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Tony Dean

Old 28th Aug 2006, 19:48
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Al Salam Alykum .

I am a local citizen of Salalah , a city where the rescue mission was taken place and the most an unfortunate accident happen. Rumours start fast in our hometown about the accident, but your forum put an end to all these rumours.

Two bodys found so far one of them belongd to Tony Dean and the other belong one of the Omani crew members “Nav. Diyab Al Gabry”. The body of “Diyab” has been handed over to the pilot family where an Islamic prayer and burrier ceremony was held at 24th last Thursday at his village. Still efforts are in the way to locate the other missing Omani crew members.

My sincere condolences to Theresa, Alan, Tony Dean Family, and friends.

Thank You All.
May Allah mercy all.
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Old 29th Aug 2006, 12:51
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On behalf of a group of former work colleagues we wish to extend our sympathy to Teresa and family, and for her to know that our thoughts are with her at this sad time.
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Old 29th Aug 2006, 20:04
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Unfortunately for Theresa and the family, there have been technical difficulties with the repatriation of Tony's body. He should have been flown in this morning, but there will sadly be a delay of several days before a firm timetable can be established. This is, I stress, for technical reasons only. As far as I understand the Omani authorities are doing everything in their power to facilitate repatriation.

Whatever the reasons, there is therefore no date nor details yet as to when and what form his farewell will take. As soon as it is known, it will be released on here. I have offered to collate numbers for Theresa, so you will be able to pm or call me if you are able to come and pay your respects.
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Old 29th Aug 2006, 21:59
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A true gentleman of the aviation world. He will be missed.
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Old 30th Aug 2006, 15:14
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A Sad Loss Indeed

I knew Tony for many years, a great pilot, QHI and a terrific instructor with ATIL. A sad loss, my thought go to his family.
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Old 30th Aug 2006, 18:37
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Update on repatriation.

Now look, you never heard me say this, alright - but thank God for the RAF! They are repatriating Tony's body by crabair, and he should be home by the weekend. There will still be certain formalities to be observed this side, but God willing they will all go smoothly enough. Theresa is loosely planning for a service towards the end of next week. Details will be posted here. However to assist planning:

1. Serving members will be welcome in uniform, or however they wish to come.

2. No flowers, please. Donations will be to two charities, one AAC and one civvy. Details to follow. (Probably best done in the church anyway).

3. There will be a church service, followed by a cremation, followed by a gathering of the clans. All will be welcome to all stages.

4. Once details are posted here, please pm/e-mail/phone me just to assist with numbers.

Watch this space for details.

And remember, I will publicly deny ever having said anything nice about the RAF, OK?
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Old 2nd Sep 2006, 09:14
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[quote=aytoo;2809496]Update on repatriation.

Now look, you never heard me say this, alright - but thank God for the RAF!
Never thought I'd hear good things about the Crabs! but heh! credit where credits due.
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Old 2nd Sep 2006, 12:18
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thoughts and sympathy to Theresa, family and friends. Tony was a huge character, professional operator and many continue to benefit from his pearls of wisdom - because they know he cared!
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Old 4th Sep 2006, 21:49
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A sad day for all.....the loss of a great bloke who taught me a lot about what we do in this 'Corps of aviators'

Sincere condolences to Theresa and the family and remember that we will all help with anything you need!
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Old 4th Sep 2006, 22:21
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Details of the funeral arrangements for Tony are as follows:

Thursday, 7 September

1200 - service in the Holy Trinity Church, Church Street, Ossett
Parking may be an issue, so arrive in plenty of time. Easy to find on

1300 - Crigglestone Crematorium
Standbridge Lane, Crigglestone (also on multimap)

Afterwards at Brewers Pride, Healy Road, Ossett

All are welcome to each and every stage of the proceedings. However, to assist with numbers, I would be grateful if you would e-mail, pm or phone 07966-428646. Post on here as well to keep it near the top and therefore visible please!

Serving personnel are welcome in uniform or in civvies.
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Old 5th Sep 2006, 11:40
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RIP Tony. You were a good person to know and fun to be around.

Good work Aytoo.
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Old 5th Sep 2006, 12:29
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Sympathy to Tony's family at this sad time.

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My heart goes out to Tony's Family.

If I may recount a story that shows the kind of guy he was

I was on my final week at Middle Wallop, converting to the Lynx, and Tony was my third instructor, after being put on "review". I was on my final trip with Tony before my chop ride and we were doing confined areas, which were not my strongpoint, I had failed to get into one of the Harewoods 3 times, was sweating swearing and was about to ask Tony to take me home as I really wanted to be a lumberjack anyway. When he calmly took control took me to the smallest clearing in the forest, and said "will it fit in there?”after 100 metres of deforestation is accomplished I replied, "follow me through" he smiled back at me, perfect transition perfect descent perfect turn around the tail in the space of a tennis court perfect transition perfect calls perfect orbit. All this with me holding on to the sticks as if I was at one with the inter-links. So he was flying me as well as the aircraft. "Now you do it s'easy" he says, well to cut along story short I got in.

Now the rub, on My FHT with a very senior checker, guess where we go for the confined areas, yep the Harewoods, orbiting said tennis pitch, checker remarks smugly, OK blogs I am a senior passenger and I want you to put me down in that clearing there <points grandly at Tennis court clearing> Roger that your highness says I, perfect orbit perfect transition "I HAVE CONTROL" shouts his Highness the chop master, "You will never get a Lynx in there stupid boy, now take me home. "errrm yes you can I attempted weakly" shut up, hats on, will de brief you on the way back. Racked with injured ego vibes I saw Tony on the way to the de brief, "how'd it go?” He offered, the answer went along the lines of "Nasty man say we no land in area that we land in yesterday" I will just be a minute with him before you go in says Tony, muffled interchange ensued behind closed door, s'okay he said as he re emerged, "you will never have a problem getting into a confined area Blogs, and I’m taking him in this afternoon" True to his word I never did, and I had the pleasure of flying into many with him as a crew in Belize.

Always professional, and always a friend, lost touch but not forgotten.

RIP Tony
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Old 6th Sep 2006, 13:49
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To Theresa and family,

My condolences to you all. Tony was a star. We were both on the same Aircrewmans course (yes even as a RE Bandsmen, he was allowed) we later served as pilots in NI & Hildesheim.

Great sense of humour!! Always a mate..

He'll be missed.

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From Andy and Ginge

In France, touring, only found out today about the funeral. Condolences to Theresa and family.

Rest in peace Tony.
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