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Mildenhall/Lakenheath Flying Times?

Hi Guys

I plan to take one of my kids down to Mildenhall/Lakenheath sometime this week to see the aircraft departing & arriving. Do they fly a set number of flights per day, any flying at weekends, what time does the days flying start & end?

Many thanks for any answers.
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Have you tried looking or posting on some of the aircraft enthusiast websites?
Have a search through the following for info/maps/locations etc.




UK Airshow Review Is An Aviation Resource For Aviation Enthusiasts

RAF Mildenhall ?

Raf Mildenhall veiwing

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I'm lucky enough to live under the base leg of the instrument approach into LH rw 24 and just north of the track from Liberty inbound. It seems that they come in waves when they recover, so I suspect they probably launch a morning wave that recovers about 11-12, an afternoon wave recovering about 1500 ish onwards and now the light noights are coming in some evening stuff too.

There are always the odd formations or singles rushing about.

Sorry, can't be more precise, haven't been on holiday for some time and the old memory aint what it was.

Doc C
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