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Old 21st Oct 2010, 17:39
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Has Woodvale survived the axe?
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Old 21st Oct 2010, 18:18
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Shhh I think they have forgotten it exists.
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Old 21st Oct 2010, 19:00
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We're still here, and will be for a while. Don't think Cranwell knows it though.

RAF Woodvale - the best kept secret in the RAF.
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Old 21st Oct 2010, 19:19
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Ahhh......great place.......Toad Hall, Sands, IM Marsh, Ormskirk Nurses. As a home UAS we always wished we could do our summer camp at Woodvale rather than Wattisham, Lindholme or Ouston where we went ('71-`73). The peanut blocks - Victor Valiant and Vulcan - where all sorts of shenanigans went on!!
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Old 21st Oct 2010, 19:29
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Shenanigans - I'll say! A lovechild was conceived on the flat roof of one of the Mess buildings during a Summer Ball - allegedly.
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Old 21st Oct 2010, 19:59
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Ah, happy memories of Manchester UAS before it became sullied by the Salford crew. I saw Pan's People live at Toad Hall (the oldies who remember watching TOTP in the late 60s early 70s will know what I'm talking about!)
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Old 21st Oct 2010, 23:40
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A very handy discrete airfield to move in and out from on the west coast. Only RAF field north of Valley upto DARA at West Freugh, close to Morcambe Bay gas fields and the Cumbrian establishment that glows in the dark for the long haired hooligans to play with.


Air pig
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Old 22nd Oct 2010, 11:17
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After spending all that money on security,
What money? Oh yes a 6 foot gate held down by 6" bolts!
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You never know Dave, the air ambulance might like your accomodation. It will be less distance for me to drive and I know the way there.............
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Not forgetting Nav 1 to Stocks reservoir at wave height + 5'. Happy Days
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Old 22nd Oct 2010, 15:59
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Yes, but has it (Woodvale) got the chop', and if so where will the unit(s) go?
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The University Air Squadrons have got six months grace as they are to be included in the review of the Reserve Forces that was announced this week. Personally, following last years bad times at the Air Experience Flights I reckon the UAS/AEFs are for the chop.
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Best kept secret in the MOD estate? Maybe the lack of a MATZ keeps it off the radar?!

Regained my PPL there in '95 after 20 years "detox" from mil flying. Was presented with my "wings" by OC UAS at Prince of Wales in Southport - I'm told it was a good night !! Do recall Dave C****e putting a band on stage - of course all scousers are budding rock star!
As said on another site " I tought myself to fly again while ********* sat in the other seat!

I seriously think the airships have forgotten about it - and long may that be so!
These days its a welcoming voice on the way home to a secret microlite field in west lancs.
On second thoughts, maybe its a secret because it will be the landbase for the aircraft that escape from the bases to be axed?
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I just did a search in the SDSR PDF document and found the following:

"We will maintain the important role of the tri-Service cadet and university units."

The UAS budget is tiny compared to the stuff they have cut, so overall I'd bet on them surviving pretty much as is.
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Not sure you've got that quite right. The Study TORs haven't been finalised and the last I'd heard was that SofS was happy with UAS and OTC and didn't need them looked at again. Could be wrong but I suspect the study will concentrate on the TA which needs radical reform (which is not the same as radical cuts)
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