PSF yesterday.

Edit: i've just looked on Airspace and it's on there too. https://airspace.raf.mod.uk/airspaceLogon/alt/ You need to have a log in to look at it but it's hosted on the civvy internet.
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Old 24th Jun 2014, 13:38
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Let us just remember that all Naval uniforms around the world are based on that of the Royal Navy when Britannia ruled the waves. Likewise the Air Forces of the world followed suit (pardon the pun), and copied the RAF uniform when it formed from the RNAS & RFC.

Therefore we should not be copying other countries with what they wear, but instead we should be encouraging them to follow us (again). Fat chance, I know!
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Old 24th Jun 2014, 13:41
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Leon ...

I think I have the perfect solution that not only satisfies the apparent predicament you outline in your OP ... but also keeps you in Good Books with SWMBO

Yours for a mere £864.00 @ 18ct Gold.

So that's the next Birthday/Christmas gift sorted ... making sure you don't get posted overseas or invited to a foreign Embassy in the meantime ... and then, in the future, with a quick rummage through the obligatory SWMBO trinket box ... one's Shirtsleeve Order also sorted
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Old 24th Jun 2014, 13:47
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But Coffman, RAF wings aren't gold, they are an off-blue or off-silver colour, best described by the Gunnery Sgt in "An Officer & a Gentleman":

I don't know but I've been told,
Navy Wings are made of gold.
I don't know but it's been said,
Air Force Wings are made of lead!
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Old 24th Jun 2014, 16:03
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Could it be a cheaper, and possibly more practical, option to make all aircrew uniforms "a lighter shade of pale"? Then there would be no need for badges, patches, gro-bags or bling ... "They wear sky-blue."

Think of the hours/money saved in SE and elsewhere, by NOT creating numerous badges and velcro bling. "Real" aircrew, in their new sky-blue kit, would be identifiable from 500 yards, and worshipped accordingly. They might even be persuaded to go for a bath and wear everyday uniform again [occasionally], instead of living in their green gro-bags regardless of what they are doing. Surely a proper uniform is more comfortable than a boiler suit?

(Chucked out of the Bar as D/PMC and i/c Distaff, accompanied by a real operational Sqn Cdr, for being in DPM at 2030 after an exercise (ENDEX 1900-ish) by a living-in single tiresome old scroat in Sports Jacket and slacks. The Bar was empty until then ... we retired to the Pigs Bar 6 feet away, with deference to his age.)
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Old 24th Jun 2014, 17:12
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Surely a proper uniform is more comfortable than a boiler suit?

Irrelevant!! You have to pay for a uniform - the boiler suit is replaced free of charge. Which one would you wear out first? Its not as if aircrew get all that extra cash!
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Old 24th Jun 2014, 17:26
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So what is the Ideal pilot uniform style ?

Big watch strapped over outer sleeve WW1 style?

Top button undone WW2 fighter pilot style, (regardless of whether your hauling pax or teaching space cadets on the weekend)

Wings on left breast, left arm and left side of back (just in case they missed them the first time.)

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Old 24th Jun 2014, 17:41
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Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose...

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Old 24th Jun 2014, 18:55
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Of course, if the whingers such as that tiresome Mover had worked harder at school, this thread would be largely irrelevant!

Nevertheless, I have to agree that some aircrew (mostly pointy-head FJ types) used to choose the daftest occasions at which to wear No 14 dress. For example, when attending the School of Fighter Confusion in Northumbria for JTIDS courses, some aircrew turned up in flying suits (....'ing miles from the nearest FJ aerodrome) and others chose to swelter in that god-awful prepschool uniform of V-necked pullover, shirt and tie in summer, just to show off their aircrew status.....

Which was at least preferable to the ubiquitous combat pyjamas the rest of the RAF seems to spend its time wearing these days....
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Old 24th Jun 2014, 19:34
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And the real bit of genius is the direction that the new name badge with brevet is to be worn on the right breast pocket because it is a name badge and name badges are worn on the right....

But why is it that name badges are worn on the right?

You couldn't make it up!
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