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Question NAVY pilot COLOR VISION


I was wondering if there was any Navy personnel on this site that I could talk to about the color vision testing procedures and tests. I am in Air Force ROTC right now trying to get a pilot slot and I jsut got DQed for color vision and nearsightedness with astigmatism. I am going to get PRK so that solves one problem, but I still have color vision standing in my way. I would like to talk to anyone about the Navy's standards. Thanks.
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Dude, I doubt you will get the answer you need here because, purely out of blind jealousy, it hurts too much to imagine the kind of assets a naval air force such as yours must have.

I also don't have a scooby!
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No point in having corrective surgery if you are still colour blind at the end of it. If you really are colour blind then you won't get in.
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The Navy standards will most likely be identical to the RAF, however the Navy do their best to get aircrew through the medicals, where as the RAF just tend to turn people down outright(2 mates turned down by RAF, RN were willing to investigate further and took them on). Eyesight is critical on joining, and colour blindness, especially red/green, is critical as you use it when flying approaches in some circumstances (PAPIs), and also needed to drive ships. No harm is asking though, don't ask = don't get.
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Which Navy though? I presume US.
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I had PRK to pass the vison test for the ADF now have 20/20+ but post surgery was some of the most intense pain I haveever felt. Like having hot gravel in your peepers but getting the call saying i was medically fit was a dream come true and well worth the pain. Not sure what can be done about color blindness.
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Well the thing about my color blindness is that it is very mild. I barely failed to Ishihara pseudoisochromatic plate test that the Air Force uses by just 2 plates. I can see all colors fine and seeing different colored lights is really easy for me. I just wish that the Air Force would wise up and get a more practicle color vision test such as the FALANT that the Navy has.
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