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Qatar and us


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Further Pros over EK:

- Minimim 4 GOFF every month/ 5 for trainers guaranteed. (unless on leave).

- Higher salary, (isnít that why we all came?) and guaranteed step increments every year. Bigger steps at year 4 & 6 for Captains. (Yearly Pay review for steps, whatís that?)

- String of days off with leave (my buddy has 7 days off this month before Leave).

- Actually getting your 42 days of Leave every year (with attached days off I had 2 months Leave last year)

- Education allowance until 21 years of age (covered anywhere in the world) I have friends with kids at UK and US unis.

- Decent bidding rules which sees most of the pilot group get satisfaction.

- Upgrade times are currently 3-4 years, and a minimum of 26/28 years of age (not 32/35).

- Incredible global health/dental coverage for you and your family from Allianz. (US and Canada in emergency)

4 EK Captains Interviewed a couple of weeks ago. Reading everything here on PPRuNe about EK it isníit at all surprising.


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Keep talking it up; perhaps trying to convince yourself?

Would you feel this way if you passed the EK interview?
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They are not talking it up, it’s just the way it is. As a 777 Captain that’s been here nearly 5 years now I have to say I am quite happy. My biggest complaint is the fact there is no real just culture here...........but then does that exist in any airline in the ME?

As for pros and cons of Doha, they have been summed up nicely in previous posts.

A post such as Saltaires’ above doesn’t really add anything to this discussion. I applied to 3 carriers in the ME and took the first to offer. Do I think Dubai is possibly more fun and more advanced than Doha, yes, but as I have not lived in Dubai I cannot compare, I can state that we have great friends, a good social life and enjoy many activities we would not get the chance to do at home.

Finally, if half of what is written about Emirates on other threads is true then Qatar is really not a bad gig.
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With regards to the original post, last year I was off flying for 5 weeks due to a knee injury. I was on full pay and didnít pay a dirham for any of the medical bills, Allianz picked up the tab. A very good mate of mine had surgery this year and grounded for 2.5 months on full pay. Many more similar cases.

The Welfare dept now renamed FCSS Did exactly what it was supposed to do.

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