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gardenshed 10th May 2018 22:43

Jet2 back in town.
While you ponder on all the goodies the latest EK pay review will allow you to purchase.

pilotguy1222 10th May 2018 23:59

Just incase anyone actually is interested.

Jet2 Pilot Careers

Ngenfire 11th May 2018 07:08

I made the Move from EK to Jet2 eight months ago and Iím very happy I did. I enjoyed my seven years in Dubai but didnít realise how fatigued I was. My sleep patterns took several months to recover. Iím now flying out of a base 30 minutes from home and spend much more quality time with the family. The recent 3% and £3000 rise on the basic helps but the tax man takes a fair slice! All in all the lifestyle is so much better and sustainable in the long term. The salary is comfortable. I have my life back and the wife and kids are very happy.

Stjuk 11th May 2018 07:57

Good to hear Ngenfire, sounds like you made the right move for you and your family.

Could you shed some more light at things like salary, pension and rosters in Jet2. Iím sure itís seasonal and base dependent, but from your own point of view.

Also, Iím assuming you joined as a DEC - did they bond you for the typerating?


Newcomer2 11th May 2018 09:08

Any idea of the take home pay in euros (left seat) if based in Spain?
Also, is it easy to get a Spanish base?

Util BUS 11th May 2018 13:08

Spanish Base
You are better off joining at a UK base as all pilots based in Spain are on Zenon contracts. This means no pension, no LOL cover, no healthcare, no profit share, and lots of airport standbys.

Caveat emptor.

Newcomer2 11th May 2018 13:37

Ouch! I didn't know that, thanks for the info!

BigGeordie 11th May 2018 15:45

Yorkshire Pudding, I'm no defender of EK and your maths is about right (the gap is closing so fast it will be the other way in a few years) but, just for a bit of balance, what was the profit share at Jet2 this year?

Craggenmore 11th May 2018 17:13

Originally Posted by BigGeordie (Post 10144156)
Yorkshire Pudding, I'm no defender of EK and your maths is about right (the gap is closing so fast it will be the other way in a few years) but, just for a bit of balance, what was the profit share at Jet2 this year?

By some twist of fate I will receive my salary, 5 week profit share and 6 month housing allowance in Mayís pay check and I wonít be alone.

Its basically the same amount that a Jet 2 FO will receive in a whole financial year.

£4,500 a month as FO in the UK with anybody canít be true unless youíre a lifer RHS at BA with at least 5-7 years behind you.

AIMINGHIGH123 11th May 2018 18:09

No way you can earn £4500 FO Jet2 first couple of years.
My mate joined recently and as type rated FO basic is £58800. That’s £3509 after tax with no pension contribution.
Most he could earn year 1 with some days off working is around £65000 maybe £70 if you work hard.
£65k is £3809.
Thats what he was told when he joined and from most of people he has spoken who joined before him.

For UK tax there is an app you can download which gives all the figures.

NukeHunt 12th May 2018 00:59

Also don't forget at Jet2, you only fly around 700 hrs a year, and that's in a busy base. By the nature of the operation, Summers are busy, but Winters are very quiet, on average 1 flight/week. Money can't buy back time spent in hotels down route alone, rather than being home every night with the family, watching the kids grow up.

felixthecat 12th May 2018 07:14

Originally Posted by Craggenmore (Post 10144215)

5 week profit share and 6 month housing allowance in Mayís pay check and I wonít be alone.

These are exceptional items. The profit share is the first in 2 years and as you say the housing allowance is for 6 months..... comparing apples and bananas ;)

fliion 12th May 2018 09:26

Originally Posted by Yorkshire_Pudding (Post 10144263)
Are you not a Captain at EK with 10-15 years in the company? Not really a fair comparison. You also missed the word advance of the housing allowance. If you left the next day you have to pay it all back. Nonetheless, a good whattsapp picture to send to your mates back in the UK twice a year to remind them how lucky we are to be in Dubai earning all these obscene amounts of cash!

I didn't specify Jet2, I said any half decent jet operator in the UK :) And I didn't specify year 1. Anybody coming to EK will have at least a few years experience behind them. A mate at EZY starting his second year as FO clears 4K. Someone in TUI UK with reasonable seniority clears 4.5 - 5k on average, without working any days off.

So my point remains valid. The only difference between a UK Jet FO salary with a half decent operator, and some reasonable seniority, and an EK FO is the accommodation allowance (and hopefully some profit share).

No dog in this fight but since profit share was discussed - from May Ď08 to May Ď18 EK pilots have EARNED 51 weeks of profit share.

I donít expect much over target next year 4.5bn - if at all.

sluggums 12th May 2018 11:39

I’ve got a huge Banana this month...:}

Callsign Kilo 12th May 2018 20:14

Sounds simple to me. If you want cash, a reasonable profit share (when it happens) then stay in the left seat at EK. Trade this for everything negative that goes with it - this is what I'm being fed from guys who have left EK. Others may have a different opinion.

Jet2 offers a manageable work life balance with a lot of time spent at home in the winter. Rosters aren't fixed pattern but much more family friendly. The flying is generally all 2 sector days with a return to home base. There has been developments with T&Cs, pension contributions, LOL, medical cover etc. Above all a happy ship with the company making and sustaining healthy profit margins year on year.

BTW, a SFO won't see take home pay hitting £4500 pcm unless he/she has several additional roles - ATI, TRI, CRMI etc. All of which are possible to achieve here, at the present moment in time.

All the best, CK

springbok449 12th May 2018 20:50

If like Craggenmore and BigGeordie all you're interested in is the money side of things and you don't care about how hard you work to earn it and with no set of defined rules and you don't mind living in DXB then EK is the job for you...
But this doesn't suit all of us and in that case there are jobs out there and enough of them that you can choose which one suits you best...

Craggenmore, as a year 2 F/O I now clear just under £4500/month after a 15% pension contribution from both myself and my employer, I get private medical care, LOL and other benefits and thats excluding the subsitence allowances which are far more realistic than the EK allowances. All that is for a contracted 750hrs/year (even though in the last 12 months I have flown less than 600).
Of course that is less than I was earning as an EK skipper especially if you wish to take the live out allowance and profit share into account.

As I said before it all depends on what you wish for, I am less fatigued, spend more quality time at home with my kids and the wife is happy (happy dragon, happy castle). My kids are a lot healthier and getting more streetwise too.

The only thing I miss is some of my mates.

FlightDetent 12th May 2018 23:41

springbok, just that I read you correctly: You went from a widebody LHS to a narrowbody jF/O, and now spend approx 1/2 of duty time compared to the previous gig and get to sleep always in the same timezone. Correct?

springbok449 13th May 2018 05:42

Flight, thats correct except that I don’t always get to sleep in the same time zone as am widbody F/O... ;-)

Craggenmore 13th May 2018 06:36


Your asinine comment about me being here for the money is wide of the mark. Iím here for my hobby. The weather allows me to do it 24/7/365. So when £40k appears in one months pay check Iím OK with that, especially as it doesnít always happen.

I might be wrong here, but if youíre a two year widebody FO, you probably joined BA when they came here, cap in hand 3 years ago, looking for 380 2 stripers, and that would make the £4500 Gross, not Net (and a long haul command non-existent!)

Or or did you join Jade Cargo, China?

You also got me musing so I divided my EK hours as FO and Captain versus months spent in the seat and The averages come to 58 and 76 per month.

So far so good.

Eau de Boeing 13th May 2018 07:34

Close but no cigar, Craggy.

He joined the airline named after what he would be if he if he relied on his personality, rather than being a pilot!

As David Frost once said, if you look closely the clues are there (750 hours a year).

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