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EK Bonus

Old 13th Apr 2016, 16:17
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Panther 88:

totally agree.
Guys going the extra mile is history, we get nothing or just some breadcrumbs.
A change in culture would be a small start but not happening.
Just adjust your behaviour accordingly.
They have stolen more money from us as they can ever repay with a rediculous profit share.
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Heard 8 weeks and 6% a couple of times now... Could that happen?
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Here's my prediction

- EK Group will just make the profit target.

- We will get an email along the lines of a challenging year due to competition, lower yields, load factors and strong dollar

- 2-4 weeks bonus will be announced - because we have to save $$$ for tougher times in the future

- Pilots will get a step increase and a further reduction of 2 or 3 hours in overtime threshold.

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2 excuses will be chosen from below, I heard all of them the last few years

oil is too low
oil is too high
dollar is too low
dollar is too high
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Is profit share still in the contract or did they conveniently remove it?

Keep rowing...
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Let's get ourselves well prepared for the 5 stages of grief! The quicker we get to the last stage the better. Let's move on mi amigos!
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I think they are in between rock and hard place.

They have to show profit (by cooking books) to other airlines to prove how great they are in managing airlines.

On the flip side employees expect profit sharing when you announce profit.

So the profit sharing they have to pay is actually additional loss.
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To put it in historical perspective - Pay raises/bonus since 2000.

I have combined step or lack thereof in the raise number and called it a pay raise for simplicity
I do not have profit share or Edu support allowance numbers from 2000-2007.
2000-2007 numbers were provided by a colleague


Pay raise/profit share/Edu/housing since May 2008
12% 14 wks
0% 0 wks - GF Crisis
6% 3wks
05/11 (edu fund 32-40/54-60)
8% 12wks
05/13 (edu fund 40-42/60-63)
05/14 (staff travel erosion)
3% 3wks (edu 42-46/63-70)
housing up to16075pm for CAPTs
3% 9wks (edu 46-47.5/70-72.5)
OT thresh 88h

2012-13 prof target 3.5bn dhs (achvd 3.1bn) 10/5/13 - Target not achieved - no profit share

13/14 target 4.22bn (1st half 2.2bn) 8/5/14 - 4.1bn achieved - Target not achieved- 3 weeks profit share

2014/15 target 3.7bn (rwy closure)
1st half achieved 2.2bn - 2nd 3.2b for a total of 5.5bn) - 9 weeks profit share

2015/16 target 7.7bn
(1st half 3.7 achieved)

Make of it what you will - but I believe they will save a pay raise of 5% on top of step for all EK group UAE employees for next year to cover VAT.

This years profit should be on target - as to the "very recent positive" package developments email from JAROPS - (repairing ops &#128521

The longer they wait the greater the expectation - which is not a good thing for them and I just think the rot is very deep for there to be any change in sentiment unless it's a blockbuster.

Not holding my breath.

Since we moved to new HQ - the Atrium show has usually taken place on the third Thursday of April at 10am except for 2013 when there was no profit share.
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Thanks for the payrise/profit share history Fliion. However I have never seen the profit share announcement in April, it has always been sometime in May.
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Thought it was April Moto - stand corrected - fatigue and all that
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IIRC, the company results and profit share are announced in April.

The pay rise (or not ) is announced in May.

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Let's not forget that we may need to add to the list of

high/low dollar
high/low oil price

huge insurance bill/payout/costs due to unfortunate loss at sister airline (FZ comes under the group umbrella does it not??)

It will not surprise me in the slightest if they announce that a share was to be paid, however due to the sad event those funds have been diverted into the pot to cover things there... in goodwill we will give you 2-4 weeks.

If we *do* get something, perhaps it would be nice if all of us could send something the way of the crew families down at FZ...

however I will believe a PS payment when it is in my account, as always...
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I think everyone has been working too much, the profit share announcement has been in May for at least the last 8 years.

2013 Profit Share announced May10

Emirates Airline hits new heights with 52% rise in profit | The National

2014 Profit Share announced May8


2015 Profit Share announced May7


Most likely there will be a few weeks yet before the announcment.
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Please do not include the step increase in any pay raise look backs. It's a contractual longevity increase and should not be considered a raise. It's in my contract and has only once been denied due to extreme circumstances in 2009 even though the company had been substantially profitable that year.

Also Fly Dubai is completely separate from emirates group.
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Innocent take a deep breath - go to post 28 - read second line again slowly.
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I think Mach Krit has hit the nail on the head with his last line...

The lack of interest is telling...

The way we are working and low morale has taken over from the profit share talk this year...
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I heard that they've limited the profit share only to employees who don't have any warnings and QMs (Quality Matters, something of a small warning sh*t from Airport Services Dept, not sure if other depts have them). More reasons for more warnings.
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Heard from who?
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They've got an e-mail from AS DVP stating so. Maybe it's valid only for AS dept (which is strange and discriminative if true) if you didn't get the same e-mail.
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The profit announce had always been the last Thursday in April. The change to May is a relatively recent thing. Pay review for pilots was always done prior to the 15th May, and paid in the May pay. The change to June for that is also a new development.
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