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Gaining An R.A.F Pilots Brevet In WW II

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Gaining An R.A.F Pilots Brevet In WW II

Old 9th Nov 2018, 14:26
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Originally Posted by AndrewClark View Post
Thanks again MPN11, That's a possibility, I'm just wondering now if it could be 'G & IL', rather than 'Q & IL'. I (think!) I've attached an, image.... what do you think? Cheers, A
The suspense is killing me! We NEED the picture!

If itís G and not Q, how about Ghurka and Indian Labour? We need Danny42C to be feeling better!
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Old 9th Nov 2018, 15:44
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Originally Posted by MPN11 View Post
Hi, Sandisondaughter ... I'll bite! You've obviously cracked "Wireless operator". "Lnr 18 A 55" may be a specialist trade skills code, relating to specific equipment?

1 W S ~ No. 1 Wireless School
The "3 DL and S.P." and "1 Sal Section" is really obscure, especially as it relates to the immediate post-War environment.
"Ruin Pk" may relate to a Park [ie dump!] for damaged equipment.
HE for Desk 2 ~ Home Establishment for [Personnel} Desk 2.

Over to the others! )
There is a list of RFC abbreviations at RFC Abbreviations
"HE" is Home Establishment
"1 Sal Section" I took to be 1 Salvage Section, although the abbreviation is given as SS. Would be an obvious task post hostilities.
No "Ruin Pk" but there are "Rec Pk", Reception Park, and "Rep Pk", Repair Park, both described as Depots.

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Old 9th Nov 2018, 17:49
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Interesting link! We agree on Home Establishment!

Salvage ... of course! There would have been massive effort involved in that area, on the battlefields and in the rear. And your Repair Park leads naturally on from that. And regardless of Trade, there was a lot of manpower available to that essential task. I could guess, as a Wireless Operator, he could have indentified what was potentially repairable and what was just junk.

There’s so much focus on the poor sods who had to do the fighting, that the ‘rear echelon’ get forgotten. I’ve recently read (on Kindle) the memoirs of a soldier who spent the War loading and unloading, by hand, tons and tons and tons of stuff in work parties. ISTR he was Non-Combatant Corps.

My grandfather was a Leading Air Mechanic in the RNAS (later RAF!) who seemed to have spent the War repairing aircraft, with 9 Sqn RNAS but often at Dunkerque and other places. I still have his pipe [hallmarked silver band] , on which he carved all his locations. I smoked it for many years, until a crack in the bowl made me decide to preserve it as family history.

Furnes 1917, Bray Dunes, Dunkerque and a few other places.

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Old 9th Nov 2018, 20:32
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Sandisondaughter 15 Sqn

There is a very fine reference book, "RAF Squadrons" by Wing Commander C G Jefford that gives details of location and aircraft operated by squadron and dates. I've had a flick through the 2nd edition and all the activities of 15 Squadron are listed. Forgive me for not copying it in, it is rather lengthy and detailed.
Interestingly, Jeff Jefford was my course commander at 6 FTS RAF Finningley in 1973 on Nav school. A fine chap who also drew excellent aircraft.

Good luck in your searches.
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Old 10th Nov 2018, 08:50
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According to my Calendar, today is Danny42C's 97th birthday. As many here know, he has not been too well recently, and his posting rate has declined considerably as a result. Whilst I hope he's still reading, this Forum is a shallower pool without his insights and wonderful narratives. Anyway, before I start embarrassing him, I'll just say ...

and get well soon!
Oh, and thanks as always to Mary!
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Old 10th Nov 2018, 09:04
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Hear, hear, MPN11! Danny is in all our thoughts I'm sure, and here's wishing him a speedy recovery and a full return to the fray, not only to this his own very special thread but to all those he has infected with his wit and wisdom. Get well soon, Danny, and cash in that sick note ASAP!

Oh, and congratulations on another click on the odometer that promises of a third digit activation. Happy Birthday Danny.
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Old 10th Nov 2018, 09:20
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I've not been to this thread recently so I wasn't aware that Danny was not well.

He and I exchanged emails a while ago and just like his posts here, you would never guess his age from the emails he sent me.

Happy Birthday, Danny!

Get well soon.
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Old 10th Nov 2018, 09:44
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Have a very happy birthday - leave some cake in the crewroom for the rest of us to fight over!

Only 3 years to The Telegram!
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Old 10th Nov 2018, 10:07
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Many Happy Returns.
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Old 10th Nov 2018, 13:59
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Get well soon and have a happy birthday. We do miss you, but take it steady!
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Old 10th Nov 2018, 17:27
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A very happy Birthday Danny from Ormeside. Big parade tomorrow. Bonfire on the Orme summit tomorrow evening. Kind regards.
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Old 10th Nov 2018, 18:00
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Many Happy Returns Danny, and get well soon.

Yours Aye

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Old 10th Nov 2018, 20:19
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A very happy birthday Danny and be very careful of the candles on the cake!! With very best wishes, FZ
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Old 10th Nov 2018, 20:23
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Belatedly, just sneaking in to wish our 'Host with the Most' a very happy anniversary today. Congratulations on another successful year, Danny.
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Old 10th Nov 2018, 22:06
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Happy Birthday Danny. Get well soon.
Ad Multos Annos,
All the best.
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Old 11th Nov 2018, 07:04
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Can I add my best wishes for your anniversary and a speedy return to the crew room.
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Old 11th Nov 2018, 09:39
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Thank you very much - really appreciate your time in replying
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Old 11th Nov 2018, 09:40
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All beginning to make sense with your help - many thanks
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Old 11th Nov 2018, 09:41
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Thanks very much John - I'll order that through the Library. This thread is so interesting and helpful!
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Old 11th Nov 2018, 16:56
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Air Britain's book 'The Squadrons of the Royal Air Force' contains some details of 15 Sqn
No.15 Squadron was formed at Farnborough on 1 March 1915, from a nucleus supplied by No. 1 Reserve squadron and after training moved to France in December with B.E.2c's as a reconnaissance unit. Artillery spotting and photography occupied the squadron for the rest of the war, the obsolete B.E.2c's being replaced by R.E.8s in June 1917. During the German offensive of March 1918, No. 15 was pressed into ground-attack missions against the advancing enemy troops but resumed its corps reconnaissance role after the crisis had passed. In February 1919, the squadron returned to the UK and disbanded on 31 December 1919.
Their bases as below.

Hope this helps.

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