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Hastings supply drop procedures

Can anyone out there help me. I am researching history of 48 Squadron supply dropping operations out of Kuching during Confrontation.

While I remember that we set power on the inboard engines to -6lbs of boost and set the drop speed of 105 knots using only the outboard engines I cannot remember what RPM setting we established during the approach and drop at the DZ. Immediately after the drop, in response to the Captain's polite request for "full power" I used to shove everything on my table as far forward as they would go but 2400 RPM rings a bell for the initial approach.

Can anyone help to jog an aged flight engineer's memory banks please........
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Lots of old Hastings hands currently posting on here:

you may find it worthwhile to enquire on there.
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Try a PM to Lou Scannon, he was on them and is also ex-Laker.
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I've looked at my copy of the AFEE report for the airdrop of panniers from the Hastings and the only reference to flight conditions for the drop were 115 knots and flaps at max lift position which gave the 6 degree floor angle for the panniers (all 24) to roll out.
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Try PMing chugalug2 also...he was at Changi on Hastings at about that time. He posts quite a lot on the Chinook Mull thread too.

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