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Good bye EK

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Good bye EK

It's like having a massive weight lifted off your shoulders when you know it's over. That's the best way to describe the feeling after handing in your notice.

10+ years and it's getting worse by the day almost. This airline was even fun at one time, but not anymore. All they say is "If you don't like it then leave".

When will they learn? The experience level in the flight deck now is so low in both seats the inevitable is only a matter of time. Appalling unsustainable rosters, unable to get leave and a bad management attitude, all driving people away.

New joiners are now waiting months for a course, sitting around doing nothing or sent on forced leave, why? because the trainers a resigning in their droves!! Sick of being abused and worked to death. Four big name TRE's this last week for example.

Wake up EK management, you only have yourself to blame.

Look at the guy's down the road. B777/787 month on month off, happy days. No it's still not perfect there by any means but things like that go a long way to making pilots happy. What do they do here at EK? NOTHING!!!

I'm leaving with no job to go to, for me just now EK have killed the great job I used to have in airline aviation. I hope I fly again for someone smaller, friendlier, who can restore my faith in the industry.

It would have been easy to have turned this into an EK rant but it's all been said an done so no point. To anyone thinking of joining I will only say this. Think long and hard, read all the posts because it's true!!

For you guys staying, my friends I wish you all well.
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Congratulations and best of luck! Sincerely.

As one who took the plunge not too long ago, I absolutely relate to your feeling of massive relief. And there is lots of work out here, hardest part will be choosing which option is the right fit. But you certainly aren't going to starve.

Enjoy the freedom. The urge to keep saying to yourself "omg why didn't I do this SO much sooner" will pass after a few months!
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Good luck to you Puff. EK are fools for letting experienced guys like yaself walk out the door.
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Puff couldnt have said it better myself, I cant wait to do the same this summer after nearly 10 years here. Will they care ?? I doubt it as they are arrogant and have their head too far UP their A$$. I just hope we dont have a smoking hole in the ground for them to wake up, the first one hasnt worked it seems..

New guys in the LEFT and RIGHT seats and new guys training them is a recipe for disaster, they are play Russian roulette if you ask me..

Keep recovering guys be safe and Puff wishing you all the best for your future and hope you get to fall in love with flying once again...


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You will never miss EK. But you miss all of the incredible friends and good times you've had here. Unfortunately, in last six plus years it's been harder and harder to enjoy any perks you could have had here. Best of luck to you, wherever the tides take you.
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Best of luck and good on you!
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Puff , am in Snake 30" behind .... treated like shit lastly enough is enough !
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Am just about to leave also after 10+ years, Good on you Puff .
I thought the same way, when I threw in my notice.
It was like this huge weight removed from my shoulders.
Am dealing with all the " Dubai" red tape as we speak which isn't fun, but I keep reminding myself that I'll be out of here soon enough !
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If only the seniority list were still around. Would love to see where I am in my last month at EK, and how many pilots we actually have these days.
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puff m'call, i wish you all the best in the next chapter in your life!
Good Luck!
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Just out of curiosity, how many national carriers don't let the pilots see the seniority list?
I can only think of one.
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Only that EK is not a 'national carrier' per se.

All the very best puff m'call - another one bites the dust!
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Good luck, I left almost a year ago and didn't miss this place once, have many job offers but don't want to fly, I need more time to recover from Emirates, Emirates made me hate my job.
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Seems like the organisations described in this guys article could well include EK:
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I flew with guy who left at the end of last month. The exit staff told him they were processing the resignations of close to 10% of the pilot body. I figure that means almost 400 pilots. You can question the accuracy of that statement, but he was from a country whose people are renowned for their integrity.


Every friend who has left has made the same statement - EK made me hate my job. That is quite remarkable, considering pilots have historically been kmown for loving their job.

Another thing they have all stated is that it took them somewhere between 4-6 months to realise what a good night's sleep is again. Of course, there is no fatigue at EK.

On the final countdown until letter submission day and the relief is growing.....

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Great article. Comments are worth a read too.
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Well done Puff m'Call!

10 years...five trips to go...then I'm free...no job...but new life awaiting with my family in the countryside...learn how to sleep again.

Don't let anyone steal your life.

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Also in my notice period!

As many have said, this lifestyle is unsustainable...
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Thank's for the best wishes guys, same to you all, I wish you good luck.

Great people to work with, shame about the company!! (EK)
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All the best puff.
For me just five more months.
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