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glofish 19th Jan 2017 15:46

Crew baggage hassle

All luggage / baggage or packages must be screened and go through in company issued crew suitcases only. You will no longer be allowed to carry additional items as hand luggage
This might be one of the last necessary nails in the coffin. :ugh:
The whole bs about our front page barbie and her "i love shopping when en route" is a bl..dy farce.

Newbees take note! Just your pants and toothbrush fitting in the Samsonite, no more spare parts you can't get in the ME, no more sports equipment unless paying some silly local sponsor 100% surplus etc.

The Outlaw 19th Jan 2017 16:29

Reference please?

yardman 19th Jan 2017 16:45

Latest Flight Operations Update

The Outlaw 19th Jan 2017 16:57

If its not a FCI or FCN or in the books then it means jack shi..

Those weekly flight ops updates are not binding, just suggestive.

I always laugh at these wankers who say "you can't do this" or you "can't do that", then when I ask where it is written they say "oh I read it 10 years ago in an email". "Show it to me then" I say, which of course they can't. Give me a break!

The procedures for taking a leak are written in the OM-A now. When this one hits the books then I'll comply.

donpizmeov 19th Jan 2017 17:02

What weekly updates? Its not easy to get onto work email. Must get a new computer when I get time.

adel 19th Jan 2017 17:15

I just don't understand the real intent.
If it's a grooming issue, why not just say that,
If it's really a police requirement, well that just baffles me as a 100 million odd people come through the other terminals with all sorts of bag...
what seems to be the problem?
Everything is screened at the out station and screened again inbound at hq.....

Monarch Man 19th Jan 2017 17:30

I guess the company will be re-issuing replacement steady wheelies forthwith, lest those of us who use our own "non company" issued flight bag have it confiscated as its non compliant.

ruserious 19th Jan 2017 17:35

Got to shift the blame somewhere else, so it is a police issue!

Trader 19th Jan 2017 23:01

If it is really a 'police' issue then we will see soon enough because they will actually enforce the rule - so just ignoring this one will not work!

Nothing more than 'office staff envy'. Or at the least some minion believing he can show savings (suddenly since now there is a spotlight) and limiting crew bag weight looks good in his spreadsheet.

Whairdhugo 19th Jan 2017 23:47

Hey-zeus ahh-chay kree-stow! This place becomes a bigger joke by the day. So what are they gonna do, confiscate the personal suitcase of all the skippers who take that instead of waiting for our company approved bags to appear? Which, btw, I swear the bus drivers have a coffee or a kip between dropping us off and dropping our bags.

Capn Rex Havoc 20th Jan 2017 01:57

The weekly update refers states that it is Dubai police and Customs who have complained. Why? We are simply doing the same thing and the millions of passengers entering the UAE. When the law states that only hold luggage will be allowed into the country then, I guess we will have to comply. Until then, it is not against the law to bring a carry on item, e.g. duty free through customs.
If this rule is enforced, the duty free shop at baggage claim for us will have to be shut down.

The Outlaw 20th Jan 2017 02:14

Exactly. Regulations and rules that will be enforced by the company must be in the operational library, IE. OMA, FCI, FCN etc etc. You are not required to read ASR summaries, weekly update, fleet facts, corporate communication etc. But you are required to know the books so again, once its in the OMA then I'll comply. Why do you think they put it in a weekly update? Why does this not apply to security in departures? Why does this not apply to security for passengers?

This is only because some oxygen thief is trying to save their job or someone in HQ security doesn't know the rules of theirs.

felixthecat 20th Jan 2017 09:47

What is the difference between us bringing things in through security as crew and a passenger bringing things in?

It has been fine for the years I have been here and now all of a sudden its not?? Why??

A ridiculous rule that just once again erodes at the quality of life.

TOGA! 20th Jan 2017 10:32

must be because immigration/security are too busy and understaffed at hq checkpoints.

gut the stealy wheelies of their dividers and it becomes useful.

Bus Driver Man 20th Jan 2017 13:29

Most of you are misinterpreting this.

You will no longer be allowed to carry additional items as hand luggage.

If you buy something and it fits in your (Samsonite) suitcase, it's fine.
And no, you don't need to use the Stealie Wheelie.
And if you don't want to use a suitcase, you don't have to, since you can use whatever you want as hand luggage. (There's no mandatory company hand luggage for pilots.)
They must be talking about oversized packages that aren't allowed.

felixthecat 20th Jan 2017 13:44

I don't think there is any misinterpretation. If its not in your suitcase its not allowed anymore.

Why shouldn't we be allowed to? It has been the norm until now with no problems. Passengers can bring as they wish but we cant?

fatbus 20th Jan 2017 13:51

A few years back AS put out a memo about bikes / golf clubs etc coming back from China . This sounds like the same.

fatbus 20th Jan 2017 14:03

A few years back AS put out a memo about bikes / golf clubs etc coming back from China . This sounds like the same.

fliion 20th Jan 2017 15:39

So the crew arrivals duty free shop is closing now - one supposes 🤔

TwinJock 20th Jan 2017 15:46

So, hauling my 20 kg's of best South African beef in a cooler bag will cease forth with.......:ugh::ugh::ugh:

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