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spilotsgal 15th Aug 2005 01:45

Anyone have any information on Bexair. All I read was from the past. Is there anyone who can tell me what the company is like now? Will I get paid after a one month contract? How do they treat the F/A's and pilots? Where they fly to on the Citation Encore/Excel? What the hotel is like in Bahrain? Is it cheap to eat there?
Etc. etc. Anything is useful. Thanks!

Comical Ali 15th Aug 2005 11:07

There is still lot of people waiting their money from Bexair. I would be very skeptical to sign up with them. That doesn't mean that you couldn't be exception.

ruiz007 25th Sep 2005 12:26

Pay & "Per Diem"
They owe MANY many pilots money. Beware!

Bumz_Rush 25th Sep 2005 13:53

dont go there
you have been warned.....Bumz

spilotsgal 26th Sep 2005 06:23

Decided not to go. Spoke to many pilots and one FA about the shi%&ty Challenger they have and the crummy mgmt. That was bad enough.

chandlers dad 15th Nov 2005 12:43

Will be in that area and talking with the Bexair people in the next few weeks if anyone wants any info. Have heard that they have hired some better (read more supportive) people in the last couple of months so hope that they have turned it around.

There are jobs in this area, so if its not going to be a stand up job then we can go elsewhere.


Comical Ali 15th Nov 2005 12:53

Is there any possibility that they will eventually pay what their owe for previous pilots? That could be the great start for the right way!

chandlers dad 15th Nov 2005 13:17


No way for anyone to tell but I will ask them about the situation. Everyone looking in the ME knows about their past history and if they are not going to take care of the flight crews that used to work for them, how can they expect new flight crews to come onboard for them now?

Also, they are trying to hire people through another company named Titan aviation. $6500 and 2 on/1 off arrangement. Would wonder if this is because of their bad reputation.

I have heard but cannot confirm that they do not do recurrent at a qualified facility, doing training in an airplane instead. Doing V1 cuts or a stall series in the jet are not something that any crewmember would look forward to, so this is not a positive if its true. Good quality recurrent training at a qualified facility breeds safety IMHO.

Will see what I can find out and post it. There are jobs in this area so if Bexair has not cleaned up its act then let them wither on the vine and work for someone else.


Left Wing 16th Nov 2005 01:46

Titan Aviation is in the same shoes as Bexair, run by ex PIA guys out of DXB they seem to do every thing in aviation:confused:

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