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Post Asthma


I rang up my GP the other day to ask if there was any significant things that would prevent me from joining the RAF. Im currently due to go to OASC for apptitude tests for SNCO ATC on july 19th. Anyway it came as pretty big shock when she said that I was diagnosed with asthma in 2006 and was given an inhaler in 2009.

In 2006 I was feeling under the weather, I played in a big football tournament. Afterwards I had a tight chest, was short of breath etc. The next day my chest was still tight and felt congested. I went to my gp and she said I had asthma and give me an inhaler, i was skeptical as had never had any problems and was very fit and was always playing sport. A few days later my chest was phlegmy but it all sorted itself out after a few days, meaning i most probably had a chest infection. I rang my gp to tell her and she said that she would take off the diagnosis of asthma off my records. In 2009 again feeling a bit under the weather I had pretty much the same symptoms. My school nurse gave me an inhaler, which come to think of it after reading my medical records and seeing that i "had" asthma was probably trhe rite thing to do.I was confused and just got on with my life.

I have been advised by someone who works for the raf to get my current gp to test me and write a letter that I can take to my medical saying that they believe that I do not and have not ever had asthma, A wrong diagnosis was made and this led to a further prescription of an inhaler in 2009.

Does any body reckon that I have a chance of being successful, I'm almost certain that they will reject me because of this case of "asthma". Which is fair enough as asthma is not a condition that you want someone in the forces to have. But when I didnt have it in the first place it would devastating to loose out because of a wrong diagnosis. Unfortunately the GP in question can not be located, this was out in Germany and the surgery no longer exists so asking her to write the letter is not an option.

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Health checks - RAF Careers
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Hi Ben,
Unfortunately I can't open the pdf link but just to clarify, it is possible to join the RAF with asthma appearing in your medical records. I managed it although it was a fairly lengthy process and involved lots of trips to specialist docs to prove it was a mis diagnosis.
This was all about 15 years ago but the policy was the same then as it is now.
Good luck.
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From that.pdf
If you suffer from asthma or have done in the past, you cannot be considered for flying branches of the RAF. For ground branches and trades, people with a past history of asthma, wheezing or inhaler use may be eligible for service following review by medical staff. If you have current asthma symptoms or a current prescription or you use an inhaler for asthma or wheeze (regardless of cause), you are not eligible to apply for service
As you're going SNCO ATC, if you can show you don't currently receive treatment, you've still got a chance. Get a new GP to say you don't suffer from it now and then go to an AFCO to get properly assessed.
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Bottom line is you must be FOUR year prescription and symptom free to be considered eligible for ground branches unless your gp agrees to remove it from your record.
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Would you reccomend getting my gp to write a letter and taking the letter with me to OASC, or fill out the asthma supplement and send the letter with it?
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You'll be filling in the asthma supplement before getting anywhere near oasc so fill it in now and attach any gp letters.
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