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Reading about the Aust Army exchange pilot awarded the UK DFC the other day...hats off. Raised the question: when and why the f%ck did we do away with the DFC in favour of the DSC?! Was the to appease the non-flyers?! I'm getting angry again....
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I thought the DFC was still awardable, it was the 'other ranks' DFM, MM etc that were dropped in the 1993 gallantry awards revue........
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The DFC is still awardable and has (I believe) been recently awarded. The DSC is a Naval decoration that ranks alongside the DFC (and MC). You may be thinking about the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross, which sits between the DSC/MC/DFC and the VC.
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I think this dude may be talking about Aussie awards.
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Australia, under a paranoid Labor governmemt some years ago, changed to our own "Kellogs" brand of egalitarian honours and awards system. We retained the VC as the top gallantry award but re-named it the "VC of Australia". Australians serving with HM forces can still be awarded and wear Imperial awards. Interestingly Oz's troops of all three services in Korea could be awarded and wear US decorations but this did not apply to service in Vietnam - although a contempory of mine was belatedly awarded a Silver Star - he should have been awarded a gallantry medal under the Imperial system but for the snotty attitude of a college trained career officer!
I'm opening a new packet of Cornflakes tomorrow - so should get a new Oz award if lucky!
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eagle 86

"I'm opening a new packet of Cornflakes tomorrow - so should get a new Oz award if lucky".

Yep, the Order of the Brass Razoo.
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The post - 1991 awards are .... how to state this graciously .... ummm gaudy, vulgar and quite awful.

Quite happy to complete my life without the opportunity to be awarded something like that. Should it happen, however, I would be tempted to politely decline. The DSC doesn't compare in elegance, historical significance or dignity to the MC (or DFC or DSC*).

There .... I've got that off my chest. Back to the newspaper.
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The DFC and DSC are only awarded for wartime operations - previously to officers - but now to everyone
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Sorry, was this the DFC awarded last year to Major Scott Watkins?
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buoy15 - the 'Imperial' DSC is different to the Australian DSC
The Oz DSC has replaced a range of Imperial awards, including the 'original' DSC and also the DFC.

Eagle86 - it's actually the 'Victoria Cross for Australia', same as the 'VC for NZ' recently awarded to CPL Apiata (but different to the Canadian 'Victoria Cross').

NZ went to it's own system of awards in 1999 (replacing the DFC with the NZGD - New Zealand Gallantry Decoration), and the Canucks in 1984 (I think) - whilst I also see the loss of the air-specific AFC/DFC as a shame, it is the way of the purple world...
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