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Group Captain Adam Wise (RIP)

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Group Captain Adam Wise (RIP)

Old 19th Feb 2008, 15:15
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Group Captain Adam Wise (RIP)

From today's Telegraph

"WISE.-Group Captain Adam Nugent LVO MBE RAF (Ret'd) on 14th February 2008 aged 64 at Royal Hampshire County Hospital, Winchester. Dearly loved husband of Jilly, father of Cassandra and Alexander. Private cremation. Service of Thanksgiving at Blessed Mary Church, Upham on Monday 25th February at 2.30p.m. No flowers please. Donations, if wished, to RAF Benevolent Fund c/o Nigel Chamberlain & Partners, Victoria Road, Bishop's Waltham, SO32 1DJ.
Telephone, 01489 892640."

Very sad news indeed. Spent many enjoyable years in his company. An impressive man who wll be sorely missed by his family and wide circle of friends. God Bless Adam.

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Old 19th Feb 2008, 16:01
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I was initially confused by his children's reported names (one of them was known at Cranford House School by another name) but I gather that this is the Adam Wise who was the ex-Staish at Benson?

As such, this really is very, very sad news, and Mrs Jacko and I send our deepest condolences to his family and friends.

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Old 19th Feb 2008, 17:34
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An ex-Boss of ULAS who was a real gent to me when I was on the Sqn. Rest in peace.
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Old 19th Feb 2008, 18:00
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He was Stn Cdr at Benson circa 92-93. A gentleman who will be missed by many. My sympathies to his family. RIP
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Old 19th Feb 2008, 21:12
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Ex UWAS Boss in the late 70's early 80's. Did my first Bulldog flight with him and then several months later he sent me on my first solo telling me

"I'm not staying in here any longer. Luckily I have just about enough savings to replace this aircraft if you bend it so you're on your own"

After UWAS he went to the Palace as equerry to HM.

Thoroughly decent chap. A sad loss. RIP

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Old 20th Feb 2008, 10:35
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I briefly met him a few times at UWAS - he was great fun and charismatic. The former UWAS studes from his time thought very highly of him indeed.

At a Dragons reunion I remember him planting his 'fast black' MT car in the way of assorted RAFP and firemen, all of whom were attempting to prevent our piano burning enterprise. The fun prevention squad were told rather firmly to bugger off by Adam, resplendent in his equerry rig.
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Old 20th Feb 2008, 13:01
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40 Years since we first met - 38 years since we last flew together. Yet you were always the same when met again over the years.

RIP my Friend
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Old 20th Feb 2008, 15:44
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Top bloke - ISTR his dad was an MP.....

My best memory was when I was a desky - he was Gp Capt UAS at Cranners and 2nd RO of all UAS bosses.

One UAS bloke was clearly a computer geek of the first water, his 1st RO the Staish (somewhere where he was non-GD) wrote something like:

Some people might say Sqn Ldr Bloggs had no other interests outside computing and had little conversation on other subjects. However, he was a great asset to the Station blah blah created intranet, blah etc etc....

Adam as 2nd RO:

Some people indeed might say that Sqn Ldr Bloggs had no other ...... etc etc. I am one of those people!

Straight into the Desky's linebook!!

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Old 20th Feb 2008, 20:12
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Very sad news. Adam Wise was my first Boss on ULAS, and I think he was the first QFI I flew with. He was certainly a great role model of a Boss and instilled the best in us. He also combined the job of OC ULAS with being Equerry to the then Princes Andrew and Edward; I remember one of my fellow students, not being aware of the significance of the Boss's second job, answering the phone to "Prince Andrew" with the response "and I'm Father Christmas", which didn't go down particularly well......

[And his father had indeed been an MP]


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Old 21st Feb 2008, 12:58
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I served at Benson during AW's time as Staish, and one of my favourite memories of AW dates back to the 93 Benson Families Day flying display, opened at about 1300 by a Lossie Buccaneer arriving at 100 ft agl at 550 kts from crowd left (having let down at Didcot). The afternoon continued in much the same vein, until AW was advised midway through the afternoon that a particularly irate local was threatening to get a High Court Injunction and close the show. AW was heard to ask OC Ops how much longer the flying programme would last and, having been advised that the Reds would close the show between 1730 - 1800, replied "Hmm - by my reckoning, it will take him about 2 hours to get on to his Barrister, find a Judge and obtain his injunction ... by which time we will be finished anyway. Crack on with the show, gentlemen!"

Mme Yervestov & I agree with JT - he certainly was ...
A gentleman who will be missed by many.
... and wish to extend our heartfelt sympathies to his family, too.
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Old 21st Feb 2008, 14:52
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A true gent and an RAF Officer who exemplified the 'real' RAF of recent times, before all the cutting and 'leaning' garbage started.

Only flew with AW once - I brought him down to Abingdon from Cranwell in an avionic-upgrade 'Dog which he hadn't flown before - and he was out of flying currency anyway. But he had a happy trip down, flew outstandingly and addressed various Air Traffickers en-route in those rich, resonant tones of his.

During my dining-out speech from ULAS, I mentioned that I hoped that the UAS scheme would survive whatever the future might bring - noting that some 40 aerodromes in the UK alone had closed to military flying since I'd joined. "Good God!" exploded Adam, "I hadn't realised it had been as bad as that!".

Wise by name, wise by nature. A true gent who will be sadly missed by all who had the fortune to know him or work under him.

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Old 6th Apr 2008, 17:06
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Sad news.

I've just found out about this sad news after seeing the orbituary notice in the RAF Club website. I first met Adam when we were both on 21 Sqn, RAF Khormaksar, and after several chance meetings shortly after that time, I didn't see him again until a couple of years ago. Time hadn't changed him much at all, we yarned about the daft things young first tourists got up to all those years before, and had a good laughter session.

A genuine gent as all others have said. He will be missed.
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Old 6th Apr 2008, 18:32
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I served with AW when he was the Staish at Benson. A true gent and a very astute individual. Mrs W and I send our condolences to his family. He was definitely one of a kind!!
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Old 6th Apr 2008, 21:05
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Mrs RRAAMJET and I would also like to express our condolences to his family.

I was on TQF when he was taking over as Dept Capt and Staish, a great gentleman and very kind to us both. (I was at that Open Day, too, Claude, in the statics. Remember that...)

Sat next to him at dinner just a couple of years ago, and he was still terrific.
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Old 7th Apr 2008, 01:43
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Good bloke and far, far too early to shuffle of the mortal coil. Keep looking in the international version of the Daily Telegraph but, to date, have not seen an obit - or perhaps that's reserved for the "Captain Bunny Farquahars who took out a machine gun nest in Italy and has died aged 204" of this world

Sisemen (and other nom de plumes) having something or other being presented by the Boss.

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Old 7th Apr 2008, 09:57
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RIP Adam wise

I remember 'Boss Wise' as a thoroughly decent ULAS Boss at RAF Abingdon. My first ever flight in an RAF ac was with him and from then on, I was totally hooked. Despite my obvious failings and limited potential, he persevered teaching me to fly and he was always most kind when I struggled - for that I am most grateful.
I met him more recently at Cranwell and of course, he remained an upright, impeccable and gracious man.
My thoughts are with his family.

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Old 8th Apr 2008, 03:24
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RIP Adam Wise

I was AW's stn rock at Benson and found him an incredibly kind and courteous chap. Perhaps, one of the last true gentlemen to grace our ranks. He also possessed considerable moral courage and I recall his dining-out speech, during which he made his feelings about the recently arrived HQ 1 Gp very clear, much to the chagrin of the AOC. AW noted in the bar afterwards that he fully expected to be treading Axminster on Monday morning (apparently, he did), but that such things had to be done in order to get a point across when reasonable arguments just weren't being listened to.
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Old 18th Apr 2008, 21:02
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I have only just seen this, and finally got round to registering on PPRuNe.

Adam Wise was my boss on ULAS. I was also pleased to see him a couple of times whilst he was working in The Officer's Association in London.

I remember being asked to drive him up to Windsor Castle for Ascot week. I turned up at Abingdon met brief in No 1 s and he was in top hat and tails. I drove him up in the ULAS staff car to Windsor Castle right into the quadrangle with the Grenadier Guards band there- not bad for a cadet pilot.

I also very clearly remember flying with him the morning after he put on a barrel to celebrate his promotion to wing commander at summer camp at Kinloss (in 84 I think). He was not very well, and for once my aeros were better than his. We landed to meet the AOC from Cranwell who had just flown in. AW was not looking his best.

He was a great boss and will be sorely missed.
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Old 1st Jun 2008, 22:56
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As a Civi, dont venture into this area of PPRuNe often, Very much saddened to hear about AW. He was the boss at UWAS and one of the most perfect gentlemen I have ever met. RIP
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Old 2nd Jun 2008, 16:58
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Adam Wise

Adam was a member of the DS when I went through IOT at Henlow and certainly left no doubt as to the standards required of us. When inspecting the contents of my wardrobe during one of the daily 'routines' he asked where I had hung my DJ, needless to say he was not happy about my reply - 'What is a .......'

I had the pleasure to meet him several times over the years and can only reiterate the previous comments. A true gentleman.

Be at peace.
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