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Lt Cdr Fred Fredrickson RN

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Lt Cdr Fred Fredrickson RN

Old 6th Oct 2009, 07:09
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Lt Cdr Fred Fredrickson RN

Sadly Fred, Test Pilot, Falklands Sea Harrier hero, CO 800 NAS and most recently sim instructor at Valley, died last week.

Apparently he will be cremated this Friday. Unfortunatly Naval Strike Wing are embarked at the moment, but we are trying our best to ensure that Fred's funeral befits the man that he was. One of the RN QFIs at Valley is the man with the details at the moment, which hopefully we can get on here to try to get a good attendance and flypast at the ceremony and see him off in style.

Hopefully someone will post the funeral details here shortly. RIP Fred.

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Old 6th Oct 2009, 07:32
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What a sad end for such a man, he deserved much better and I hope the FAA can give him a proper send-off. Had the pleasure of working with Fred twice, firstly on INVINCIBLE's first commission and later on LUST when he was boss of 800 NAS, RIP Fred.
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Old 6th Oct 2009, 09:30
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Never knew him but...

I'd like to echo the sentiments above... if there is no other family, I hope the service can help see him on his final journey in fitting style. It sounds like he gave a lot during his time in the service and such a tribute would be very appropriate.
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Old 6th Oct 2009, 09:45
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I am deeply sad.

Fred was on my CFS course at Rissie in 1973.

RIP Mate
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Old 6th Oct 2009, 09:55
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I am very sorry to hear of Fred's passing. I recall meeting him once. More recently, I have read about his exploits down shouth in Sharkey's book and others. RIP.
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Old 6th Oct 2009, 10:27
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Good bloke. He will be very sadly missed.
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Old 6th Oct 2009, 11:05
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We had the pleasure of 'Rod Fred's' company at Dunsfold, as a Test Pilot post Falklands.

He was very popular, we used to take the mickey a little in pretending any radio call would be met by a short pause while he put away his cigarette - he was a heavy smoker ( I suspect that must be what got him ) but he was always charming, down to earth and good to work with.

Like most people with ' kills ' on their CV, it was hard to imagine Fred, a workmanlike professional airman, doing such a thing, but I would think once he decided that one was ' the job of the day ', one's future was poor.

I am like a lot of people here horrified to hear of his last days; I didn't know him well but would have gone myself to see him - surely his Navy mates could have visited ?

I do hope the FAA can do something befitting. RIP Fred.
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Old 6th Oct 2009, 12:39
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I was his senior pilot for a short while. He was a great Boss and as much fun to fly with in the air as he was to crash with in the bar or on a run ashore. He always looked after his troops well and I remember his favourite choice (if asked) for the ramrod code of the day was "dogsbreath." There was always the beginnings of a smile on his face no matter how difficult the operational environment and his discrete professionalism was an example to many. So sad to hear how tough his final days have been.
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Old 6th Oct 2009, 12:46
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As far as I can see Fred was not a member of the FAAOA at the time of his death, but I popped an email to the office to let them know, so that perhaps they could get a message out.

He can't have been more than sixty-five, if that, going by his CFS course date?
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Old 6th Oct 2009, 14:06
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If my memory serves, Fred was the same age as me.
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Old 6th Oct 2009, 15:05
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Angel Midway08

Fred is departing the Fix at Spalding Crem PE21 9HA @ 14:00 local Friday 9th October. Be there guys for a great Mate.
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Old 6th Oct 2009, 15:06
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Fred Frederiksen

Fred, whilst proud of his north eastern heritage, had Scandinavian heritage hence the spelling of his surname. Fred and I were crewed on 766 NAS during our Vixen conversion, and subsequently flew together on 893 NAS on Hermes. An all round great guy with no airs and graces. I lost touch with Fred when he went to India with BAe on the Harrier sim in about 1995. At that time he had a young family so final sad period "alone" is a real shocker.
If he had met his end in a flying incident it would be less shocking than this sad reflection of mortality. How and why can we lose touch when there are so many organisations and web sites to keep us all in touch?

Funeral details please.
I'll be raising a glass or several.

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Old 6th Oct 2009, 15:38
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I received this from the FAAOA webmaster:

"Lt Cdr R (Rod) V Frederiksen (sp) was a Sea Vixen pilot in 766 NAS and 899 NAS before moving on to fly the Phantom and the Sea Harrier.

In the Falklands War of 1982 as a member of 800 NAS he was credited with shooting down a Dagger from Groupo 6 on 21 May 1982 and was Mentioned in Despatches."

A quick Google produced lots of references, including the award of the Queen's Commendation for Valuable Service in the Air, London Gazette 11 June 1994.
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Old 6th Oct 2009, 16:53
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The crematorium is in Boston, not Spalding, though the postcode quoted above is correct.
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Old 6th Oct 2009, 17:01
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Sounds a great Gentleman who was a strong player in the SHAR force and of course had that fantastic kill credited to him.

BZ to you Lt Cdr, Rest In Peace.
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Old 6th Oct 2009, 17:35
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Central Flying School around September 1973. New course in bar. About fifteen of us I think.

NB chap with wall-to-wall smile in hoover mode.

Me: Hello, I'm XXXXXXXX

Him: Rod Frederiksen.

Me: What did you fly then?

Him: Phantom, and you?

Me: Lightning. I think we are the only two fighter pilots on the course.

Him: No. Only one - me.

I got my own back in the air one day.........
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Old 6th Oct 2009, 17:56
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Bit O/T

This is very sad indeed.
However thank you to the OP for highlighting this.

Had a "mate" (and I was wrong in my OP,but think he was still a "appo" he was insty but also duelled R&C from Cosford) who left the service (no fault of his own btw) and existed around the Angus area as a taxi driver until his untimely death in an RTA in the wee sma' hours in Dundee.

The SQN was by then " flicknifed" but those who were left over were shocked by his death.

It was a small party of comrades who attended the cremation, but we were, as above, saddened by the lack of any family.
In fact we few WERE his family.
The police to paid there respects too.

Damn, this has brought some memories of F4 APC's back.
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Old 6th Oct 2009, 19:49
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Had to say what a very sad tale in the opening post. No-one deserves to be alone when they die.

I wish I had known him.
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Old 6th Oct 2009, 20:43
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Fred was a Sim instructor when I went few Valley a good few years ago. He was an absolute gentleman and was a very popular instructor within the student community. When asked about his exploits in the FI he said Ďany one could have done it, he just rolled out in front of me so I shot himí. He seemed a modest, gentle man. Iím very sorry to hear of his passing and more sorry to hear of how he spent his final days.
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Old 6th Oct 2009, 21:00
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The saddest part of his life story is that he was allowed to go unnoticed, possibly a victim of his own modesty (from what those who have known him have said).

Come on Pusser, pull your finger out and repay the debt.
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