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jidder 13th Mar 2015 18:06

Reap what you sow....EK
Was called on my days off from EK pre ops to " do them a favour". They had their first and last favour out of me when I first joined and they wouldn't help me when I requested my end of the bargain.

Maybe they will get the message that they have to treat us better if they want a " Favour" in the future. Sadly this will be delayed by those who will turn in their days off and take it in the A#* in order to please a master that will hold you in contempt.


J :E

C4 13th Mar 2015 18:45

Reap what you sow....EK
If You are unhappy in your job, grow a pair and vote with your feet!

BTW, I have no affiliation with EK

ATIS 13th Mar 2015 18:50

Mate, we have been truly bent over a barrel at Monarch (remember that scene in Pulp Fiction), and yet people are still coming in on days off. I just don't get it.

Good luck

Plane_Sailing 13th Mar 2015 19:00

C4, why should we all uproot our families, leave our friends and disrupt our careers just because of shortsighted and greedy management that can't keep or attract crew. I'm Reasonably happy in my job with emirates but that doesn't mean I have to do them favours when they won't give me my leave.
I'm sick of people bringing up that old nugget ' if you don't like it leave it' , perhaps another option is to try and force a change. One way is to not offer up your days off for a few shillings and a 'thank you captain' from an overworked crew controller that won't remember your name when he hangs up the phone.

Yossarian 13th Mar 2015 19:23

Don't give up your off days for favours that will never be returned or appreciated. Don't sell them your hard earned leave because they can't plan and want to keep crewing levels threadbare, and are now desperate. The value of your leave days is far more than they're paying, so stop giving it back to them.

jidder 13th Mar 2015 19:25

@ C4

You have no affiliation to EK, yet you sound like The management here!! I will pick my battles and will vote with my feet when the time is right as I owe EK no loyalty. In the mean time I will happily hang the company by its own BS policy.

@ Plane_Sailing, you have hit the nail on the head :ok:

J :E

nakbin330 13th Mar 2015 19:47

I was called this morning, refused, and wasn't bothered again. Perhaps there were enough 'yes' men.

CAT3A 13th Mar 2015 20:09

They send me a text and then a phone call. Didn't event answer. No way will give them my days off.

If you help them then you actually become part of the problem. We don't want to mask what is going on with rosterering.

I totally agree with you Jidder!

jidder 13th Mar 2015 22:02

@ LR3

Don't sit on the fence now fella :p

SOPS 13th Mar 2015 23:50

LR 3. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:ok::ok::ok::ok::ok:

Am NOT Sure 14th Mar 2015 00:46

Your next beer is on me :D

fatbus 14th Mar 2015 02:54

I take great pride in answering the phone and saying "no". Never been an issue.

sheiken around 14th Mar 2015 03:29

I've been called 4 times now in the last 6 weeks. Each time, "NO", politely but firmly, does the trick.

I can only hope that after the last few years of abuse meted out to the crews by EK, that ALL ek pilots do the same. Don't fly on your days off, don't help out.

The only way anything will change is when a/c are parked and flights cancelled.

bogeydope 14th Mar 2015 03:30



Next time please don't hold back and tell us how you really feel!!


glofish 14th Mar 2015 03:59

And guys, please don't come up with the lame argument that you "made them pay dearly, because you traded in a goodie, or days off on a better date"!

By that you simply shoved down a bitter pill to a fellow pilot who had lesser bargaining chips.

Say no or be a hypocrite.

DuneMentat 14th Mar 2015 04:57

Got a call yesterday for a "small trip" as well but was happy to tell he guy I had other plans so couldn't help - the beer tastes really good that night! :E

jidder 14th Mar 2015 05:49

Sheiken & Glo,

You would think the guys would see sense but there are guys out there who are happy to give up their days off :ugh: They need to realise they are only hurting themselves in the long run.:=


olster 14th Mar 2015 05:50

A well known UK holiday airline pays captains 7 times the EK rate for working a day off. If one managed to blag the infamous 'double - flex' then that would be 14 times. The 'double' kicks in if the duty starts ultra early or goes over midnight. I am sure the bean counters or 'management' would love to scrap it but it reflects the seriousness of sacrificing a day off. All fyi.

Saltaire 14th Mar 2015 06:40

The call-out ( if you get it ) and OT rates at EK are not worth the effort. The OT rate is less than the regular rate of a senior captain. It's a joke. Don't do it.

VLS with ice 14th Mar 2015 06:51

Got a call a few days back to do a favor and go to the far east. No, thanks. Checked later and the flight was done by somebody who had gotten in from a Europe trip just after midnight, so combining a rest day. He probably got home at 2am, was called early evening and left at midnight for another trip. What is wrong with these people???

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