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Dubai driving update

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Dubai driving update

Old 25th Jan 2016, 11:47
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Dubai driving update

All you EK / FZ employees are probably very used to the driving 'dynamic' here in DXB and I am no exception. I think I witnessed a new low in terms of ridiculous stupidity this afternoon. I was navigating the back streets of Jumeira this afternoon and passed a cyclist wearing a yellow hi - vis jacket ( nice health and safety touch). As he was wobbling along I noticed that his eyes were fixated on his hi tech i phone type mobile with not a glance at the road ahead. My close runners up have been: 'tailgated' by a yellow school bus (with children) and accompanying flashing of lights etc and a SUV traversing the SZR across 4 lanes while texting and no looking up. On a sombre note the radio announced 3 more deaths on the Dubai roads today. The lack of courtesy and sheer stupidity seen on the roads here resonates with the place. Almost time to go I think.

Drive safely / cheers!
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Old 25th Jan 2016, 12:22
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Sounds about normal for driving is S Florida.

I experience the same things on a daily basis.

This is what we put up with on MLK Day last Monday:

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Old 25th Jan 2016, 12:41
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Dubai is Dubai! But inside that madness Jumeirah is another 'special' place! On my 56k commute the first and last two minutes in out of Jumeirah One, where I love living, is the worst! My personal record is on the 200 yard drive to Al Wasl Road nearly being hit three times by drivers just not looking!!
Mind you the SZR is a doddle now a days compared to madness on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Rd(old Emirates RD)!! Last week in the early hours I had an odd feeling something was behind me on a dark section sure enough a mustang with no lights was about two inch from my back bumper, why when the lanes either side of me were free I don't know! But I pulled over and it zoomed off into the night!
In true hill street blue's fashion lets be safe out there!
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Old 25th Jan 2016, 13:13
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Had a Range Rover setting off my parking proximity system while on cruise control at 129 kms/hr on SZR... Total nut bar. Back to the original story: Did the bicycle rider at least have his helmet on correctly, or was the the pointy end facing forwards?
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Old 25th Jan 2016, 14:08
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The cyclist didn't have a helmet on at all, troff. I hardly noticed as I was so astonished by the mobile fixation.
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Old 25th Jan 2016, 17:37
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Troff, get a big tow bar. It dissuades the more "short sighted" crazies!
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Old 26th Jan 2016, 04:30
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The best one I saw was a clever chap reversing in a traffic circle because he missed his turn off!!!
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Old 26th Jan 2016, 06:50
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Kingpost, its called a Roundabout Habibi!

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Old 26th Jan 2016, 08:31
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Was in Mercato basement parking the other day when a dingbat of the European, female persuasion took an absolute age reversing out of a space, obviously intending to drive the wrong way down the aisle I was in.

The fact that 6 cars were lined up against her intended direction of travel, was apparently irrelevant.

As she squeezed past in her 4wd, I quite mildly (I thought) pointed out that she was going in the wrong direction. Her quite heated response started, "No I'm not, I've lived here for 5 years..."

My reply? "Well I've been here for 30".
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Old 26th Jan 2016, 11:27
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If you want to drive the hi speed tail gaters nuts - spray your windshield with wiper fluid.

They lose the plot when they get 'hit' with after spray.

Works a charm
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Old 26th Jan 2016, 12:28
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Kingpost, I saw one a few steps up from that...

SZR, going towards trade Centre, idiot in white sedan missed the turnoff that takes you to Emirates Towers/DIFC. Instead of just going up to the roundabout and going around past Zabeel and down the back way, the numpty proceed to stand on the brakes and then reverse up SZR (in very fast moving traffic) not just to the missed exit but to the one before (down near Johnny Rocket/Dusit Thani)

Nearly caused about 6 pile ups and I have no idea how no accident happened with trucks are cars careening around him into the other lanes (he didn't even put on the requisite hazard lights- as if that does anything!!)

I was in such disbelief I actually filmed the whole episode. Absolute muppet!!! (I was not driving at the time)

Yes the video did get sent to Dubai Police. No idea if anything ever came of it.
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Old 26th Jan 2016, 21:18
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All amateurs. Driving home one early morning on Al Khail heading south. Luckily driving with eyes wide open in second lane from the left. And here he comes IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION in the fast lane and lights off. By the grace of God.......
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Old 28th Jan 2016, 07:19
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After sending the video to the police I'm surprised you aren't in the klink for "violating the man's privacy" while also paying reparations to the poor "victim" for such intrusive filming.
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Old 28th Jan 2016, 08:37
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I hate driving in Dubai now. Far too many cars along with third world driving standards that are fuelled by ever growing levels of aggression, impatience and general incompetence.

It's comical to see the delivery guys on their bicycles peddling up and down the pavement on SZR and weaving in and around the many pedestrians when the traffic is not moving very quickly on the adjacent service road. Drive round the back of the hotels and restaurants and the traffic is moving significantly quicker, with plenty of space off the road to cycle. Just the other day I saw someone cycling in the opposite direction at night with no lights and wearing nothing reflective!

I love driving when I go home now!
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