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notapilot15 17th Aug 2016 18:56

Two set crew ULH max hours
How long they can go on discretion. EK239(A6-ECO) On 8/17/16 STD 3:30 GST, ATD 4:26 GST, diversion to KEF and reaching BOS at 14:38 EDT.

The Outlaw 17th Aug 2016 19:01

Once again in English please...

DCS99 17th Aug 2016 20:16

19 hours 8 minutes from STD to chocks on?!

777-200LR 17th Aug 2016 20:16

No discretion on ULRs
22 hrs MAX duty
BOS check-in is at 0155 LT + 22 hrs MAX = 2355 LT (1555 BOS time) perfectly legal

Twiglet1 17th Aug 2016 20:27

Rather you than me

Oceanic 18th Aug 2016 14:30

Originally Posted by 777-200LR (Post 9476863)
No discretion on ULRs
22 hrs MAX duty
BOS check-in is at 0155 LT + 22 hrs MAX = 2355 LT (1555 BOS time) perfectly legal

"In extraordinary circumstances and with agreement of the Fleet Chief Pilot, the limitations may be waived":eek::=

777-200LR 18th Aug 2016 15:29


Are you willing to put your license on the line when you finally land in BOS and the FAA are waiting to ask you why you have been on duty for 26 hours??

Coming back into DXB, its a completely different story

helen-damnation 18th Aug 2016 21:14

No it's not ��

Coming back you're unacclimatised. Explain that in a US court ��

natops 18th Aug 2016 22:20

Guys seriously, 22 hrs thats it. Not worth 100 replies, just dump it in okbk and fly bizz home. All the people 'promised' to support yr run into the gcaa office will be busy. Draw the line, stand yr ground.

Talparc 18th Aug 2016 23:23

Let's get the FAA this one checked,
Interesting to find out their opinion

Oceanic 19th Aug 2016 04:59

I wouldn't go a minute over the 22 hour limit, just pointing out how ridiculous it is that there is further wriggle room in the provision. A few years back (340-500 )flight a colleague (who is now happily retired) refused to go into discetion out of Dubai to JFK and was promptly marched into the Chief Pilots office to be told he was not a 'team player'. The 3 other pilots went, & the flight diverted. Never heard anything from Fleet about his refusal after that.

MacSheikh 19th Aug 2016 14:18

If the plan is a crew of 4, surely you can't leave with 3? Note... "planned crew of 4".

donpizmeov 21st Aug 2016 03:34


The FAA have audited EK a few times with the ULR plan in the book. It's still there. So they don't seem to have a problem with it.

fatbus 21st Aug 2016 05:13

Talparc, give it a rest.

champair79 21st Aug 2016 08:16

EK449 AKL-DXB diverted to DPS last night (presumably due to a medical emergency). That's added time onto an already long duty!


The Zohan 21st Aug 2016 23:42

"planned crew of 4"
"Planned" means it's been rostered with 4 pilots not that it can't be done with 3 in case of a contingency.
The sector has to be shorter than 15 hrs though.


Sledge 22nd Aug 2016 05:35

The GCAA regs quote a ULR flight as a "city to city" agreement. If you divert from your planned "city" surely the ULR duty times no longer apply ?

fatbus 22nd Aug 2016 07:40

"Except for unplanned diversion" , there has been plenty of medical "gas and go " diversions on ULRs

Buckshot 22nd Aug 2016 10:47

The DPS diversion on the 449 last week shows up as 'only' 16:42 all up so it must have been a very quick stop to offload the sick pax

MacSheikh 22nd Aug 2016 11:38


I wasn't clear, my bad.

If the plan is 4 crew, you can't leave DXB with 3?

The return is debatably different :hmm:

Modesh 22nd Aug 2016 12:50

If so why is it still three crew? And all other ULRs are back to four crew.

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