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Had a chance to take some photos of the Officers' Mess recently. Almost every window broken, anything remotely valuable gone. It's sad to see such a beautiful and historically important building go to ruins.....

Dining room (?)


Kitchen area
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Binbrook OM

Sickening! Typical of how our history is treated throughout the board though i'm afraid!
Similar pics posted some time ago! Saddest thing you could want to see after such a proud history!
Bit more of a punch seeing the 'Frightnings' here over CPT regular too!
Especially as I used to photograph them at Binbrook as a youngster
and was at the final show! Rain or what! Happy days but OH SO COLD Brrrrrrrrrr!
Sad as it is, your pics are beautiful in an atmospheric sense!
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Ah, shame innit?

Really like those pictures. Very evocative, in a cold way. Almost like a film set.

So many memories growing up next to the base.

I know I've plugged this pic on here before, but what the hell. If anyone buys a print, the proceeds go to a very worthwhile charity.

You can of course download it in high res for free, but if you ever felt like making a donation, he asks them to be made to Everyman cancer charity.

It's called 'Still On Guard'.
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It gets worse! Have a look at some of these links (takes you to an Urban Exploration site - a bunch of guys who (sometimes legally, sometimes not) gain access to disused sites (not just military) to photograph):

RAF Binbrook

RAF Newton

RAF Upper Heyford, and again, and again

RAF Upwood

RNAS Portland

RAF Manby

Cambridge Military Hospital, Aldershot

Very sad!
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It's the same everywhere. Not just mil stns.

Hospitals, churches etc. get abadoned then the poxy little scroats move in and wreck the places.
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Gutting to see - I was born at the LMMH in Aldershot!
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A few photos of a Lightning airlifted out as we were wrapping up the loose ends prior to closing

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