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USN Deck Landings

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USN Deck Landings

Old 21st Feb 2009, 18:57
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Lone Kestrel,

When flying with VF-101 would that have been around when Hoser Satrapa was there (of "no kill like a guns kill" fame)? I have a chat occasionally and he remembers a Brit guy (Pete L.) at VF101 in the '80's. Here it is (reply #1266):

The "Hoser Chronicles" and Evolution of Air Combat
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Old 21st Feb 2009, 19:10
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I was a couple after Pete L, he was the 1st Brit pilot along with his navigator (RIO) Stu. B (older brother of Ian B who does a fair few aviation photos and Lightning fame) I remember Hoser very well, a fantastic pilot with some great stories.
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Old 21st Feb 2009, 20:10
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Lone Kestrel,

Thanks. By all accounts Hoser was a great pilot and I'm having no luck yet as to finding out who would have said "no kill's like a guns kill on Hoser!". Maybe Dale Snodgrass catching Hoser in a bad mood day??

Pants pissing stuff those videos on night carrier landings. I heard landing on British carriers was more of challenge than the american supercarriers in the era of the fast heavy jets (Vixen, Bucc, F4) but I guess even that may not have been as bad as landing the Crusader on 27 charlies (Oriskany, Bon Homme Richard etc)??
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Old 21st Feb 2009, 20:33
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I think the biggest difference between Brit and US carriers was the size, with the Brit ones being much smaller. However, I am not sure that the RN launched as many ac at once as the US and the number of Brit pilots who were night Qual was vey small compared to the whole squadron for the their US counterparts. I am RAF so never flew off RN carriers.

As to claiming a Guns kill on Hoser. Snort no doubt had a few but Hoser would rarely call a Kill on anybody else unless it involved Guns, his line was ‘There is no Kill like a Guns Kill!! As an aside, Pete L, I believed, managed to bring back the entire air-to-air banner after colliding with it and ripping it off the A4 tow during an air-to-air training sortie. Those were the days, men were men etc, great fun!!!
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Old 22nd Feb 2009, 00:17
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Lone Kestrel,

With your permission I could transfer that last bit of yours over to the tomcat forums if you don't mind? I'm sure Hoser would love to respond to that!

I'm curious as to the night team on RN carriers. I understand that not qualifying the entire squadron had to do with the realisation that this was in fact very dangerous business not about to be entrusted to very young (first tourist) RN Sub/Lt (or RAF Fg Off for that matter) pilots in their early twenties who already had enough on their plate learning all the other ropes (and they were considerable I think in the FAA of the '60's/'70's)?
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Old 22nd Feb 2009, 07:41
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No afterburners on take off ?

I noticed on Part 1 (1min 45sec to 2mins into the video) that the 1st F-18 took off from the Cat using afterburners and the 2nd F-18 didn't , why ? Weight ?
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Old 22nd Feb 2009, 13:29
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Feel free to transfer my comments and please pass on my regards to Hoser, he passed on a lot of good gouge to me before I took over the Guns and Tactics phases on VF101. He is one of the few ‘old and bold’ pilots around!!!
Yep it all has to do with the weight at launch and single engine no go speeds off the catapult etc
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Old 22nd Feb 2009, 18:40
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I believe the Superhornet can take off without afterburner. I think modern engine technology has reached the point where you can get sufficient power without having to add fuel to the exhaust (open to correction, though).
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Old 22nd Feb 2009, 19:46
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Super Hornet can and does use afterburner just like the original Hornet - laws of physics still rule and the basic rule with engines is that if there is more power available, it gets used to launch with more stuff.

As an aside, I have been told that the Super Hornet has an automatic system which allows the pilot to select afterburner, but it doesn't come on until the plane is on its way down the cat - this prevents Hot Gas Ingestion when the aircraft is up against the Jet Blast Deflector. Complicated stuff, this cat and trap.....

best regards

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Old 22nd Feb 2009, 20:55
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Believe the F14D didn't at times use AB for cat shots.
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Old 25th Feb 2009, 23:41
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The complete series from PBS for the tour is available online here:
It won't play in the UK.

It's also available as a torrent here;
Carrier - PBS Mini Series (Complete) : TV Shows > Other - Mininova

But, it is a 6 gig file. Took me about 3 days to download it.
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Old 26th Feb 2009, 07:27
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Since someone asked:

Video of the Week: Ark Royal Traps

^^ RN trap ops
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Old 26th Feb 2009, 15:32
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UK on exchange

There is a navigator position out in Whidbey Island flying the EA-6B being filled by RAF. Same deal as Lone Kestral, at the RAG, but still going to the boat for day and night traps. Much more fun (not!) doing it with a student as opposed to a fleet experianced pilot. Students only qualify with day traps coming through the Training Command. The RAG is their first night traps. When I was there the Prowlers didn't have an exchange posting but VA-128 (West Coast A-6 RAG) had both a pilot and B/N on exchange. Caught your attention when this strange (for the Pacific Northwest) accent came over the radio.

I think it's general policy in the USN for all exchange officers in flying billets are assigned to the RAG. That way something doesn't pop up when you are out at sea and another government says no, you can't use our guy on that operation.
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Old 24th Jul 2009, 11:32
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Brings back memories of my time with VF213 at Miramar / onboard the Enterprise in the 80s

Many thanks to those who posted here
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