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The Email

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The Email

Has anyone seen or heard of some email floating around which was written by the brother-in-law of his cousins 3rd (current) wife's ex dog groomers maids third uncle removed?

The gist is that CM has an office on the 4th floor and has been here for 6 months already and answers directly to HH Shk Mohammed, who apparently wants his EK back to the company it was 20 years ago, retain staff and make it a company that people love to work for. Sounds impossible I know and would require a top down re-fit of managers.

It sounds a little like the yearly rumours about profit share...who knows maybe its the same author!
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Don't get your hopes up . Would be great if it was true. Chinese whispers !
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Originally Posted by fatbus View Post
Don't get your hopes up . Would be great if it was true. Chinese whispers !
Whilst it is great to reminisce about the 'good times', EK has dug itself a hole in the way it has gone about its business the last 10 years or so... Since the GFC money is owed to the big brother down the road and will any profits really be reinvested into terms and conditions for expats? If rumours are true about the worst first quarter in history, then drastic savings are to be made. Would like to think that the thousands of 10am-3pm faux-positions that have been created in the office for Emiratisation purposes would be the first thing to look at but I just can't see it.

Hope I'm wrong and CM is given the free reign to sort it out properly.
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I got the email/msg as a cut and paste on a Whats App group. Sounds like it was from a flight deck member who heard it from his/her local purser on a flight. The purser was apparently invited with a few other locals to have a chat with CM and a few issues were discussed.
Outlaw has the guts of and I'll try and post the rest once I've figured out how to do it????
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"Hey Buddy, had a fascinating chat with our very senior local Purser last night. He and a few locals were invited for 4 hrs to speak with Mueller 2 days ago. I will try to pass on the main points.

He was very impressed with CM. very pleasant and very chilled guy in a pair of jeans and shirt for the meeting.

He has been working here for 6 months literally full time.


The Sheikh wants EK back to how it was 20 years ago, a company people want to work for so they will tell their friends and people will want to come and work here. This is more important than the money (so he said)

He is experiencing a lot of resistance within (obviously) to change. He would rather convince people to change but if they don't he will enforce it.

He is producing a master plan/project to change the company he needs to present it to TC when ready but doesn't need approval from him as he can go directly to Sheikh Mo.

He has barely even got an office by the lift in HQ on the 4th floor, nobody really wants him there because he is a threat to everyone's job in HQ but he will soon have the fourth floor entirely. Apparently his office is very open to visitors, very visible to see what he is doing! It's all presented on the wall apparently.

He is working on a massive project which is to fix EK. He thinks it's a great company but entirely mis-managed/dos-organised/non-productive. He has seen virtually everything within the company. Sat discretely within virtually every department from cabin crew service area, to DNATA, to Rostering to scheduling etc. He has witnessed employees going to the service centre and receiving no help. He has witnessed people having to go through countless people to achieve the simplest things!

His opinion is that virtually every way the company is run is absolutely bonkers and crazy. He said we have far to many people who do nothing and not enough people that matter ( front line staff/us) pilots and cabin crew included in this. He has confirmed the hrs we work are crazy! Rostering does not work at all. It's a crazy system and must change. Virtually all of the departments do not work and it all has to change.

He said EK (departments are enormous for no reason at all) it's huge and he will make it all small. To many middle and high level managers.

He agreed Accomodation is ridiculous, how can it be reviewed only every 2 years, when it depends on how the actual cost of living is changing. There is no reason to freeze people's Accomodation moving right. Why?

Many many more things. It was a really open meeting, nothing he is doing is secret. I am sure we will receive a communication from him soon to invite contact.

He clearly sees the problems and is planning the required changes however significant they are. He appears to have the ultimate authority to act on behalf of the Sheikh's wishes , HH knows EK is in big trouble and needs to change. I think AAR's days are numbered because he will not be able to change.

He knows they must stop people leaving. Hopefully he can do it in time.

Don't shoot the messenger. Just passing on from what the purser said, who was face to face with Mueller 2 days ago. The skipper and I were laughing our socks off. I don't know how long it will take but it seems massive changes are coming for the better as the driving force from HH is for employees to be happy working for EK again.

Time will tell. If you stick around.

No idea how will effect us, package, upgrade. Just that CM will want to retain people that make the airline run and get rid of the dead weight. CM even commented that 8 TRE'a have just left! Why he said. They should have the best job in the company!!"
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The best thing in all of this is the capital letters.

If true!
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There is greater chance of being able to use the aircraft again after a management pilot's landing than the above post being true.
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CM need to follow his own instinct, ie., change is not possible with current management.

HH can make CM's life easier by signing up a huge documentary series contract with Discovery Channel/National Geographic on "How to build a successful Airline". Send TC and his followers to London for 6 months to manage its production. He will be busy giving interviews to Sir.Quest and Sir.Morgan over Tea and Biscuits, CM can clean up the house meanwhile.

If that doesn't work process exit visas and let UAE air force jets (preferably flown by female commanders) escort Business Jet out of its airspace. That will give morale boost female cabin crew members.

Tow Indians on dingy boats out of its territorial waters and place a courtesy call to Indian Embassy and let their Navy rescue them.
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Originally Posted by donpizmeov View Post
There is greater chance of being able to use the aircraft again after a management pilot's landing than the above post being true.
Hey at least it's a nice fairy tail
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I am starting a FOREX scheme. Anyone interested, forward your Bank details via private message and I will get you enrolled.

Better yet, if it turns out to be true, I will buy everyone a cold beverage at the Rattlesnake when the dust settles.
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As a reds supporter I'd like to quote our manager "We have to change from doubters to believers" I'd love to see CM walking over the Creek....
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The source for this email is highly reliable. I have also heard similar from another source who had a long and productive chat with CM and was impressed by him. My only doubt concerns wether CM will be allowed free reign to smash the vested interests and mini-empires that pervade this place. He will certainly have a mountain to climb.
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Why do rational and supposedly educated people believe this tosh??

Is it eternal optimism/glass half-full mentality? Maybe the heat has cooked their brains...
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1.WHY is CM working for the Ruler of Dubai (Mohammed) and not the Chairman of the Airline (Ahmed) ?????

2. WHY would CM give his game plan away to ANY member of staff, let alone mere mortals such as front line operational staff???

3. WHY would CM only invite locals and not a broader spectrum of nationalities???

4. WHY would CM turn up for a meeting in jeans and T-shirt???

5. WHY would CM's game plan be to make your lives better? 'Change Management' = More profit less cost. Not CHANGE back to what some had 20 years ago!

6. WHY am I even entertaining this thread????
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Its called Transformation. There is a similar project going on at Saudia.
I guess it will look at all area's. The Pilots should win because you can't work much harder than currently. Good luck to the bloke.
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The 4th floor office is correct.
The rest I don't believe.
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#1 Plausible deniability. Chairman always can say it is Ruler's decision.
#2 Based on past interviews CM always goes first to shop floor.
#3 End of the day it is their airline, it is their responsibility to save it.
#4 To piss off suits
#5 20 years back in the sense keep it a good place to work, not back to two PIA used planes.
#6 You should answer that
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He's supposedly been there 6 months???

Where's the good... the "same airline it was 20 years ago"? Granted it can take a while to turn a rudderless ship but c'mon... really??

It shouldn't take him (if this is all true which I have my doubts) that long to simply turn the tide of resignations, should it?

Good grief....
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Everything supposedly said in this "email" is a logical thing to do and the only solution for Emirates to get out of the shit.

Even if the email is fake, it's a damn good analysis of overall situation. My instinct tells me it's real. There is a reason why nobody paid me to shut down my blog (and it costed only 700 euros, which is my End of Service money) or why nobody hacked it so far.

If Dubai rulers want to continue to make money from EK, they have to change towards employees' satisfaction and they know it.

I would actually like them to succeed.

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There is a reason why nobody paid me to shut down my blog (and it costed only 700 euros, which is my End of Service money) or why nobody hacked it or silenced me so far.
Yes, there's a reason- just not the one your inflated ego assumes
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