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Hunter blue note

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Hunter blue note

Old 20th Oct 2013, 07:56
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My bedroom wall was full of Hunter prototype posters in the 50's.

Yes - very Pretty and then when my mate and his Shackleton SAR crew in the Yemen became the object of the attentions of 2 Frescos - it became a case of - werll it's nothing to do with us Squire, 'cos we couldn't do much; could we??


They were the designated Escort.

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Old 20th Oct 2013, 12:06
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longer ron

I noticed earlier you said that the Mk 58 has different gun ports and makes no noise at all.

Thus, I couldn't resist posting to point out that G-PSST is actually a Mk 58.

In fact, it's ex J-4104.

Pedant mode 'OFF'.
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Old 20th Oct 2013, 13:03
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Well I could be wrong but listen to these videos...

Maybe a certain hunter has a 'fault'
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Old 20th Oct 2013, 13:06
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Maybe I should not have said 'no blue note' but a very muted one - I dont remember ever hearing a properly droning blue note from a 58 and a saw a solo display one earlier this year !

Edit - ok watched a solo F58 video and it definitely made a blue note so thinks - why did the one I saw earlier this year not make one ??

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Old 20th Oct 2013, 13:50
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longer ron

Ok, I was only gently pulling your leg- and I've no idea what causes that 'blue note' noise, but in both your videos, I saw no aircraft going anywhere near as fast as PSST was in that fast pass at Duxford.

That's why there noise is absent from the videos you posted.
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Old 20th Oct 2013, 21:07
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You have to suspect a "sympathetic resonance" from some part of the aircraft at certain speeds/altitude and throttle settings. I once read a report that on the first flight of TSR2, Roly Beamont (the test pilot I believe) and his observer in the back, suffered vision problems as they wound up the jet for take off. Investigation, it said, found that the Hydraulic pumps were resonating at a particular throttle setting at the same frequency as the human eyeball. Now, although it seems fanciful, we've all had ornaments etc rattle from a bit of "over zealous" speaker volume. Could that relate to the "Blue note" at all ?

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Old 21st Oct 2013, 14:25
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Quite true!Stan the Man or Biker Stan thought Marcus Edwards was trying to kill him,as he twice got out of his seat in the coal hole,exiting backwards from his cab onto the Deck,no longer having any fuselage behind him.After that tour on Eagle he fled to the crabs and flew Lightnings at Wattisham,and Buccs at Honnigton.Later becoming Captain Tracker Trent with his famous Map of the CAAFU magical mystery tour of East Anglia,under Black Humphrey.Stanley's performance in the Martin Baker Meatbox together with" Winston" are memories that will be cherished.Very much Fun and Happy Days coupled with much hilarious laughter,not to forget Double D now sadly not around anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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