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Global Aviation Magazine : 60 Years of the Hercules

Military Aviation A forum for the professionals who fly military hardware. Also for the backroom boys and girls who support the flying and maintain the equipment, and without whom nothing would ever leave the ground. All armies, navies and air forces of the world equally welcome here.

Global Aviation Magazine : 60 Years of the Hercules

Old 6th Mar 2019, 06:47
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Ahhhh actuals...

I love the story about when The rate at Gander switched to actuals. Command accounts saw the bills that were coming in and decided that an audit was in order, naturally involving a visit to said Canadian bright spot (!). Upon arrival (in reflections???) they ordered what was clearly the most popular dish amongst crews, at least so the receipts said, the ‘Chateaubriand’ (insert food of choice here, the story works whatever...). The waitress looked at them and said ‘You guys are RAF, right?’ the disappeared to get the food. A few minutes later she emerged with 2 pitchers of beer and a basket of fries (chips in English). Said accountants pointed out that there must have been an error as this wasn’t what they ordered whereupon the waitress said (words to the effect) ‘no no, that’s how it works, you pay for the chateaubriand, we bring you fries and beer’..

Gander returned to Rates shortly thereafter....
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Old 6th Mar 2019, 08:35
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Interesting choice of name! If you were on 218 Course at South Cerney you may be interested in looking at another thread entitled '230 Course South Cerney' - lots about the various SC course in the mid-60s.

B48N ex- 218 South Cerney

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Old 6th Mar 2019, 11:07
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Cerney. . M

I was on 218, and found this forum through the 230 course thread. 3
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Old 6th Mar 2019, 11:14
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I believe that the "chateaubriand for two for one" was coined in the Equatorial hotel in Singapore. "Actual" meal entitlements were accumulated through the day to pay for a decent repast. When on rates, roughly £15 for breakfast and £20 for lunch/dinner, eating on the ground (EOG) was actively discouraged in favour of contributions to the "kitty". That's why, when down the route, the first tray of in flight sandwiches disappeared before start checks in the morning.
Dougie M ex 188 Cse South Cerney
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Old 6th Mar 2019, 11:30
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Brian & Dougie
Second part of my reply. I am row 2, second from right behind Sgt Greenop.

Sorry for thread drift everyone else.
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Old 6th Mar 2019, 13:51
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Hi C218,
You had me scratching my head, particularly as I was aware of 2 from our course photo' who 'left' in 66. Both back row, 3rd from left sadly chopped from our nav' course - I bumped into him in Ciren' a few years later and he seemed to be happy with an international bank - 4 further along from him also got chopped at nav' school and I bumped into him in Hong Kong in '68 and he was a trainee police inspector there.
It was announced on Where are they Now? that Al McDicken ( back row ) passed away a couple of weeks ago and also that someone was trying to trace Garth Bennett ( behind the Group Capt' ). One or two of the others have posted on Prune in the past.

Sorry for thread drift again folks, but the latter was a Herc' man.

Brian - directly behind you 2 rows up.
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Old 6th Mar 2019, 14:20
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I'm afraid that Garth Bennet is also no longer with us. I'm not sure of the date.
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Old 6th Mar 2019, 19:51
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After we received rather a strange signal from Command Accounts about accommodation in Cyprus, I did some delving. The VC10 AAR force would arrive at Akrotiri and simply ask "Where are we staying?". If it was on-base in single rooms, then fine - the usual kebab in the village was on the cards. So why the signal...

It turned out that some C-130 crews were lying about co-location of the crew and demanding to stay off-base, which had rightly annoyed the Ops staff who had worked out the accommodation plan at a particularly busy time - hence the bollocking signal to all AT/AAR crews.

Another time we were U/S at Andrews waiting for a C-130 to bring a replacement engine. They shambled up to the posh hotel in which were staying with a huge poly bag of leftover inflights (to save spending their allowances) and their 'crew bar' from which they began to drink at reception whilst arguing about room allocation. Ill-mannered trash hauling peasants, WTF did they think they were doing?

But that wasn't quite as bad as a night at Goose. For some reason crews were staying in the Lab Inn. Next day I paid the accom. bill from the FSI and off we went to the RAFU. Where we heard that a Nimrod crew had buggered off without paying their bill, so I was asked to pay it from our FSI - it seems that the Nimrod mob had expected the RAFU to pay. Accommodation - fine. But the restaurant and huge bar bill they'd run up, expecting the Queen to pay? No way! I advised the RAFU admin folk to speak directly to Kinloss and to recover the costs directly from the crew, whose names were known.

The greed and piss-poor behaviour of some crews down route was an utter embarrassment to others and ruined life for them. No-one expected us to be choirboys, but the fraud and lies of some crews really was too much. At one point it got so bad that Nimrod crews were banned from the better hotels at Lajes.

Sorry to sound so negative, but I used to get utterly fed up with the way some people ruined things for the rest of us.

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Old 7th Mar 2019, 07:24
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I donít know how you coped Beagle in your perfect world/ivory tower when such ruffians disturbed it. Of course the Strat/AAR fleets never pi$$ed anyone off.
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Old 7th Mar 2019, 07:59
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Hmmm - perhaps try to keep the thread on a positive note not cross-fleet bitching....

I always recall the transop stating 'co-location authorised' in my time - don't see how any crew could get away with lying about it as Akronelli ops got the transop and they were the signers of the all powerful Form 95!!!
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Old 7th Mar 2019, 08:58
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Sky, Sycamore et al - re Synchronization of props/engines. Alas I don't know how (or even if when down the back en route FI etc) the Herc engines were synchro'd, but it was (unfortunately) the pilot's job in the Shack, ably assisted by an instrument called a 'Synchrometer;(?) consisting of three small props, the idea of which was by minor movement of the RPM levers you could stop rotating, at which point the thrumming would stop although not the noise. As Sycamore says this was also accompanied by prayers, incantations and the odd sacrifice, but I found the imminent threat of a bash round the ears by the Flt Eng was the most compelling reason to become proficient by sortie No 2 on the OCU (MOTU)

Oh, and for further info on formation flying we left the outboards at constant power and just played with the inboard throttles to maintain position.

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Old 7th Mar 2019, 10:53
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Herc engines were electronically "synchrophased" ... synchronised first, to all run at exactly the same rpm, then "phased" so that the blades lead or trailed the "master" (either inboard could be chosen) by an exact amount of degrees. This ensured (or so the blurb said) that the noise levels / vibration levels were at a minimum throughout the airframe .. originally not done for crew/passenger comfort at all .. but as a way of reducing airframe fatigue !!

FE's were required to know how the system worked, but in reality it was "select a master on the switch, if it all works, leave it alone ". As the system was quite complex there were several more complicated procedures for restting/fault handling, but generally it was a pretty good system.

Hours of fun asking/answering complex questions during a ground cat!! (NOT !!)
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Old 10th Jun 2019, 10:31
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Joanne B,
you sent me PM ref your father (ex Beverley and Hercules Air Engineer) but I am having difficulty persuading the system to reply to you. Perhaps you could post your queries on this thread where the corporate body of knowledge may help you in your quest
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Old 22nd Jun 2019, 19:56
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Hello all.

Can anyone advise where the surviving Ks are? I know thereís one at Cosford. Any ideas
on the rest?

thanks in advance
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Old 23rd Jun 2019, 12:55
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Demobbed.org.uk is the best resource : Demobbed - Out of Service British Military Aircraft
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Old 23rd Jun 2019, 19:28
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Many thanks
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Old 24th Jun 2019, 05:06
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I saw somewhere that XV202 was open to walk through....is it just me that wants to open the hatch in the galley and see if it says ‘hello Gav’ on the mirror.....?
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Old 24th Jun 2019, 12:39
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XV200 is in Africa I believe.
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Old 25th Jun 2019, 02:52
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Done my bit, got my bit...

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Old 26th Jan 2020, 14:26
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Still got many boxes to go through but this photo is rather topical!!
By the way, does anyone remember navigator Tom Norcross, last seen at his lovely cottage in Castle Coombe back in the late

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