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Is it really that hard...

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Is it really that hard...

Old 23rd Apr 2020, 19:43
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Originally Posted by Phantom Driver View Post

Correct. . However , I believe the pertinent word is " regularly" . Congratulations on flying with an enlightened operator that permits you to indulge and hone your skills . However , not all operators can permit that luxury when most flights are in the longer haul category with a pax load of 300 plus , you are part of a heavy crew and there is a battle for sectors to maintain landing currency. Those folks at the back want a smooth ride which the automation delivers .

With all due respect , I don't think all pilots can guarantee to keep the needles centred perfectly on every departure/arrival (mostly RNAV these days) using raw data alone . With FD it is another matter and I believe most operators do encourage hand flying whenever practical . But RAW data on the line in a heavy jet ? I don't think so .

The simulator is the place to do LOTS of this raw data stuff . If you are not up to standard , then that is a fail . Having retired , I am not sure if this is common practice in training departments these days . It was moving in that direction when I left my last outfit .
I would say especially on heavy jets on long haul the company culture should be to take every opportunity you've got. I've got some experience on a detachment with a different operator flying the same type of widebody as my company, with similar (tropical) destinations, and in general, most people were just happy to chuck in the A/P as soon as they could and take it out fully configured and checklists completed. What makes flying a widebody different from a 737 or a C150? The 300 pax should not figure into this, as risk is not increased. I don't understand the invisible wall that prevents someone flying an approach raw data in appropriate conditions from downwind in a big jet? Flying manual thrust is another one: as a passenger, I would much prefer a pilot who has done this regularly for training after briefing it correctly over a guy who hasn't done it in 5 years and suddenly had his heart rate go up by 30 beats when he opened the ATL and saw the A/T was MEL'd.
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Old 24th Apr 2020, 01:24
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Originally Posted by uplock View Post
Not going to happen
Why was there no investigation from any US authority concerning the A380 JFK event ?
No FAA investigation nothing from the NTSB and nothing from the GCAA
AVHERALD has a link to the JFK incident / near accident on the 4th Dec 2017 here
Shameful how it was handled by the company
Even more Shameful how GCAA chose not to investigate
GCAA seems to suffer from dementia or maybe Alzheimer’s as 2019 events never saw the light of day from both fleets
One thing I can tell you. It caused havoc in the employee parking lot.... I dont think ive ever heard so many car alarms going off!!
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Old 24th Apr 2020, 03:36
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Originally Posted by Airbubba
Originally Posted by pilotguy1222 View Post
I believe it was a training flight. Overloading a captain with a sub-par FO, I can see how it happened.
Are you talking about the EK DME event? There is no mention of a training flight or instructor and student in the GCAA report:
No. One of the JFK events.
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Old 25th Apr 2020, 06:53
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Is this the final report, so it's really fine?
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Old 25th Apr 2020, 16:06
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DME - sub par Capt! Leave it at that !
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Old 25th Apr 2020, 22:10
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Originally Posted by fatbus View Post
DME - sub par Capt! Leave it at that !
Basic question--how does a " sub par Capt " get to command a 380 on an airline that spans the globe ;
( re-reading the report , PM ( pilot " monitoring ") skills by said individual appeared to be somewhat lacking...)
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Old 25th Apr 2020, 22:49
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You think there's only one ? Too many squeak through only to deteriorate quickly after they "peaked". Large number of captains requiring additional training post recurrent. Going to be very difficult for some once the flying starts up again.
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