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theaviator2005 13th May 2010 09:27

Qatar Executive Any info!!!

I just been called up for an Interview with Qatar Executive, would like to see if anyone got any Info regarding the 2 day Interview? Is it pretty tough?

Also anyone have any idea about Salary?


Oscar84 13th May 2010 14:25

Can you say if you have the Global Xpress type rating, or what are you TT and ratings please?

theaviator2005 13th May 2010 14:44

Yes i do and 3000hrs total time??? But why u asking this, i was asking if anyone have any info regarding the Interview!!!!!

Hope to hear from people who might have been through the written test!!!


Stu Gats 13th May 2010 18:15

Hey guys.

I've also been called up for an F/O interview with Qatar Executive. Anyone know the differences between the mainline airline and the executive department?

Any info would be appreciated:

Hours of work per month?
Job satisfaction?
Upgrade potential?
Interview tips?

Thanks guys.

theaviator2005 13th May 2010 22:59


Someone tried to PM me but im not able to PM u back, ya im going on the 25th if u want u can get a hold of me on my msn [email protected]

EYZ 2nd Jun 2011 11:39

If anyone works for Qatar Executive can you please PM me, thanks a lot


falconflier 5th Nov 2011 17:19

With the recent employment listing for Challenger and Global crews, does anyone have updated information on pay, schedule, etc. ?

Aslak 6th Nov 2011 09:02

I do not work for them, but I do have friends doing that.
In my understanding the salary is ok, actually on a good side since you do not pay income taxes.

Schedule? You are on call pretty much all the time except for your vacation. It is not a commuting contract.

freddieclemenza 6th Nov 2011 11:48

Do Not Be Fooled by Qatar Private Jet
Amigos, Qatar Executive is good but do not be fooled by Qatar Private Jet, which is branch of Prestige Jet from Abu Dhabi where they hide some assets from Abu Dhabi courts. QPJ - get it?

You can learn about PJ here:





Wish for you luck with Qatar Executive which is real company not like Qatar Private Jet.

howitzer 6th Dec 2011 22:27

I'm looking for salary/housing info as well if anyone can PM me.

howitzer 14th Dec 2011 18:20


eiffel 23rd Dec 2011 18:53

Qatar Executive
I can not find anything about Qatar Executive on any of the different forums...
Could someone comment on Terms and Conditions, Life Style, etc, etc...

alkor 24th Dec 2011 07:39

FO s ,

Starting on CL605

10 000 USD/month
school allowance
56 days of leave
and on standby 24/7 all other days

that is it.


HNY and MC

thomasd 24th Dec 2011 13:47

FO s ,

Starting on CL605

10 000 USD/month
school allowance
56 days of leave
and on standby 24/7 all other days

that is it.


HNY and MC
Thank you so much for the information

I was wondering about the rostering?
On this thread (I know its old)there is standing something like 20 on 10 off, or 1 month on 1 month off ?is this still applicable ?

And is there there a possibility to bid for the mainline again(like after 5 years or so)?

Merry Christmas! TD

TwoTone-7 28th Dec 2011 07:27

Roster is:

On call 24/7.

Haubennotabwurf 29th Dec 2011 11:15

Info wanted: QR Exec
Good Morning

I'm looking for 1st hand inside information about Qatar Executive. Please contact me via PM!

Thank you very much and happy New Year! Cheers :D

crazy_max 30th Dec 2011 15:07

It is 24/7, no rotation or anything like that, and by the way why would you want to move to the mainline as you call it? That is the whole point of becoming a corporate pilot, not having to work in an airline.

eiffel 6th Jan 2012 18:00

Do they promote internally or do they tend to recruit DEC?
If so how long is time to command?

TwoTone-7 6th Jan 2012 19:28

Recruit DEC and internal promotion.

Command time 4500-5000 hours.

eiffel 6th Jan 2012 21:45

What about for somebody joining with well over the minimum 4500hrs? Is there a command assessment straight away (after 6months)?
What is the captain salary thereafter?
Many thanks.

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