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buddro 19th Jun 2006 15:10

Emirates Days off
I know I am going to get flamed for this but I could not find anything on this anywhere. I know they are only guarenteed 8 days off per month.

How many days off does the normal Emirates pilot get off per month. What if I wanted to do local trips or turns or whatever you call them (out and back trips)? I do know they have very long trips 8-9 days, how do guys with families do them. What is the average trip length? I know they are only guarenteed 8 days off per month. Just trying to figure out the QOL issues now rather than later....


ruserious 19th Jun 2006 17:23

Actually there is no guarantee of 8 days off in a month, I think the minimum they can give you is 7. I have even been down at 6 days off as they decided to count one of my days off down-route, as a legal day off, which they are allowed to do.
However the reality is a wee bit better than that most of the time. It also depends on what fleet you are on. If I was to average out my days off over the last 18 months or so (since we started doing 900 hours a year) I would guess I get about 10 days off pcm.
However, keep in mind terms and conditions only ever deteriorate here, they NEVER improve.

Frozen Turtle 19th Jun 2006 19:43

Off days as EK A330/340 F/O
On average between 12 -16 days off. If you fly only on a330 the minimum is about 11 to 12 days off but only if you are in lower bidding groups (worst case).

B777 fleet might be a different story.....

Hope that helps, cheers

yardman 20th Jun 2006 05:22

I would say 10 to 14, A330/340 MFF

Backwater 20th Jun 2006 15:30

you've got me reaching for my FOM (wherever it is)! They can count days off down route for the purposes of the 7 then 1 off, 2 off in 14 rules, but not for min days off per month. These must be spent in Dubai. It's all in chap 21, but have to admit I haven't checked recently.
I notice that scheduling seem to have dropped all responsibility for monitoring this type of compliance (clearly out of necessity). We're on our own.
Oh, and my average days off are 9-10.

ruserious 20th Jun 2006 16:33

Hmmm, you may be right Backwater, not saying it was legal, it just happened!
As you know the FOM can be bent at will, but only in one direction, for the company's benefit.

Backwater 20th Jun 2006 17:57

Agreed Ruserious,
If I challenge Scheduling on legality I have found they always fold like a cheap suitcase. THAT'S job satisfaction! On the issue of days off it's in our best interests to know the rules backwards.

Riker 21st Jun 2006 02:50

Respectfully, I would stay in the States if I were you. Why bring your family all the way to Dubai - an increasingly expensive sandpit? Why not apply to AirTran or SWA when you have the hours? Seriously, EK can change the rules on you AT WILL. Anything they are telling you now they can change and you have no protection. Don't let the allure of flying the 777 or even the A380 (yeah, if that ever happens) convince you to leave the States - a big mistake if you ask me. They tell a great story to prospective pilots, but that story can change on a dime...

typhoonpilot 21st Jun 2006 13:31

B777 Captain- Calendar year 2005- months without vacation- Not including Rest Days:

Average 13.28 Days Off per month

Including Vacation and Rest Days:

17 Days off per month on average.


Gillegan 21st Jun 2006 14:23

Your situation is far from average. It's difficult to say what your roster will look like. Depends on fleet, seat and seniority. Days off (not counting vacation) can range anywhere from 7 to 18. Guys flying only ultra-longhaul will be towards the high side. On the 777, since coming back to the line I have probably averaged 9-11 days off per month. While last year 13 days off average might have happened, it certainly isn't happening now. And averaging your vacation in - are you trying for a management job?

gl69 21st Jun 2006 17:26

I have to agree with Gillegan. I have averaged 18 days working for the last 6 months. In my reserve month that is 5 weeks I flew 136 hours. I deadheaded to ICN which means I did not actually "fly" 8 hours of that total but everyone gets the point.
Typhoonpilot you are a check airman and we all know that you guys don't work as hard as we do. As you say your mileage may vary and the line pilots mileage sure is different than yours. I believe you should know that we are working our talils off.

dunerider 21st Jun 2006 17:58

Gee it didn't take you too long to spin the company propaganda Typhoon.What relevance does your training roster have to new joiners.Where have you been lately?How did your US recruiting drive turnout?

145qrh 21st Jun 2006 18:48

Low month month...8 days off + 105 hrs
Top Bid month ... 16 days off + 95 hrs.
Last month with leave .. 7 days leave, 6 days off,. 85 hours....cost neutral my arse.
Senior( ha, now there's a fekin larf :ugh: ) f/o A33/340
Just remeber that some folks feel morally bound to put a positive spin on anything and everything..

Just a flesh wound!
Oh!Had enough, eh? Come back and take what's coming to you, you yellow bastards!! Come back here and take what's coming to you! I'll bite your legs off!

Courtesy of The Black Knight
:) :)

gl69 21st Jun 2006 20:38

I forgot to metion in my above post that when I was top bid 5 months ago I had 7 days vacation and also my recurrent training in the same month. I flew 83 hours. Yes that is right. 83 hours spread over 20 days of avialable flying. I wish I was treated how the check airman are treated. Cost neutral to who?

bafanguy 21st Jun 2006 21:18

Just an observation from a casual observer:

The threads delineating unhappiness among EK pilots are prominent on this forum, from who flies the airplane to the housing allowance to days off to upgrade issues to the heat in Dubai to how to pay your bills back home.

Sounds like you've got yourselves a bad deal over there with no apparent mechanism for change. This can only lead to one question:

Why are you still there ?

I don't have a horse in this race ( and wouldn't WANT to ) and I'm not trying to pick a fight with anyone so don't react as if I am, but the same question keeps coming to mind:

Why are you still there ?

typhoonpilot 21st Jun 2006 21:21

No emoticons in my first post. Pure fact, seat and aircraft type clearly stated. Still a line captain in 2005 so you can't spin the TRI thing against me. Will days off in 2006 be fewer for a normal line captain? Yes, probably.

A factual post to answer an honest question. Just because I'm known as a positive person I will get attacked here, which is why I don't post very often. Even something like this where I post fact without any comment gets attacked. :ugh:


_AIRMAN_ 21st Jun 2006 23:50

another positive person here
There is so many bad posts about EK ... Is your job & lifestyle really that bad? Some of us have to live with 1/5th of your salary, 8 days off per month, fly 8x less than you, extra paid only for transportation costs and pension scheme, no free villa, no utility allowance etc ... And we also have a bad management (ministry of defence that is :}) which just bought a bunch of armored vehicles instead of fighter jets :ugh:

And I'm still happy to have a job.

ruserious 22nd Jun 2006 04:25

Just because I'm known as a positive person I will get attacked here
TP, that just about brought a tear to my cynical eye :}

Airman, there are many people who are undoubtedly worse off than we are, who would kill for our jobs, just as there are many people starving in Africa. That's not really the point, it is the continual degradation of our lifestyle, as well as , terms and conditions of employment that is the problem.
Our management regards us and treats us as if we are disposable. This has happened for many years to the cabin crew, they are now doing it to us. It in effect has become part of the company culture.
PPrune serves as the only vehicle we have to bitch and moan and share our frustrations. If you find it annoying to listen to, don't read it :ok:

411A 22nd Jun 2006 05:48

Wake up and smell the coffee...
>>Our management regards us and treats us as if we are disposable.<<

I hate to burst your bubble, ruserious, but it has been ever thus with all airlines in the middle east...and many other places as well.:hmm:

airbus2boeing 22nd Jun 2006 06:44

Reading all the posts about EK, I'm wondering if it is worth my $1500 airfare to go to the interview. :confused:

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