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Dropp the Pilot 28th Sep 2011 11:54

Air China B777 bases
Heard this was in the pipeline and now it's for real.

How do you say "I'm off, then" in Mandarin?

B777 Captains - Air China - Overseas Bases - 1401270395 - Flightglobal Jobs

typhoonpilot 28th Sep 2011 12:14

How do you say "I'm off, then" in Mandarin?

"Hao, wo yao li kai" would probably be the best translation to catch your meaning.

At $168,000 it's about a $100,000 a year pay cut after taxes for an EK Captain to take a U.S. base. They need to bring it up to $250,000 to really get guys interested.


kingpost 28th Sep 2011 12:38

They must be smoking their socks!

On the 744, Nov 2010 they were offering US190k, in January that went up to US210k and then in March up to US250k.

Don't be foolish and jump at this crap offer, you'll shoot yourself in both feet!

fatbus 28th Sep 2011 12:45

The add does say that a pay review is underway and new pay rates to follow. Its 11K + 3K at the moment you would have to say 14 +3 might do ( tax Free ) and depends on the roster

fourgolds 28th Sep 2011 17:42

Possibly a good opportunity. If we dont all rush in and apply therebye giving them a " pool " seeing how many they can get therebye driving the contract down even more . A simple technique used by recruiters/airlines.

Ifhowever they see they cannot get the experience the contract T&C,s will just continue to go up ( as what happened with the 747 contract).

So hold off on those apps boys and girls ( just for once lets try play this one right).

Alas I am a dreamer to think there is any such unity left amongst the pilot fraternity. We alone are responsible for the continous downgrade of this profession. ( ok and the bean counters)

FlyingCroc 28th Sep 2011 18:17

Why is that Typhoonpilot? Do you have more information? How is the commuting? Is it the US tax? At least you would be back home and out of the Middle East dustbowl.

Dropp the Pilot 28th Sep 2011 18:35

The initial answer from Parc very pointedly does not mention what the rosters would be like, which is the sole point on which it would turn for me.

Don't care about the money, it's just a chance to live in the real world with enough cash for groceries, trout flies, and shotgun shells.

FlyingCroc 28th Sep 2011 18:58

Well said mate, that's all that counts. Get out of here and just make a decent living.

kingpost 29th Sep 2011 12:35

Sounds great to just get out of the dust bowl, but you'll have to face reality at some stage.

Leave the gulf for a 2 year contract at that rate is never going to be worth it unless you're flush with cash, and in that case you may as well give up flying.

For those who jump ship early, don't get peed off with colleagues who join after you on a higher salary.

Nearly Man 29th Sep 2011 16:07

Oooh, interesting! What about F/Os? I'd pee my pants to stay on the 777 and be based at LHR

break_break 30th Sep 2011 12:26

I say we stick around and not jump. It is obvious that they are testing waters.
There are no specifics so far, like rosters, annual leave, sick days, mandatory off days etc.
Any desperate souls who probe now, will definitely be whining later when the pay goes up in accordance to shortage of experienced drivers.
I do however hope they can up the pay soon enough for me to be current still with my last 777 PC.

guntslapper 7th Oct 2011 16:38

Hold off. Better things are on the way.....

paokara 13th Oct 2011 19:48

its 168k NET so thats more than typhoon makes at Emirates.


paokara 13th Oct 2011 19:51

Typhoon has became an Emiratiiiii....from Usair or Peidmont appalachian mountains to metropolitan dubai. He change his weardrobe as well.


ask the IRS about him, they thank him all the time.


jackx123 13th Oct 2011 20:20

hey guntslapper,

when do we see some fresh movie updates hehe :E

Oblaaspop 14th Oct 2011 05:09

Poakara, for your info, that's not even close to what Typhoon makes at EK!

paokara 16th Oct 2011 19:47

i hope he takes home more than 168 but i doubt it...

Oblaaspop 17th Oct 2011 09:03

Well, take home will be about the same (no tax here mate), but don't forget the pay is only part of the package!

Does Air China provide free accommodation?

Does it provide a 12% contribution towards a tax free provident fund (you get to keep the money)

Does it provide schooling for the kids?

Does it drive you to work?

Does it provide comprehensive healthcare and dental for you (and the family for a minimal fee)?

Do you get 1st class travel as an Air china Skipper?

As you can see, the package here is FAR better that Air China, hence Typhoons original statement, so indeed yes, they will probably have to up the package by another $100k before they poach many EK skippers.

Hope this helps.

Kamelchaser 17th Oct 2011 09:42

My last 12 months pay including profit share, Education support allowance, etc etc was a tad short of 220,000USD nett.

That doesn't take into account free accommodation, pick-up for work etc.

So, no, 168K nett would not cut it for me. Try 250,000 and I may start moving off my arm chair.

And don't bother asking me to break the pay down bit by bit. I won't be doing that.

Dropp the Pilot 17th Oct 2011 10:02

The recently created job for 777 flight instructors at the Boeing company pays about $200,000 annually for month-on month-off rotations ie. about half a year's work.

Granted, these would be significantly experienced people but as a bellwether for both dollar amounts and the type of rotation this points the way for remuneration over the next few years, at least for any company which is looking for people of proven quality. They are starting to get pretty scarce.

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