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I was looking through SROs the other day (don't ask!) when I noticed that the latest edition consisted of about 3 pages of 'orders' and about 7 pages of what can only be descibed as "job adverts" for FTRS posts.

There were FTRS positions for Hawk pilots on 100 Sqn, QFIs, QHI, Ops Offs on FJ Sqns, Red Arrows support staff, Movers, etc, etc........

I have been told that the magic number of 41,000 for the RAF does not include FTRS posts - so are we trying to achieve a 45,000 size RAF by the back door, 41,000 regular and 4,000 FTRS?

Oh, I forgot to mention that all these FTRS posts are exempt any OOA deployments!!

Thoughts anybody?
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"where do I sign up" was my first biggus! Followed by the realisation that I'm unlikely to be able to read SROs in the near future due to my lack of proximity to the UK!
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I think you'll find the Movers are not FTRS and are under the control of the RAuxAF - doing OOA is part of why they're recruiting them.
I think the MoD Guard Service are not in the figures either - hence the 'artistic' ways we have to use Reserve forces these days.
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I have regular dealings with several people in FTRS.
Problem I see is.. Some of them (one in particular) don't follow their TOR's, primarily due to the fact it was an old buddy who got them the job and is happy for them to boost their pension whilst diminishing the European tea lake.
Now I feel it is appropriate to say thank you for those in the FTRS who help!
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You need to look at the 'commitment' level before assessing what liability there is for all detachments and not just OOA. At one end of the scale you may be little different to a regular albeit you cannot be posted whereas at the other your job requires you to go no further that normal place of work. The salary also reflects this commitment level. There are other differences in what the services provide you and what you are entitled to dependent upon this level of committment also.
FTRS is normmaly a RAF Reserve Commission whilst RAuxAF is a different commission and may indicate a civvy type post but in uniform due to the reqt to operate under military regs eg ATC

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Just to add a little fact to the opening statement. Certainly one of the FTRS posts does require OOA for the job. The whole deal is a cheap way of getting nicely qualified guys back where thay are useful but only on JO pay (+ the pension I trust !). Sums up the stupidity of the whole shambles really. We are getting penny-pinched to death.
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Stillin, I believe the pension is moderated by the amount of your FTRS pay so that you earn no more than you would have had you stayed in.

This means an ex-sqn ldr will retain more of his pension than an ex-flt lt.
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I do believe you are correct sir
Cheapskate basta##s!
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Thumbs up

So then, can I leave, claim my lump sum thingy then sign up again the next day into my old job as an FTRS? Sort of like the FRI of old... If so, could someone please forward me the relevant paperwork forthwith?

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I don't own this space under my name. I should have leased it while I still could
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Fat Albert,

Yes, that is the size of it. You get your flying pay too, although it may have changed now.

For Home Commitment your pay per rank is reduced by 15% but made up by your pension. You also start to build up a new pension pot, and gratuity too.

The FTRS can be for a fix term and job, say 6 months at CHQ or 2.5 yrs at an ATC etc or until age 60.

Now I believe the TOS are more akin to civil service than military so even the upper limit may now be flexible.

It could be a good career move if you want permanency in one location, have your own house, and just want a no-hassle job as a second career.
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I have just resigned as FTRS. Some points that may help:


Get to do your job without the other 'career' hassles.
Get to stay in one place so wife can work and kids can stay at the same school.
Still earn pension and gratuity but no payments until aged 60.
Dead easy to resign (max 6 months but you can go a lot quicker)
Still entitled to free medical/dental and a FMQ. (Full Commitment only for the house).


Still deployabe unless Home Commitment. In the FC Branch they will only take Full Commitment so all the normal rules apply; RAFT, CCS etc.
As Full Commitment, they are now only offering 1 year contracts so you lose the job security as you have to reapply every year.
Once there is slack in the system, you will be the first out. Supply and demand.


I left for one month, got my gratuity and pension. Rejoined as a Flt Lt so got my abated pension on 24th of the month and Flt Lt Pay (minus commutation pay back) on last working day. When I went back to Sqn Ldr (for my last year) I got no Pension as I was back at my old wage.
As said, you cannot earn more than you did in the service.

I enjoyed it and everyone is a winner. You ditch most of the hassle and the RAF gets the benefit of much needed experience and continuity.
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I think the pay limit is purely on Basic pay. Hence a few Wg Cdrs and Gp Capts coming back as FTRS. Their pension plus Flt Lt salary is not allowed to exceed their previous ranks basic salary but they get Flt Lt Flying pay which I believe is more than the Wg Cdr/Gp Capt rate - so they do quite nicely
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Do you know what my pay would start at as a Sqn Ldr on FTRS in a recruitment office? I am an ex Wg Cdr and did not serve out my 18 years commission. I left at 11 year point....
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Wg Cdr after 11 years?! You clearly knew something I don't!

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SWRetired - when I researched it - starting pay band was based on experience (i.e. time in that rank previously). I'd suggest if you were Pers Admin (or equivalent) Wg Cdr - you'd start at top Sqn Ldr band and then mark time (increases with pay review - no increments). As an aside, as aircrew, my previous PAS Flt Lt wage meant I'd have started my possible post at top Flt Lt band rate (non-flying role and abated for HC), plus kept my current full pension payment - and still had room to spare (i.e. no reduction as total amount less than previous wage on last day in service). You might find the same. All based on system prior to NEM so may have all changed now.
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BV - you said what I thought. I thought I was quick - flt lt no seniority to wg cdr in 10 years dead. Clearly something in his tea.
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Medical officer?
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FTRS is a great way for advancement for those who are unable to get promoted as a regular. Recognised as an 'issue' by manning as to apply for a post above your current rank you only need a 'positive' promo rec, which wouldn't normally get you promoted! Not sure what, if anything they can do about it though!
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JJ, not all the 'shooting stars' get the lucky cornflake box, for some this is a way to get to where they wanted to be but couldn't because they weren't what the 'sift team' we're looking for at promotion board time, or there were lots of candidates and few slots..agreed that for the odd or two that FTRS is a way to gain a rank, but it's normally out of their trade and in careers or quality (heaven help us!).
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Plenty of Jobs

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